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I like it so far.


Aug 24, 2007 by xocomaox

As soon as I got this thing, I picked it up and noticed it's hefty weight and it's shiny surface.

I had just gotten rid of the new LG LX-570 "Muziq", right after I bluetoothed over my contacts list. This phones is a little wider than the Muziq, but alot thinner. Super thin phone!

Here is an attempted Pro/Con list:


-Thin and sexy, with enough weight to make it feel good when holding it in your hand to talk/text/browse.

-Outer screen is LOVELY! 65k color or not, I can't tell the difference.

-Buttons on keypad push nicely.

-Loud enough ringer volume/speakerphone.

-Bluetooth connectivity is great! I hooked it up to my Macbook Pro and using Motorola Phone Tools I can transfer anything I want to my Sandisk 2GB MicroSD. Also, my new Motorola S9 BT headphones paired great with it! (as expected)


-Can't figure out how to make the external screen background different from my internal one. I really want two different images, but this may not be possible.

-Still don't know how to reply to a text with premade messeges, without opening the phone. (I read somewhere that you could.)

-Vibrator is slightly underpowered. I think it's because of how slim this phone is.

I am still learning the features of the phone, and haven't really tried sprint TV much, but it does work without opening the phone at all! Which is cool.

This is my third phone in three months. I went from the Samsung Upstage (M620) to the LG Muziq, to this thing. I think this is a keeper!

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Motorola RAZR2 V9m


Feb 6, 2008 by mex_91

Signal: 3/5

Battery: 3/5

Pics: 5/5

Price: 4/5 not bad was on sale

Color and Thiness: 5/5

Duration so far: 5/5

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Alltel Razr2 V9m


Jan 13, 2008 by wicastawakan

All the pros stated are true, particularly the clarity of voice, signal strength, build, etc. Fantastic & not complaints on the basics.

I recently changed from another carrier (gsm) & the v3xx, which is a nice phone. I switched due to poor coverage in rural areas. I'm an adult user & it is paramount I have reliable service as I'm on call in the medical field.

I wish I could change font size

I wish I could get rid of the red background on call menu as it's hard to read in sunlight or at night. The contacts above & below it you can read, but can't read the one you're calling.

I miss the capability to hide my calling number on my calls.

Battery life. Oh, my. I had an extra std battery plus an extended battery for my V3 & V3xx. This phone is the worst yet but I figured it was the CDMA. I did the deep cycle stuff & still you better charge this thing daily. With no usage at all, you'll be lucky to make 2 days with the std battery. Too bad they didn't make the phone a tad thicker as I actually like the extended batteries on my Razr's as I have a better grip & control with the extra thickness. It wouldn't have taken much to accomodate a larger battery. Serious design flaw for practical use.

All in all, I'd buy another again tomorrow. I also considered a BlackBerry & smartphone. Not a perfect phone, but very impressive on what it does well-talk. Perfect cell phone from a purist approach.

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More Durable than I would have thought


Jan 3, 2008 by Anarkie

I got this phone for my fiancee. She likes the whole "Fashion Phone" thing, needs a good camera, and hates big phones.
She also has an extremely unusual habit of finding phones with issues. Very unusual issues. So, to say the least, we've returned a few (so many I've lost count)
This is finally the phone she's committed to keeping. It's not had a single issue since she's had it and works great as a PHONE.

Dual QVGA screens...just beautiful
Camera - Autofocus and/or flash would have been nice though
Solid Build
VZ Nav with the flip closed

Verizon UI (Not sure it's a con though based on Sprint users' reviews)
No HTML Browser
Speaker Location - But it's able to be set loud enough to over-ride this prob
Cost - A bit over-priced IMO.

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Excellent Phone


Dec 23, 2007 by phonerep01

Without question the best phone I've owned. People skeptical of the Motorola brand should try this phone. They will be seriously impressed. An overall great improvement over the model it replaces. Well worth the premium cost.

Beautiful design that still creates the "wow" factor.

The best displays of any handset, period. (dual QVGA)

Sprint UI is generally more user friendly than other carriers versions.

Superb Camera.

Good battery performance.

Very good EVDO performance.

One of the most stable phones I've owned; Very few software bugs.

Constructed as well as a Swiss vault.

Only complaint I have is that this thing is easy to drop and that nice outside finish will scar somewhat easily. Individuals who seek a throw-it-around, industrial strength device need not apply here.

Thats about the only complaint I have and thats being pretty picky. Great phone.

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Dec 19, 2007 by chia

The V9m is essentially identical to T-mobile's V8, with 2 critical differences. First off, it has less internal memory and instead has a micro-SD slot. Secondly, it's 3G (EV-DO) instead of 2.5G (EDGE).

As with the V8, the exterior package is very nice. The device is attractive, has a solid look and feel, and casts very favorable first impressions. However, closer examination shows some glaring deficiencies. First off, though the exterior display is huge and nice, it collects fingerprints like nothing else and isn't all that useful. Additionally, the UI is surprisingly slow to respond for something with so much horsepower, and when it comes down to it the device itself has very little 'new' to offer. It is also not a cheap handset, so you're essentially paying a lot for style and looks. Nothing new there, but those expecting the V9m to be something new will be disappointed.

Pros: Very attractive design; looks and feels expensive.
Fast downloads, good game performance.

Cons: It doesn't just look and feel expensive; it IS expensive.
The 3G is a blessing and a curse; it's faster at browsing/downloading than the V8, but the battery goes a LOT faster.
UI isn't as responsive as one would expect from a high-end handset.

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Nice but expensive at Verizon


Dec 7, 2007 by ppointer

I came to this phone from a Razr "1.0". The Verizon interface is an improvement, though still not ideal, but Apple cut a deal with someone else. I like that I can keep the keypad lighted indefinitely, and independently of the display. If I don't have reading glasses, I can still figure out the keypad in low-light situations, something I couldn't do with the old Razr. The interface, while okay, is enough for me to rate the phone a 4.5, compared to the razr which I think rates a 3.

Now I hate with a passion the micro-USB. Why would someone implement a connector that requires reading glasses to utilize? Where were the mid-lifers during the user studies? Is Motorola run by twenty-somethings? Sheez! And then they add a "door" to cover the plug? This one area almost caused me to return it the first day. This problem area is worth one more demerit.

Interface (when compared to Razr 1)
Keypad blacklight


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so far .....great


Oct 8, 2007 by Steve2317

I've had the V9m for a little over a week now. Overall, it's a great phone. The reception is fantastic and the phone is fast..very fast. ( I have Sprint and their Sprint Vision ,TV,etc. is very good).

Pros: Great looking
Two great screens
very easy to learn
decent camera and camcorder
very good sound (reception)
very customizable(on Sprint anyway)

Cons : Battery could be better
Ive never been crazy about the shiny, mirror-like screens; too easily smudged

thats about it. So far, I love it.

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Welcome Back Motorola!


Oct 1, 2007 by ljgerken

My husband and I just traded our 2 LG8300 phones we've had only 6 months for 2 RAZR2V9m's. We had both been pro Motorola, and got suckered into the LG with VZW touting they had the best reception. It turned out that we both had problems with getting adequate signal strength in Tampa. We have had the Motorolas now for 30 days and have found the following pros and cons:


- Good signal strength and voice clarity. This is #1 with me!
- Good construction and quality, as always with Motorola.
- Louder stereo speakers than LG8300!
- Graphics/screen quality far superior to LG8300.
- Has 99% of the LG8300 features.


- Don't like the charging on the side feature as well as from the end.
- Speakerphone could be better if on the front of the phone - some folks can't hear me if the phone is more than 12" away.
- Yes, the original battery took a few complete charges/drains to extend life, but I think that's pretty normal.
- Vibrate could have more choices and be stronger.
- Needs a wedge on the corners to open easier, possibly.
- I think I prefer the LG8300's number pad over this touch pad for gaming as there are times when moving too fast or not pushing down far enough doesn't select the button item.
- I miss the UNO Challenge card game, as it's not available for this phone.


Opt for the extended battery - especially if you use the screensaver feature. Turn the screensaver feature off on both the front and main screens as this is a battery hog for either battery life. Select the white blank photo, and that selects "none" for the screensaver.

They do make a holster for this phone. We purchased them and they are good.

So far, I'm very pleased. I need to send in my $50 rebate form!

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V9M for Verizon


Aug 31, 2007 by ck976

Purchased on 8/30/07. Location NY/NJ northeast

Previous phones:

In a nutshell:
a longer, thinner Razr V3m with dual screens and better camera

-improved external speaker
-HUGE clear screens
-outer and inner screens can be changed
-very stylish
-huge huge huge improvement with camera

-Still no bluetooth file transfer between phones
-Video stops at 34seconds (even with mem card)
-No vibrate and/then ring
-Cannot change ring styles with phone closed
-Cannot transfer ringtones from memory card
-micro USB port (so hard to find micro usb cables)
-need to remove battery for SD card

Brief summary:
Super slim phone with huge screens and clear external speaker. Call clarity was crisp and clean. No fuzzy static or distorted voices were detected. Phone is easily usable with one hand. Smart key and volume keys are located on the bottom half of the phone (which seems much more practical than placing them on the top flip ie. v3m)

Personal opinions:
I'm the type that is against Verizon's GetItNow feature, and I refuse to pay for wallpaper and ringtones. I believe GetItNow is the main reason why Verizon went with a universal interface, so that they can make money from downloads and such. That being said, this phone is capable of custom wallpapers and ringtones without having to purchase from G-I-N. Mp3s can't be transferred from mem card, but you can still send ringtones and wallpaper through pix msgs and save them to your phone. Works great, but only if you have a txt plan. Otherwise it's 25cents each.

A beautiful phone, well constructed. I would've given it a 5 out of 5, but I had to deduct for verizon's UI. It's too bad Motorola has to suffer because of Verizon's greed. I had high expectations for this phone and some things just came up short. If you're due for your NE2, then by all means, GET THIS PHONE!! But if you're just planning on buying the phone w/o contract, I'd suggest you wait.

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