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SE does it again


Sep 5, 2008 by racer472

OK first off, I'm not a big phone guru, I don't care about 75% of the features most new phones have, I really don't text very often. I just wanted a good phone with good battery life.

I bought this phone for the shape and style, and for the fact it was a Sony Ericsson. I have had Motorola, LG, Samsung and Sony and of all of them the Sony clobbered all of them in battery life......

So for those reasons I went with the z750 to replace my LG that was dying. My last Sony was so good I wanted another and this one was close to the thin "razor like" design as I've seen outside the Razor......

I have to say I love this phone.... it has excellent sound and reception, the camera is very clean and the colors are great. The display and navigation are typically solid Sony...

Now that brings me to the battery, which seems to be something a lot of people have had issues with. Well perhaps S.E. fixed the issue because my phone is exceptional just like my last Sony Ericsson.... I don't know what was advertised but I can go days and days without charging this phone. On standby this thing has gone well over a week and I have not tested it beyond that. My last LG was every single day on the charger, even with a new battery so this Sony is a welcome change back to what I loved about my last Sony Ericsson.

PROS - excellent battery life, sleek and thin design, solid camera, great display, great reception

CONS - speaker phone is weak, not a lot of aftermarket case options

Not to bad for Free.


Jul 18, 2008 by Versed

Recently got this phone in grey as an insurance replacement for a Samsung Sync. I try to rate a phone in its class, not with phones outside of its class.

Small and sleek, not thing but not bulky either. Screen is sharp, tones are decently loud and decent amount of freebies without having to resort to buying or transferring any. I was skeptical on the outside LCD, but its pretty nice. Fits the style of the phone. Keypad is good, nice feedback, although I have to admit a bit goofy looking. But fine for a teen-aged daughter. 2 mpixel camera is very good. Good solid hsdpa connect in my home.

Battery life could be better but its not a major problem, a sync cable could have been included. And its a fingerprint magnet. Oh, not standard MS Pro not microSD. Sony and SE should just give up already on this.

All and all its a good entry level to lower level 3g hsdpa phone, especially for teen-aged girls. I couldn't see a boy or a man with it unless he likes getting beat up.

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Z750 is a winner


May 20, 2008 by hawksaerial

I have researched for weeks, mostly on phonescoop, so it's pay back time. I am happy I have settled on the Z750. The common complaint of most phones is battery life. People need to understand with 3G and other networks and functions, we are using more power than before, yet the phones have become smaller and lighter. Sure, manufacturers could make batteries larger and heavier with more capacity, then we would complain about the size and weight, so I think manufacturers are walking a tightrope. The specs. claim 9 hrs talk time, but I read AT&T's own support page claiming 3.5hrs in 3G mode, so 9hrs in GSM. The specs. don't lie, but do mislead, as it says less than 9hrs on 3G. So, I suspect the battery life on the Z750 is no better or worse than most other phones on the market.
The specs. on phonescoop do not list voice dial, but the Z750 does have voice dial.
I have ordered and used most all the accessories available. I recommend the OEM leather case, it covers the keypad and screen in clear plastic, and the finger print complainers can be silent.The audio quality is great, and the FM radio is superb with many options. I have owned about 2 weeks and tried most all functions, except e-mail, internet and texting. Minor glitches with media transfer with a USB cable, but that is probably my PC's fault. I have ordered a USB card reader for file transfers. The 2meg camera is awesome, made 4X6 prints that people are amazed at the quality. Overall, I highly recommend buying.

good 3G signal in Sacramento, Ca. area
audio quality
hi res bright screen
2meg camera resolution
small size
FM radio
user friendly navigation
media player and option 4 Gig memory card
short cut mode for running apps.

small volume keys
no camera zoom at 2 meg res.

Disappointing Battery Life


May 10, 2008 by jstwnatalk

I bought this phone because of the advertised standby battery time of up to 14 days (3G). I am having to charge the phone approximately every other day. I don't text, use the Internet features or even listen to music on it. I don't even talk on it that often... maybe 1 or 2 short calls a week. I called SE and they are sending me a new battery, but from the more recent customer reviews I've read, I'm not 100% confident that a new battery is going to solve this issue. When I voiced this concern to the SE rep and asked what the next step would be if I continued to have this problem, she basically said I would have to follow through with AT&T and get the phone repaired (i.e. get a refurbished phone)Let's just say that I was less than pleased to hear that.

I do like the phone itself and find it very user-friendly. I just wasn't expecting to have to charge it so often.

Blatant False Advertising on Battery Life


Apr 28, 2008 by cfinucane

I bought this phone because of the advertised battery life.

If only I had researched a little better.

Instead of the 400 hour standby thats widely advertised for this phone the reality is about 50 hrs. Theres a thread on AT&T's support page confirming similar results


There may be a way of turning of 3g and improving this, but it isn't accessible through the normal menu on the AT&T version. Even if one is able to turn it off, I have a hard time believing it will come anywhere near the advertised time.

2mp camera
Nice keypad
Decent reception vs SLVR
Decent contact organization

Can't reconfigure menus (have of main menu are feature designed to rack up data charges)
Center button connects to internet
Flimsy plastic design
No mini-USB port
cable is extra
headphones are extra
Memory card is sony proprietary, NOT SD

I've heard Sony Ericsson's in trouble with their 3g phone sales. I can't say I'm surprised. Lying to your customers is bad for business.

The z750a is finally here been waiting since Mar 07


Apr 12, 2008 by drsusi

They are at the AT&T stores however some are not displayed yet. The sound is much better than the tester model but it still powers up abit slow but again not as bad as the tester model. The sad thing is there is no GPS. It was on the tester but not on the branded phone.

I bought a xenon flash attachment from Sony that fits this camera. I couldn't get it to work. The phone software has to support it. This would be a nice feature since there is no flash in the camera but AT&T is going to have to set that up which it hasn't done apparently. The camera is still pretty good and there is a "photo fix' that is installed to fix up the photos and some you can do manually. That is a nice feature.

The purple is a royal true purple and is really nice. The pink was nice as well but both phones would lend itself to the female gender I believe.

The finish gets tons of fingerprints and possibly some scratches. If you get this phone go on ebay and get a hard clear plastic case. I got some from Ez shops I believe. They come from Hong Kong but only take about 2 weeks to get here. They are great and allows you to see the whole phone.

I think one nice thing about Sony is the use of the micro chip. I was able to switch from one phone to another and the computer putting on my old ringtones and some music. I tried several different ways and all worked well except for the USB/data cord. Can't figure out what is the problem with that.
But again I am not a high tech person.

I think the phone will be great. I liked the tester except for the fact that the sound was horrible. If this is one reason why it was so late in coming than it was worth it. This phone really handles well in the hand and the flip is solid. It is just sad there are so many things that these new phones can do but our carriers can't seem to move fast enough to keep up like the GPS thing.

SE Z750


Apr 18, 2008 by DJMACK04

Awesome little SE. Fingerprints are a pet peeve of mine and show up like crazy. Awesome 2.0 mp camera and you can have a slide-show play with a them(very cool). Most ATT CV capable phones are not loud enough when trying to watch a music video, sports clip or news but that is not the case with this phone. I recommend it!

awaiting my phones arrival


Sep 3, 2008 by irie23

I just ordered my z750a by sony ericsson and am hoping that i wont be disappointed. have heard cool things about the phone with the exception of the tv feature. Can anyone school me on the mobile tv feature?

z750 - Disappointing Battery Life


May 19, 2008 by hatsue

The main reason I bought this phone was the impressive battery life being adverstised. It is nowhere near what is being advertised. I need to charge my phone every other day. What a hassle that is. I'm hoping Sony Ericsson does a recall on the battery. Is that ever done? I'll never buy another Sony product. False advertising should not be tolerated.

PRetty Good


Feb 12, 2008 by ATTRep912

Sony Ericsson makes nothing but great products i have a demo line under this phone and i have nothing negative to say about it even though its farely new

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