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Apr 29, 2008 by Bpt_flames

This is phone is amazing, like most sony ericssons, for its price it has many features that expensive phones dont. If you buy i deffinetly recommend that you debrand it by going to either davinciteam or wotan to debrand for 16 dollars put the original SE software. I dont know why ATT disabled GPS on this phone, or why for that matter they disabled the awesome SE push email client. If you debrand this phone its a lot better. The tracker application in Generic SE software is awesome it utilizes GPS to help you train or go jogging, it tells your speed, calories, and a map of where you where jogging.

*2mp camera
*debranded phone wayy better
*Great music software for non walkman SE
*the multitasking button is really helpfull, you can run multiple apps at same time, you can run google maps, opera mini, and e buddy at the same time,
*GPS, and all apps that come with
*SE push email client
*Ability to send emails, with attachments

*battery life is less than advertised, you can debrand and set phone to 2g only, but
*volume keys a bit small

750a - Needs improvement


May 5, 2008 by cardobcf

This phone is great for texting and calling. But the battery only last about 3 hours of talk time. Sony sure did over-estimate the battery life.

I also noticed the phone is not very solid (wobbly), the flip mechanism needs to be tighter.

When charging, go to the phone status and check the charge level. It never goes to 100% even when put on the charger for hours. I worry about that. This is the third 750 phone to where it never goes to a full charge. See if it does it for yours...

New Phone


Apr 28, 2008 by Tart

I have been waiting for this phone to come out, so I can get it. My old phone was a blackberry curve....I wanted something a little more simplier, but still have the email access. This phone is great....looks great...has a good selection of preloaded wallpapers, games, and such, however there are a few things that I find to be major downfalls...

- internet access is very slow...even though it is 3G...it is still very slow
-downloads are hard to do and slow when you can
-the interface and boot up is slow also...
-it doesn't always alert you when you have new emails...then you have to connect to mobile email to just recieve them....

This phone is great if you want just a phone that will text, that has great simple features....but don't get this for that only if you want email also....

I am thinking about changing before my 30 days are up....

Very Nice Phone


Apr 11, 2008 by hucworld

This is my second Sony phone and so far Sony hasnt let me down one bit. Having come from the w580i I was kinda leary of this design because of the issues I saw with the z520 series. But the sleek outside front and flip phone form factor all lured me to this phone. The FM radio made me stick with the Sony phone series. I use to look down on Sony's because of the menu and navigating around the phone. In my honest opinion Sony's have solidified themselves with me as a top notch player in wireless with the likes of LG and Nokia.

With this phone being a 3g phone is even better. I love the fact that this phone syncs naturally with my Sony Vaio laptop. Im not a Sony fanboy or anything but Sony has won me over in the last two years with their products and wireless was the icing on the cake.

Media Setup
Pc Sync
3g connection

None so far

Solid Purchase: Sony Still Rules


Apr 10, 2008 by Pure1rish

The only thing this phone is missing is the Flash for the camera, and because it's a flip that is to be expected (No Flash)

- Sleek Design
- 2.0 MP
- FM radio Capable
- HSPDA, 3G, The Internet is Fast
- Battery Life is Great 9 HR talk time
- Color Scheme

- No Flash
- Zoom on Camera is only available in certain photo Modes
- Doesn't come with headphones but you can order them at store or online

Overall, this is Sony's First 3G device released through AT&T and they did a great job. Sony doesn't release many flip phones and it still has the standout Sony Design which seperates their phones from the competition.

Enjoy this Phone if you Purchase, you won't be dissapointed.

Annoying to Use


May 12, 2009 by mckennagene

This phone has nice features, but the usability of this phone is poor and the battery life is poor.

I was "upgraded" to this phone when my previous generation sony ericsson walkman phone died. I loved the old one. I can't bare the thought of having to live with this phone for 2 years.

Bad Usability - the phone is slow to respond to your first few key presses. It is often a second or even two behind as you start to type a text message. It's really hard to type a message when you can't see if the last letter you just typed has registered with the phone or not, or if you don't know how long you have to wait to start typing the next letter on the same key.

Bad Usability - the delete key is too sensitive and/or placed too close to the down arrow on the navigator/joystick. The number of times I've accidentally hit delete is crazy.

Bad Usability - ditto the super annoying placement of the internet connection button. You can't open the phone without hitting it and then you have to say cancel and wait a bit. I think AT&T makes a penny every time you connect so that why the button is there.

no standard USB cable plug.

Camera is great - 3 Mega pixels.
Speaker phone is good.

Great phone, but only while it lasts


Feb 19, 2009 by lostgrl85

I have been a Z750A owner for about 9 months, and I loved it at first. The phone has great reception, loud and clear ringtones, plenty of memory for someone not using it as an mp3 player, and nice colors to choose from. It is also very easy to use. I've had a lot of phones, and this was by far my favorite phone until I started having problems. Six months after my purchase, I turned on my phone one day and it no longer got a signal. I had it replaced, and after only six to seven weeks, the replacement unit completely quit working on me one day. It got really hot, I lost my ringtones, and it kept making a loud sound as if it was going to blow up. AT&T said it had a short circuit, so they sent me phone number three. I've had it less than a month now, and I just recently had issues charging it. I had to take the battery out and put it back in so that it would acknowledge that I had plugged the charger in. Seeing as how I've had nothing but problems with these phones (and no issues with the battery or charger before), I'm pretty sure it's the phone. I bought my Z750A shortly after it was released, and AT&T no longer carries it in stores, and I'd have to say that's because they know it is a lemon. I'm not hard on phones, so for me to be on my third, it has to be an issue with the phone model. I've never had a phone die on me like these ones have. Even when my previous phones got bad and needed to be replaced, they were still able to be used. These ones become completely worthless when they have issues. As much as I love the Z750A when it is working, I would never recommend this phone to anyone. You'll just have to end up replacing it much sooner than you ever intend to.

-Good reception
-Color choice
-Ringtone quality
-Ease of use

-Suddenly dies for no apparent reason
-Battery life is too short
-Sluggish response at times

It won't last a year!


Jan 29, 2009 by skibumdan

I have 2, both have gone down in less than a year. I like Sony's because they have an FM radio. (Great at ball games) But Sony's don't hold up! I've had 4 , but no more!

do not do it!


Jan 20, 2009 by mollywhopkac

this is by far the worst phone i have ever purchased in my life.
i have had the phone for 2 months and it works worse than any ancient phone i have used.
i had a text message that would not delete and the only way to do it was hitting the master reset option 4 times! deleteing all pictures videos ring tones etc.
it turns off randomly whenever it feels like.
horrible phone horrible phone. i can not say it enough!
and the sound quality is bad bad bad!!!
especially for a SONY ERICSSON
do not do it!!! whatever you do do not buy this phone
they honestly need to take it off the market

Mighty Awesome


Jan 10, 2009 by Musgeek

I just warranty swapped my W580i that wouldn't read my new memory card for this phone and have to admit I love this phone more than the W580i. (which I didn't think possible) Knowing that this phone came from the horrible Z525a line, (which my whole family suffered through) I was a little skeptical at first, but after the first day I was hooked. I get reception everywhere (and we live in the middle of WBF) and the quality of the call sound is remarkable. The speaker is phenomenal and the menu is just like the W580i (which was so easy to use) The only drawbacks I've seen so far is yes, the battery is somewhat lax, especially when used in blue tooth mode, and the long time it takes to boot up when you first turn it on. Not a big problem, but just kinda a drag. Props and kudos so far. I would never have any other brand phone but SE.

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