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Great phone !!!!!!!!!


Jul 4, 2008 by stevereyes1987

This phone is well built. Strong and feels like it can stand a drop from 10 stories. It has by far the best camera I have ever used, and I am comparing it to the n95 which outside on a dark night is useless, but I still LOVE the n95. The UI works at an ok speed. It does slow down a bit but not enough that its a problem. Just noticable. The motion sensor works great with games and wallpapers. The browser is great if configured properly. overall the phone is great! the only CON that I can think of is that the included earphones seem to be from the 80's. The w810 comes with way better earphones but they are swapable so its ok.
This phone cannot do all that the N95 can do but its not a smartphone. It is a camera phone. No,let me change that. Its a Good to great camera with a good or great phone added into it. It really is Great!
-Built strong, sturdy and good material.
-5 megapixel camera with full flash that can actually be used in PITCH BLACK DARKNESS and get a great pic.
-Motion sensor that can be used for games and wallpapers.
-3g and higher ready to use in the US.
Easy to use SE standard UI with great PS3/PSP media menu.
-Great voice, reception, bluetooth reception and screen image.
- 2 camera's on the phone. video call ready.

-Price, I paid about $500 US for it.(worth it)
-No wifi, but with 3g not a problem.
-No optical zoom, but no phone has one yet so its acceptable.
-Not using Symbian OS which is the best.
-Included earphones for music/phone are outdated.

the best simple camera phone...ever?


Jun 18, 2008 by 3is

This phone gets 5/5 for the fact that it does what it was designed to do, be an awesome camera and phone. Those expecting it do the smartphone role will be SADLY DISSAPOINTED. The phone does not play ball in any regard as a smartphone but it was never marketed that way, we just started imagining expensive phones should do everything on god's green earth. That being said phone calls were always crystal clear from either side. Speakerphone was a bit soft but still plenty loud. (the way I like it) Phonebook contacts was well laid out. UI has been improved mounds since k790a days.
What ppl will most want to know about is, does it compete against the n95. To be truthful, no. the n95 is a jack of all trades. the n95 does everything pretty well as a smartphone, a media player, a gps unit, a camera and camcorder, and a phone. it does pretty much everything except fetch your paper but it can take you to nytimes.com in its spiffy browser.
the k850i is a different sort of electronic. its personality would be more akin to that of an elite special force. they know how to do one thing well and then they execute. the usability was easy and straight forward. It didn't hinder you at every turn as the nokia desktop software drove me BONKERS. It was a dumbed down version of everything but it did it with some precision and naturalness to it. I love this camera phone. sony has really set the bar for their cybershot line. Sony ericsson has specialized their phones according to the W, K, and P series (X1 might be the product of all three coming together maybe) but until then, sony is trying to conquer the world one thing with one special tool at a time.

oh it does have like 9 hours of talk time. the rated 3g is for 3g voice use. I wonder if people actually own this phone write these reviews?

Great phone! Perfect replacement for W810i


Feb 29, 2008 by st468

I recently got this phone as an upgrade/replacement for my SE W810i. I had the 810 for 2 years, about the longest I have kept a phone! That was an excellent phone also, but it was time to see if there was something new and better. The K850 is it! Unfortunately AT&T/Cingular does not offer this phone, so I bought it elsewhere (paid about $400). Reception and call quality are fantastic. As good or better than the 810. Battery life is about 5 days with average call and text use. I know that depends on network/band used, but I'm getting slightly better than the 810 did. The features and functions are very similar to the 810, but there are many new features and upgrades too. The camera is simply AWESOME! Its a REAL digital camera, with a REAL flash. Music capabilities are the same or better than the "Walkman" W810i. The K850 is slightly larger, which is great, and easier to use. Perfect size for a bar phone. The partial touch-screen works great as well. Mine came with a 512mb memory card, which is totally sufficient for me. Bottom line: PERFECT upgrade from the W810i, much better than the SE slider AT&T is currently offering, which is IMO not a suitable/comparable replacement. That's a good phone also, but it's in a completely different league. My wife has one and likes it, and it is MUCH better than the Razor it replaced. If you don't need a pocketPC/PDA/I-phone trendy fad-style gadget, and want a phone that works great as a PHONE, this is it! SE's website has lots of great info on this phone, and a great demo. Check it out! This is the best phone I have ever owned, and I have absolutely NO complaints!

K850i - A great little device


Jan 18, 2008 by gamer-geek

I received my K850i about a week ago, and I've been very satisfied with it. It took me a short time to adapt to the new interface, having previously used a Nokia 6820 for over 3 years, but it's very user friendly and "explorable". PC-Sync works great both for syncing calendar / contacts and moving files/pictures. I use bluetooth to effortlessly connect to it with my N800 tablet, and can explore the filesystem and use DUN, it's wonderful with 3G. I don't write many text messages, but that was the only time I missed my full qwerty keyboard when using this phone.

The camera seems to be very good so far, with some pics being a little blurry due to my lack of coordination, but when braced I've gotten excellent photos. The video quality seems reasonable, even in less than desirable lighting conditions. The lens is covered by a recessed piece of glass/plastic, and there's a shutter cover behind that. It's prone to fingerprints, and requires extra attention to clean because it's recessed slightly. I'm very happy with the flash.

Speaking of light, I discovered a feature that's not mentioned in the provided manual or the downloadable manual, and also not listed on phonescoop. This device does have flashlight capability, provided by a small trio of LED's right below the flash. I think these might also be used in video mode, but I haven't confirmed that. My wife's old cellphone had a LED flashlight that we used occasionally, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this undocumented feature.

The flashlight can be turned on by going to the Menu, selecting Organizer, then scrolling to "Light", nestled between "Stopwatch" and "Calculator" functions. The options are to turn it on, off, on for 1 minute, or to flash SOS in morse code.

I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants a high-quality camera for mobile blogging... or just for capturing life's moments. I look forward to exploring more of this phone's features.



Nov 22, 2007 by Rynofilms

I owed the W810i for a year and a half and that phone kicked ass. The only bad thing about that phone was the ear piece wasn't loud. It was hard to hear in bars or noisy environments. They fixed that problem on this phone making it loud and added a bunch of cool new stuff. Its flawless in every aspect.

PRO's ...Upgrades from W810i that are awesome.

- Bigger screen so you can see so much more now.

- Real Flash just like digital camera

- Song ID. Used it in a noisy bowling alley to pick up the intercom music. Worked every time. Crazy.

- Higher Quality Pics

- Awesome Photo organization in media player that allows you to tag photos so that you can quickly find all the ones of lets say (my son) or (party pics) or (hot girls)

- Great (X Picture Story) software that lets you show your pictures to people with animated themes and music that show them like a movie with different dissolves that go with the theme and music you picked out.

_ Music player has super bass and equalizer.

- Awesome media organizer like the one on the PSP

- Automatic sensor that rotates the orientation of the screen like the IPhone. Works Great for picture viewing and motion sensor games.

- Amazing built in photo editor that lets you add mustaches and hats to peoples faces and edit exposer and many other things.

- Funny face warp software

- GPS and other free apps like google maps available though the sonyericsson website.

- Superb customer service, called sonyericsson not T-Mobile and they sent the settings to me for internet and picture messaging. Very nice on the phone.

- PC suite software

- Lots of other small upgrades on features to make the phone operate quicker and even more convenient.

- Video light is not as bright as the W810i still good just not as bright.

Thats the only one, everything else is awesome. Best phone ever. The Camera will stomp and smash on any other camera phone competition. Sony gets it done. A must Buy.

K850i Problems


Oct 22, 2008 by MotiveElite

-Great Camera
-Great Battery Life

-Blue Ring of Death (shuts off/and doesn't come back on) whether because of the battery or the phone its self is unsure. Every K850i has the same problem.
-Little slow at retrieving network signals at times.



Jul 6, 2008 by Tatahatso

I've been a fan of Sony-Ericsson phones (my 3rd one) and this was a favorite. However, it just stopped working and I thought it would be worth a warning. I was working outdoors and had been perspiring when I got a call. I felt the touch-screen feedback a couple of times during the call (not really unusual) but then the call dropped and I couldn't reconnect... now it won't boot up under any circumstances. (Keypad lights illuminate, but that's all it does anymore)

It's not like I dropped it in the fish tank, but it definitely does not want to get damp. Perhaps it's the touch screen buttons that are affected.

I couldn't be more surprised and more disappointed. I'll have to fish my W810i out of the drawer, which is not really a disappointment. I like that, too.

Most functions work in airplane mode HSDPA, AMAZING 5mp camera, clear, bright display. Good headphones, bluetooth stereo headphone profile. Better access to media than early S-E phones.

Weird buttons and ergonomics, stops working when it touches perspiration

Great Phone


Jan 1, 2008 by D102982

I have had this phone for a couple days now, and I have to say I love it. The camera is great, the UI is great, like all Sony Ericsson's I suppose. And living in a 3g area, I can't complain about the battery life, I get about 3 days worth of use with moderate text and talk use!


-Battery Life
-Call Quality
-Real Flash!


-Touch screen shortcut keys (not really a con but takes getting use too)
-Would be nice to have optical zoom (getting nit picky)

E-mail with questions, will be happy to answer.



Oct 22, 2007 by yonah

I got the k850i before it was even suppose to be sold to the public ( im pretty sure ). It truly is an amazing phone. The 5mp camera is great ( including all of its effects ). The only flaw i find in it is that after u have zoomed in approximately 4.0 of the possible 12.0 zoom, the vision will start to blur. Although what most people will think from pictures, the design of the phone is not boring and is very attractive ( all people seeing me with this phone were amazed ). Also, although what you may have heard from most beta version videos, the 3 touch screen panels are very easy to touch. The keypad is very easy to use because of the space between each button. The radio works perfectly with the hands-free attatched to the phone. Sound ( when not on speakerphone ) is very clear but not as loud as you'd like it to be.

I know i know, that probably wasn't a good review or anything but i hope you learned something lol, if u have any questions just reply.

Using always the best.


Aug 27, 2008 by Erick_Rosas

I got this phone about 2 or 3 weeks ago i paid $300 because i know where to buy it, anyways, my last phone W960i it wasn't what i expected,(lacks on speed, it is expensive, but the main reason was the speed, it takes from 4 to 5 seconds to open a text message) i sold it and i bought 2 W350 because of the great price and the phone look really great, but you get what you paid for most of the time, the W350 does an excellent job, don't get me wrong, but i expect more from a mobile phone, again don't get wrong, honestly if you want to spend $150 on an ipod nano, use this money for this phone and you will get more for the money, it looks like a beautiful mp3 player after all.

Anyways, the k850 as his partner W850 are the best so far. I was impressed on how beautiful this phone looks. The user interface is like the all the SE out there, feels great on your hands, the media player is one of the best i seen on a phone, and believe when i say is good is because i mean it, i been using the phone on the T-mobile network and is been working great, it improved my phone reception, the phone is not slow it has a fast response in all the aspects.
Radio that lets you know what you listening to, and excellent mp3 player, the best camera in a phone i ever seen, video recording is really good, A2DP for stereo bluetooth, track id music recognition service (this is free with T Zones or Media net for ATT) smart dialing you'll see what i mean by playing with the phone, 5.0 megapixeles I'm going to call it "Digital Camera" Because it is
I'm not going to compare this with a N95 because this is not a smart phone after all, i like nokia too but I'd rather to stay with Sony.
The only con with this phone for me, I'm going to say is that you need to get used to the keys. Thats it.
I highly recommend this phone it has all the features, you won't have any complain about this.
Any questions let me know at erickrosasrojas@gmail.com

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