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A Keeper


Feb 28, 2008 by john3

Because of the mostly positive reviews that have been written here about this phone I decided to purchase it. Thank you all for leading me to a good mid-entry phone. I have downgraded some from a Treo650 and had to switch carriers because I re-located and reception with it was bad. I wanted to get back to a simpler phone but didn't want to sacrifice call quality and reception. But with this phone the strong points are the reception/call quality. It's top notch for a no-frills phone. My previous phone continually dropped calls and using the LG in the same location it reads full bars all the time. The voice command is an excellent feature and suprised it comes with it. My more expensive phone never even had this feature. The bluetooth is extremely clear without fading, even when walking away from phone. The keyboard is largely spaced out which was a big plus for me to purchase it but it's small enough to drop into my pocket. I love the simplicity of this phone and highly recommend it for anyone wanting a simpler phone but doesn't want to sacrifice on clarity and reception. Keep up the good work LG!

LG VX 5400 is solid


Jan 22, 2008 by Zorin

For your basic clamshell, this phone is pretty solid. Good feel, uber battery life and nice keys to text with. Wish it was a lil crisper in the picture and of course, a 1+ mega pix. camera, but we can't have everything, right? Guess I would rather have uber battery life, so I don't have to purchase the charger in order to can keep my phone alive.

Overall, another quality phone from LG.

Great Every Day Phone


Oct 17, 2008 by Don424

My wife got this phone for free as upgrade through Verizon. She needed a simple phone, something without all the bells & whistles since she's not real tech savvy when it comes to cell phones. I'd been going into the Verizon store every now and then checking/testing out phones I thought she might like so I recommended this one to her.

She's very happy with this phone. I tested it out also. I'm hard on a cell phone as far as everyday use goes because of the nature of my job. So I wanted to see if it would stand up to my requirements too....and it does.

Without going into a lot of details, I will say this: this phone is simple to use, has a great, though slightly small screen, texting is easy, the battery life is great, it comes with decent though not great ring-tones and it has a speakerphone and bluetooth capability.

I didn't give the phone the top rating for a couple of reasons: 1)the speakerphone doesn't work with the phone closed(shame on you LG...that's old style), 2) the phone has a somewhat flimsy feel to it. My vx5200 feels more substantial in your hand, and I thought the 5200 was a flimsy phone.

Other than that, it's very good phone and I'd recommend it.

This phone is awesome


May 12, 2008 by boston7

i have this phone and i love it! its my favorite phone out of all the ones i have had.i gave it a 5.5 because it is over all the best flip phone.the only thing i don't like about it is it has no video camera on it but everything else is great.

Sad - your phone is defective


Nov 18, 2007 by cellguy49

This little VX5400 really surprised the hell out of me - it is as close to perfect as any phone I ever had. Wonderful reception (have not dropped a call in the 2+ weeks I have owned it; and I can make a call anywhere I ever could with my trusty old E815. Frankly, I am surprised at the excellence of the reception. I bought this only because it has analog (which I have not used yet - no analog anywhere near NYC area, I guess. Phone is easy to use. Voice commands work especially well (much better than in Moto). Keys are excellent and very big. Easy to push, I never hit the wrong key. NOTE: This is a "talk only" phone - no games, music, or other stuff that wasn't important to me at all. But the call quality is absolutely top notch. Crystal clear on both ends, no static - and works EVERY TIME. I am obviously super happy with this phone. Would have given it a 5, but my old E815 felt as strong as a brick in my hand, and this is more "plastic" feeling. I know the old phone was also plastic, but to me, it felt like solid steel. On the other hand - this VX5400 is much smaller, lighter, and I don't even feel it in my pocket. And I never miss a call because the ringer is plenty loud and it vibrates quite hard and rings at the same time. A real bargain!! Only real competition for this phone is Moto W385, but the keys are much, much smaller on that phone and more difficult to use. This is a great phone.

Ed. note: removed reply to other review

The best basic phone out there


Jun 13, 2008 by wheelzr

For a small easy to navigate basic phone this phone does everything right. If there was such a rating as Features-Cost stat this phone would be one of the highest ranked. All of the features every other "AWESOME LOOKING" phone has minus 1.) megapixel camera, 2.) wack mp3 player 3.) full keyboard. If you don't need any of those three things then this is the phone you need, as this phone has awesome reception and battery life.

LG never disappoints


May 24, 2008 by deejaydeejay

OK, this is a great little phone from Verizon Wireless. Nothing super-special, but a great basic phone.
Pros: Almost everything
Cons: Camera can't take video, and no music player, but I can live without those. Texting gets a little annoying.

Great little phone


May 14, 2008 by misnomer58

Bought this phone when I changed Price Plans from a Pre-paid where I used a VX4500. Also so a very good phone, just wanted to go with an internal antenna. What makes the VX5400 is the shape. It fits very comfortably in either right or left hand hence, you can text comfortably with either hand. The layout of the keypad & back-light makes the phone very attractive. Sound quality/clarity is fantastic as with the battery life. Didn't even mind the the smudge factor on the external mirror screen, I like holding it so I was always cleaning it. When the flip is open, it's just the right length & shape so it doesn't feel like you're talking on a Barbie phone.

The only "Con" I can think of is the little flimsy cover for the charger connector. Lost it about the 2nd week I had the phone. In fact, that has got to be the only pet-peeve I have with any of LG's phone, those funky covers which can not be repaired/replaced, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT LG!!!

A model of efficiency


Dec 13, 2007 by NatersX

Over the years I have gone through quite a few cell phones and in the process have subjected them to some of the most unforgiving environments possible (the mountains of South West Colorado). In addition to exposure to the harsh elements, the topography of the terrain makes cell service intermittent at best. I just wanted to say that this little VX5400 is one of the best base-to-middle model phones ever built. If you are looking for a phone to "make phone calls," then this little durrable clam shell is a model you should consider. After useing a RAZR for 1.5 years and paying much more for it than it was worth, i would implore all of you looking for a new phone (perhaps for your NE2 upgrade), to ask a sales rep about this phone... by the way the reception is excellent and the phone itself can take more than just one punch. As for the negative reviews of the VX5400, I would agree that perhaps the authors of those reviews either recieved defective phones, or maybe were the victims of operator error.

Good Enough


Nov 27, 2007 by n4aof

The VX5400 is a step up from the very basic cell phones, but not a big step up.

My family just replaced three VX3200's and one VX5200 with five VX5400's last week and so far the VX5400's have everyone happy (with the possible exception of our teenager who is impatiently waiting for me to get a new USB data cable).

Loud receive volume
Ring AND vibrate
Clear inside and outside displays
no stub antenna
nice keypad
BIG numbers on screen when you dial.

Proprietary charger connector
Verizon crippleware
Ringtones are not loud enough
Verizon crippleware
Vibrate is not as strong as earlier LG's
Verizon crippleware
Cannot change covers
No extended battery available (although one supposedly exists)

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