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Motorola RAZR2 V9m


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Razr2 - Verizon V9M version


Jan 24, 2008 by mobile_user

I have had this phone for 2 months now and have tested every option the phone contains. I must say that having used many mobile phones by many manufactures this phone tops them all.


- Excellent clear reception on calls and RF
- Unbelieveable music and video player
- Nice loud and clear full duplex speakerphone
- Good Vibrate for a slim phone - never missed a call.
- Vibrate and ring feature very helpful
- Good 2.0 MP camera
- Customizable shortcut keys
- 2 GB transflash sd card for storage of songs, videos, etc
- Many more great features - read the manual


- Extended battery a must. Regular battery drains quickly
- Not crazy about micro usb port

Other than that - I would recommend this phone to anybody.

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Tha V9 is a Solid Phone!!


Jan 24, 2008 by TripleFreeze86

okay okay so i read everybodys pros and cons and i read all the reviews before i got this phone for alltel!

now im coming from a motorolla rokr through alltel and i had a lg 8600 8700 and envy 4 verizon be4 i got my v9 razr 2 through verizon as well! ..and well i couldnt belive how different the 2 v9's are! ..1st off both razrs are a definate upgrade from my envy and my rokr slider..the only thing i miss is the jump music! that was a plus!

but between both v9s the touch keys are DIFFERENT each having different functions and there own menus on the touch screen but ITS STILL A GREAT PHONE and its a loud phone, GREAT RECEPTION! ITS LIKE A NEW AGE V710!! now i dont like the fact that on my verizon v9 i can take a picture using the touch keys with the phone closed and landscape it and all that..and on the alltel v9..the camera isnt a part of the touch screen but checking your txts and call logs is!..HMMMMM

i dont like the fact that on my verizon v9 i can set a wallpaper inside and a wallpaper for my front screen but then on the alltel you CANT set 1 for the outside its automatically the same as your inside wallpaper! but no biggie!

the phone FLIES ONLINE and its super quick when it downloads ANYTHING..its amazing!

the battery life is alright..it should and could be better..but its a badd ass phone so what do you expect?!

anyways it just gets dirty and smudged up easily..maybe even easier then my rokr did

all in all this phone is a 5

this phone is FUN, stylish, nice to look at and own, and all in all with the 2.0 camera and my 2 gig card probably the best phone for the value..

id take this over an envy or rokr or voyager or htc touch anyday!

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razr 2


Sep 13, 2007 by Shrimp Eaters

I have had my razr 2 for three weeks now. When i first got it he battery died after one day. Then i let the battery totally drain, then charged it. I haven't had a problem since. It last days now.

Let it drain, then charge it that should do it
reply if works

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Sleek, Next Generation Style


May 27, 2008 by CincinnatiMST3K

I'll make this a slick review, in honor of a very slick phone.
(Verizon user.)

-Is the only Verizon phone i've owned that forces you to move pictures from your MicroSD card to the phone memory to use as wallpapers.

-Battery is MUCH better than expected; (better than the Samsung Glyde even), but expect to charge it every night. Gets about 8 hours per charge, having performed moderate calling (less than 1 hour calltime) and medium to heavy use texting (about 65-70 texts a day).

- MicroSD card underneath battery cover. Forces you to remove battery to swap cards. This is annoying and does not allow hot-swapping.

-Main screen delicate to the touch, leaves finger-trails if you do touch it. Be careful!


- 'Erase All' option in Messaging allows all messages, drafts, sent and received to be deleted at once, save for those you locked. This is a great feature!

- As it's been said before, the screens..both of them are AMAZING. Clear, bright, tight and vibrant!

- Best feeling phone I've ever had from an engineering standpoint. Thin but solid, small but opens WIDE and big, has heft but is not weighty. This is NOT a kid's EnV, this is a slick, glass and metal, adult oriented cell. Weight is balanced perfectly when opened. You can tell money was invested in the production of this cell more than most on the market.

-Flat keyboard surprisingly easy to text with!

-Alarm clock loud enough to wake you, vibrate stronger than you would expect!

-Calls crystal clear for me and the other line. Feels unlike a cell when speaking through it (due to size when opened.)


Would have scored more if the phone had hot-swappable MicroSD ability and a slightly better battery.

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The Modern E815


Jan 4, 2008 by MorbidTalker

This phone is awesome. my previous phone was the e815, bulky little dude but oh boy, it did everything, the same is with the v9m, awesome scrren. excellent sound. Things that need inprovements are the camera needs a flash, the touch screen should let you dismiss miss calls, the same as dismiss txt msgs. Overall great phone, if you get it, get an extended life battery lol.

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V9m (verizon)


Nov 23, 2007 by motodob

I've had my Razr2 V9m for a month now. Sadly I had to replace my E815 which would no longer accept the charger cable (a NOT uncommon complain). Overall the V9m is a very nice phone. Fit and finish are excellent...a very well constructed phone, although not the smallest or lightest. Overall reception and call quality are also excellent (far and away the best among carriers in my area), even on speaker phone. Screens are large and fairly bright, although the other Razr2 phones have higher resolution (come on Verizon). The keypad is decent for such a slim phone. The 2 mega-pixel camera works well, even though it doesn't have a flash.

So if you use a phone like I do....as a phone (duh!) with some texting and occasional camera and calendar/alarm use, this is a very nice choice. I tried V-cast for a month, but canceled it since I don't use it. I do like the ability to email (Yahoo), and that function seems to work quite well.

Aside from the common complaints about Verizon's out-dated user interface
and crippled functions, my only gripes are:
1. battery life is poor even with
moderate use and even after "conditioning" the battery. (the reason for the 3.5 rating)
2. text font could be larger and/or adjustable;
3. for some unknown reason either Verizon or Motorola has removed the ability to change ringer style by use of the external buttons.

Bottom line...take it for a test drive.

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Nov 21, 2007 by Fast Eddy

This phone does it all. I have had most every Motorola Phone that has come out for the Verizon system and this is by far and away the best. I use this as a PHONE all else is very secondary to me. I have a camera, I have a IPod and this is just a Dog Gone great phone. Reception is far superior to any other phone I have had and call quality and voice quality are tops.
There has been much said about the battery life of this phone, when it is used as a phone it is also very good. I have never had a problem with this phone's battery. I was conditioned in the correct way.
I use this phone as my main phone out of five business lines I have, it has never failed me and my use is close to 3000 minutes a month with this phone. I have had the phone since the day it came out.

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Excellent audio and signal strength


Oct 3, 2007 by NJ Analyst2

I purchased the V9m as a replacement for my aging E815 which I really liked. The V9m
s main strengths are: audio, signal strength, high resolution screens, camera. The main weaknesses are it's price, battery, vibrator (not strong enough). Other than that, it's a great phone for someone willing to pony up the $250 or so dollars with a two year agreement.

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V9M Rocks!


Sep 24, 2007 by Chudman

I got a V9M to replace my V3M which was damaged. The V9M is the best Verizon phone I have owned so far.


1. Reception is great, and compares with my e815 (which has been touted by users as the best current VZW phone for reception). I get reception in some areas where my V3M dropped calls. People I talk to find it hard to believe I'm on a cell phone.

2. Speakerphone is very good. Not too loud but as usable as any I've tried before.

3. Music player is very good for a cell phone.

4. Provides out-of-the-box functions I had to do hacks for to get them on my e815 and V3M.

5. Fits my V3M horizontal belt holster and dash holder.

6. Takes up to a 2GB MicroSD storage card for lots of music and picture files.

7. The keyboard numbers are large, which work better with my fat fingers (the Treo keyboards are unusable for me for this reason).

8. The screen displays are the best I've seen so far. Crisp and colorful.

9. The round keypad is programmable in all four directions, like the e815.


1. Battery life: Sucked for the first few recharges, but now gives me decent life. You have to fully discharge the battery by letting the phone run until it shuts itself off. (I speeded this up by setting the backlights to "continuous" so power would be drawn quicker). Then charge the phone overnight for 8-10 hours. Repeat this process 2 or 3 times and then use the phone normally.

2. Fingerprints: Yep, a problem with any shiny surface. Keep a clean cloth or lens wipers handy. Clean hands help as well.

3. Large size: At first I was not pleased with this, but after using the phone for awhile it became second nature to me. It's only about 1/2 inch longer when opened than my V3M.

4. Needs new battery chargers and USB cable. The ones for the V3M do not work.

5. Flip is not easy to open with one hand.

6. Screen font sizes are not adjustable.

7. And, of course, the stupid VZW UI!

If I had a second chance, I would buy it again!

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Moto Razr2 V9m


Jan 14, 2008 by italiandragon91

I have had the Motorola Razr2 V9m for a little over a month now, My carrier is Verizon Wireless.

This phone is amazing compared to the Moto Razr V3m.

I don't like the Verizon standard UI, but I can deal with it. I tried flashing it but it had a few bugs so I switched back to Verizon.

I really like this phone. I wish you could have the music player playing in the background but that doesn't happen with Verizon.

Camera is really good, 2 Mega pixel, better compared to other phones.

My only disappointment is the phones battery. When I first had the phone the battery was horrible but after a few charges it got better. The battery still sucks, I play a song or 2 and I already loose a bar of battery.

If you just want a nice looking Motorola phone, this will definitely due.

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