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Side kick


Apr 1, 2008 by aurorabear

I love this phone!!!

*nice sized screen
*nice color quality (better than other sidekicks)
*very cute

*t-pad doesn't light up :(
*doesn't swivel

The Sidekick Slide is MAybe the best phone At T-mobile from The sidekick family.


Feb 25, 2008 by francisco92590

I purchased The "Sidekick Slide" on saturday 2/23/08. I was happy beacause it was the best investment i made so far. I was planning on buying the "Sidekick LX". But my friend has one and his broke the third fall it took. The swivel flip screen poped off and cracked. and it Fell on a carpet. We thought it would of Taken the fall. But it wasn't intentially. He Was pulling it out from his pocket and it fall. Anyways so i decided to get the "Sidekick Slide".

-Battery life is great(last the whole day on full battery)
-Nice camera
-Good memory that it comes with
-Download catalog(has ringers, Wallpapers, Themes Applications and more)
-Contacts Menu( Add nicknames And email addresses, Pics)
-Notes and Calender
-Your own email address connected from phone

-Didn't Come with Alarm Clock(but You could Get it from The Catalog)
-Buttons are kinda small(if you a girl that likes wearing long nails it might be a problem)
-No flash For camera

Thats about it hope this information is useful.

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great phone!


Dec 24, 2007 by velvetchopsticks

Awesome phone! This was a huge upgrade from my Samsung t609. I'm still in high school and I text like mad, instant message whenever I can and love going on the internet. This phone gives that all to me in one device; except there are a few minor things that I would have liked to see on the Slide. I really think Motorola did a good job with this product.

- I absolutely love the design. Not as bulky as the previous models. It's small and the color scheme is cute but I would like to see it come out in a family of colors so there would be more variety to those who don't like the black and purple.
- I love the slide-up screen. More convenient than the swivel screen.
- Sound is great; speaker, headset, music, etc.
- Already comes with USB cable and headphones so you're already set for using the MP3 player.
- QWERTY keyboard, of course for text messaging, IM, etc.
- Lovely display, very bright.
- AOL, MSN & Yahoo messengers.
- E-mail.
- MP3 player.
- Camera's decent, could be better. Flash next time?
- VERY EASY to use interface.
- Good reception in Northern VA!

- Battery life! I wish I didn't have to recharge it everyday.
- Really wish it had video!
- Being able to watch videos online (like from YouTube).
- The screen could be a bit bigger, but it's cool. Less worrying for scratches :).
- Takes a while to get used to the somewhat cramped keyboard.
- Only one color scheme available.
- No wrist strap included.

the slide rocks


Dec 2, 2007 by sidekickslideman

i think that the sidekick rocks. my cousin just got it it and lent it to me for a day. and i am putting this review on this webpage from the phone.THIS PHONE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice looking phone but missing some features


Feb 4, 2008 by qnbee01

I've only had the phone 4 days. Initially I loved it because of the way it looks, the screen size and the tracball. Now that I've actually got in & messed around w/ it I like it less. There's no alarm, which I always use, no calculator (another thing I use), the camera's picture is good but if you barely move, & I mean barely, the pic will be blurry. Also, things won't update like how many contacts I have, etc. until I turn it off then back on. Some of the issues I have with it will get better as I become more familiar with it but so far it's just really pretty & cool looking.
pros: sleek, lightweight, tracball, bright display, loud speaker, fun
cons: slow internet, no calculator or alarm, ring settings & power switch are on the bottom of the phone making it easy to turn off or switch settings w/ out knowing especially if you use the case, if u don't lock the screen you can call one of your recent numbers (did it several times before figuring it out).

not bad


Jan 24, 2008 by inhert

i bought this phone because i wanted a sidekick. i previous had a prepaid sidekick id which i sold, because i couldnt pass up the opportunity to get a new phone.. and let me tell you that im so glad i bought this one. i see everyone with an lx. sure its a nice phone. but i had to be different. i remember when no one had a sidekick hardly anyone. now everywhere i look someone has one. and by the way this phone was a steal.. i only payed $57 with the rebate. without it it would have been $107. to anyone who wants this phone. dont order online. find a local t-mobile provider


Screen is small, but really clear.
Speaker is way better then the lx.
battery life is pretty decent. lasts me the whole day before i need to recharge
MMS- finally

internet isnt as fast as the lx, but still gets in job done.
buttons are a little crapped but i can deal with it.

This Sidekick is Whatever


Jan 13, 2008 by Mr. Telephone Man

I got this phone as an upgrade from my crappy sidekick 3. I was excited when I got it but then I got bored.

-It's sleek.
-It glides when u open it.
-It's light.
-& it is small.

-The screen is small.
-The buttons are hard & flat so like if a girl has nails, it would hurt them.

Overall I think it is a very cool & good looking phone but not the greatest.

this best phone alive


Dec 19, 2007 by nataya2020

There are alot of good and bad things about this phone.Some of the good things are the internet is easy access and there is an easy aim access.You can take good pictures.But i really dont think there are anything bad about the phone.But i love the phone thanks bye.

I Love My Sidekick Slide!


Mar 10, 2008 by rappin33

Well I Have Had My Sidekick Slide For A Few Months, I Switched From A Razr, I Love The Sidekick Slide, The Screen, The Web Browsing, Its All Great, The Full Key Board, Makes It Easy To Text, And Not All That Confusing Predective Text On Regluar Phones..It Fits Well In Your Pocket, And Pretty Easy To Use, Over All Its A Great Phone!

Best Phone I've Ever Owned


Dec 28, 2007 by learninghome

I spent hours and hours in TMobile trying to find the perfect phone, and I couldn't find something that would satisfy me and have a decent price as well. I came close to getting the iD, and I'm glad I didn't... it's a nice phone, but I wanted the camera.

* The music player slowly returns to its original volume when you get off a call. Small, but so nice to have.
* Nice screen
* Good, clear sound - with some high volume!
* I like the trackball
* The browser doesn't mangle the pages too badly.
* I get endless entertainment from the flashing strobe light.
* I love the IM, text messages and email and the options available for them.

* I would love a higher quality camera. If you breathe when you hit the shutter, your picture isn't even close to clear.
* I've played Bob's Journey a million times, I wish it came with more games. I'm not big on buying extras, and it doesn't come with much.
*No alarm, unless you set it from the calendar.

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