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wow wow!!!


Jul 11, 2008 by daddysgirl1996

wow i have recently switched from the iPhone 2 this and it is so much better with almost everything i've had tuns of phones and this is the best

~nice qwerty keyboard

~not bad camera pics

~u can get on the web





~it freezes a lot

~no alarm

and thats about it um i hope this was helpful and if ur thinking about getting this phone i highly recommend it

The Truth about this phone


May 2, 2008 by Future

I have used just about every PDA on the market for T-Mobile and AT&T...

Figured what the heck, I'll try a sidekick.

This phone is absolutely tailored more towards a teenager. BUT, it has some great features.


-The internet is great - very clear, fast, and easy to use.

-Good external speakers

-Good MP3 player

-Great Reception and Clarity.

-The size and shape is nice and easy to use and handle.

-The unlimited internet and text messaging package is priced great.


-There is NO sterio bluetooth. Had I known this before purchase I wouldnt have purchased it.

-You have to pay for 3rd party applications. As compared to blackbarrys and most windows based phones where you can download those features for free.

-The actual phone function could be more user friendly.

-Outside buttons are not customizable

-You cant watch videos or movies

-You cant listen to streaming internet music

Overall, this is not a terrible phone, but I expected more. Would I buy this phone again? No.

My first Sidekick and I am satisfied!


May 1, 2008 by amyd525

Looking forward to getting my first Sidekick, I decided to get the Slide due to its small size and cheaper price than the LX. Having used the ID on occasions, I am amazed by the quality of this phone.

- Smooth slide screen
- Sleek shiny look
- Perfect Small, Compact Size
- Clear screen with ambient light sensor, adjusting to surrounding light
- Good quality camera for a 1.3 megapixel
- Address book has Photo Caller ID, and can hold up to 2000 entries
- Music player
- Phone quality is loud and clear
- Speaker phone works well
- Fun game
- Jump Shortcuts make it easy to maneuver

- No Alarm Clock. Although, you can download one for the price of $2.99
- No flash for camera
- You cannot use songs from Music Player as
- Battery Life could be much longer for a constant texter
- Buttons are sometimes hard to press but are not impossible to use

The destroyer of the sidekick family...


Jan 5, 2008 by Chef Brd-Jason

sidekicks where ment to swivel, thats how they became hot and famous, sliding is not the hot but its still a good phone.

-the smallest and thinnest sidekick
-full good sixed qwerty key board
- large contact storage up to 2000 people!
-descent camera
- smooth slide
- nice black color, stylish
-improved internet speed
-one of the best screens developed for a phone
-speaker is on the mortorola symbol(major improvement)

-the sliding screen over swivel
-still needs internet improvements its as slow as the iphones so called fast internet.
-camera could be upgraded
-ugly blue inside when you slide the screen up.
-buttons need improvement
-needs more memory, not that bad but not that great.

A good phone but not a good price, at a price of $199 the sidekick 3 sounds more loveable then this one. Ages recomended- 16 and up great for business users. pretty hot phone out currently on the market. Over all rated a 4, for it still needs some improvements and the disappointment of creating it a slider.

So far an AWESOME! phone


Dec 26, 2007 by Justin9479

I got this phone a few days before Christmas and I think its an amazing phone. I owned the first sidekick with a camera and hated it. I played with this one in the store and was really surprised with how far sidekicks improved.


-awesome music player
-excellent battery life
-nice size screen
-loud ear piece
-nice sounder speaker
-doesn't feel cheap, built good
-excellent reception ,better then my KRZR


-no video
-didn't come with any ring tones but tmobile's
-camera quality not so great but ok for a 1.3 mp camera

I would recommend this phone to anyone who likes to surf the web and text message!

Truly Amazing


Jan 30, 2008 by Keila87

so i just purchased my skslide on 1/25/08 and it has to be the best investment ever! i owned a sk3 and i always felt it was too bulky. The skslide is perfect, its thinner, more compact and much more manageable in my hands, and in my pocket... i love that its sleek and shiny and that it seems so sturdy with the slide up instead of swivel. I considered getting the lx cause I love the signature swivel but the lx being so thin, it seemed the swivel was easy to break. plus for a $100.00 cheaper than the lx, its definitely worth it!!! my brother has a lx and we compare and i think i win, also the back of the phone is very sexy looking...

*the screen is way brighter than the sk3
*the sleek and shiny look
*its compact and less bulky than any sk
*the sturdy slide
*instant Myspace
*the memory is awesome
*the compact keyboard
*picture messages... Finally!!
*the speakers on the screen instead of on the dpad
*easy for a womans hands

*the camera needs a flash
*i dunno if its just mine but it seems to restart on its own sometimes, very weird
*did not come with the micro sd card, had to purchase separately


Sidekick Slide


Nov 12, 2007 by thaillestflip

I purchased the sidekick slide the day it came out & i really love the phone.Even though it lacks a bigger screen, it has a more clearer and louder speaker.More built in memory. 128MB compared to the LX 64MB.Much more lighter, looks the price of a 278 dollar phone! i did not understand why the LX front plastic parts was not shined & glossed like Slides but never the less that screen is amazing including the battery life on the LX. I bought the Slide because it was a different, it slid up instead of swiveled! I love how t-mobile offered two sidekicks so the customers have an option between this and that phone. [[they should do that more often!]] Besides the specs, i knew everybody around my area would have the LX, so i bought the Slide to be different.

-MMS compatible! (FINALLY, after so many years!)
-Smaller,Sleeker,& Slimer than LX
-Slide up screen
-Clear & loud speaker
-Good reception
(Near San Francisco, in California)
-Clear and Vivid QVGA display (Way better than SK3 display!yuk!)
-Love the black color, dark purple accents
-128 MB built memory
-Processor is stated to be a little faster
than LX. [Cant tell]
-Its Micro SD compatible (some say it will work up to 4GB but i havent tried it myself)
-Keyboard lights bright, very clear to see the letter & numbers on keys in pitch black!

-The screen should have been a little bit more bigger if they did not space in the black border surrounding the actual screen.
(a little bit bigger screen)
-The battery last pretty good but of course i want it to last more longer.At least 4.5 days.
-The holes (upper right side where right shoulder button is) where you can add a lanyard? It should be a little more deeper in so i can actually put a Nintendo Wii wrist wrap lanyard to fit in.
-A video Camera
(i dont want to send videos to friends, i just want to make a video)
-Better resolution on screen.
-Maybe a FM radio capabilities?(pushing my luck)

Other than that i love my Sidekick Slide! Hope we have 3G soon!

Slide over ID


Nov 12, 2007 by BlueAccord

So i bought the sidekick id couple weeks ago and i liked it, it was kind of bulky and heavy but i liked the features, then i came across slide and decided to give it a try, finally got it in today and my id is already packaged up to go back lol, i love it, first thing i looked at was the screen it was a good size and it was like 50 times brighter then the id one, its is also much faster when browsing through a catalog and web page loading since it has 128mb memory, camera, bluetooth full web and one of the loudest speakers i ever heard and i owned over a dozen phones including verizon and sprint, almost everything i ever wanted is in this phone and all that is packaged in a smaller frame then the id, so yeah i think it a success.


-easy to carry
-great camera
-already comes with data cable
-easy to use
-mp3 player
-average size colorful screen
-memory extension
-good battery life
-good support (applications, themes, games, etc.)
-AOL/MSN/Yahoo im
-Pic messaging ability


-cant save items form the web like pictures
-no wrist strap included
-keys are hard and almost flat with the body
-confusing settings menu like the rest of the sidekicks, why not have all the options/setting in one place (like setting up ringtone and stuff)
-no video
-comes only in one two tone color set (black/purple)

Best phone I've had


Dec 25, 2007 by centaurferrshurr

I just got this phone today.
It's the best of 3 I've had.
It's easy to use and easy to type on. It's small and durable and everyone envys me from afar. It's the best. Go buy it. I highly recommend it. The battery is long lasting. It's small.
easy to use QWERTY keypad
good sound quality
nice bright screen (although smaller than the LX i prefer this one)

the cameras a lil funky at first but it straightens out after a couple of uses.

Well anyway, I hope you highly consider buying the Slide. It's fun and you won't regret getting it. Hope this helps bye!

Love This Phone


Nov 13, 2007 by MikeNPhoenix

I purchased this phone 11/8/07, and after three days of use I am totally impressed.

The phone is a bit bulky, but the size is not bothersome. I would hope future versions are thinner.

The downlaodable applications are limited to ringers, alert sounds, a free calculator, and a few games. I would like more options such as a solitaire game or some productivity softwares available on Blackberry.

I have been a cell phone user for 15 years, and can say for fact this phone has the best reception and sound of the 15-20 phones I have owned.

Volume controls on this phone are complicated and confusing. Each application (ringer, call volume, speaker volume, alerts) is controlled in different areas. I would like to see all volume controls in one place IN addition to where they are currently located.

And one last quirk. When sending email you have to type in the recipients address. Why not just give users access to the address book when using the email application?

. great sound and reception
. long battery life
. fairly easy and fun to use

. complicate volume controls
. no access to address book when sending email

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