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The Moto Q is Fantastic


Mar 2, 2008 by baronep

Recently switched from Verizon to AT&T. Tried the BB Curve but had issues with IMAP, so I thought I would give the Q a try.

The results are: The Moto Q is an excellent phone. Everything about it, from it's solid build to how it fits in the hand.


Battery lasts all day
Fantastic Speaker
Keyboard is tight and easy to use
Sound quality
Thumb Wheel
Email setup was simple
Excellent display
3G network screams
Phone is excellent quality



Great job Motorola and AT&T

Downloads slower than dial up!


Nov 10, 2007 by snigit

I thought this was going to be an awesome phone. I had just bought a V3xx and traded it back in within my 30 days to get this and now I'm stuck!

I live in an Edge area and surfing the internet is just fine and I really can't complain about that. BUT downloaded Telenav was a long drawn out process, of about an hour. THEN I wanted to download the free My Q Pak. Let's just say I have OVER 6 hrs tied up and it's STILL not done!! I'm on my last bit of life in the battery....grrrr........

I love the qwerty keyboard because it makes texting so much easier. I still can't get my email account figured out. I still can't add one of my old ring tones saved on my memory card. Everything is just so buried........I could've kept my V3xx, even though the battery life was terrible........

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Wider is not better..


Nov 1, 2007 by TinyJ316

Most of these other posts comment on things as far as the OS is concerned... Here's my review of the phone itself...Barring any and all OS related issues

Battery: Very respectable for a smartphone. It was nice of them to include the extended life battery...

Sound Quality/Reception: The speakers in this thing absolutely rock. Nice and crisp sound. Very good reception, with one small hitch... which leads me to the cons

Reception: When switching between 2g and 3g network it froze the device up until I did a soft reset. Not sure if this is something with my specific device, or a general cause of concern. Also, I've had three dropped calls already, but it was in a known "dead zone"

This thing is absolutely the largest phone (width wise) I've ever used. I have big hands, and I could barely get my hands around it comfortably. The beveled edges are also a bit sharp for my liking... It makes a longer message almost unbearable to type without setting the thing down on a table. Its almost a whole inch wider than my Treo 750.

Button Configuration:
Why are there no buttons on the left side of this phone?!?!?! The crammed everything along the right edge of the phone, which makes left handed use very awkward (I'm not a lefty, but I often hold my phone in my left hand) There should at least be a soft-key of some kind there to assist with lefty navigation

Just my take on things...Take it or leave it...Maybe I'm just too picky *shrug*

Extremely Disappointed


Dec 16, 2008 by latochajih

I have had the Moto Q for about 2 months now as I acquired it because of many problems with the Motorola Razr 2 V9. I would not recommend this phone to anyone. Although, there are a few good things about the phone; however, there are too many problems that will not be solved. For now, I am stuck with this piece of junk until I am able to upgrade next year. I expected more, but got less.

-good battery life
-call quality good
-signal strength good

-cannot copy/paste
-no ability to save any text messages or lock them so they won't be accidently deleted
-voice recognition doesn't work very well
-if recording voice notes (such as a song), the song is not recorded very clearly (has some static)
-key pad does not always light up
-lighting for keypad not very good unless in complete darkness
-size of phone is too large
-unable to add ringtones to the phone from SD card
-phone not user friendly
-AT&T Tech Support and Motorola Q Support unable to help solve problems. Only create more frustration. They don't know much about this phone except how to sell it.

Very disappointed


Dec 1, 2008 by GoldenBlaze

I've had about 4 of these devices. The software SUCKS. I had both the Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 version of this phone and they still suck. The call quality and reception is terrible. I constantly dropped calls with this device. I had it replaced 4 times before I decided to get a Blackberry Curve.

Loud Speaker
Ability to review, edit Word, Excel & Powerpoint
Xpress mail is great for work email
Push email for web accounts
Big screen display
Can view YouTube videos
3G was a plus
Voice recognition

Buggy Software - had to hard reset the phone way too many times
End key/call key would get stuck a lot
CALL QUALITY SUCKS! People could barely hear me and I had full bars
Size - it was a brick
Some mp3 would not play on device
Battery life SUCKS!!!even with 2 batteries. The extended battery is a joke.

VERY Disappointed


Aug 26, 2008 by smittysez

I bought this phone for Christmas 07. I chose the Q because of it's features (3G, GPS, qwerty, big screen).

I am extremely disappointed. I will not buy another Windows device, and I am very discouraged with Moto.

Finding support and help with the MANY problems I have encountered has proven to be a nightmare. AT&T and Motorola only know how to sell new equipment. AT&T support people are unempowered, untrained, unconcerned, stupid or all of the above. There are many forums online, but any hack can post, so there is no reliable expertise to help with the MotoQ/Windows Mobile.

While I like the large screen and keyboard as a PDA, it's too wide and not practical as a phone. Next time I will be looking to a slide form factor.

The GPS with Google Maps is AWESOME! LOVE GOOGLE !!
Keyboard feels the best in class to me
Good Speakerphone
Easy Bluetooth
Big, clear screen.
Hot swappable SD memory
The "flash" for the camera has proven to be an invaluable emergency light. VERY bright.
Contact list/search is the best software in Windows mobile
Having Excel, Word and PDF readers adds to it's PDA value, especially the mini-Excel

NO COPY/PASTE !!! Stupid Microsoft !!
Windows locks up at least once per week.
There is no ability to save/export any text message or email.
No point/click device. This makes internet difficult at best.
Low volume
Moderate reception at best.
3G is not very fast on my O.C. AT&T network
Large downloads are impossible, always time out. I must DL onto memory chip from computer.
Videos don't work. Produces corrupt 3GP files. AT&T is clueless on how to help.
Requires the fat extended battery to do anything except standby, With use, charge lasts less than 24 hours.
Camera is pathetic. The iPhone camera is FAR superior.
Most downloads available for the Q either work poorly, don't work at all, or crash the phone.
The voice recognition doesn't work well.. I prefer the old 'voice match' recognition

where would i be w/out WinMo?


Mar 6, 2008 by dof2

this is my second phone ever (my first was the blackjack)
Compared to the blackjack:
bigger screen
better speaker
better reception
better keyboard
longer battery (comes with a bt60 and a bt90)
automatically adjusts back-light based on outside light and remaining battery life
2.0 mega-pixel camera w/ flash that doubles as flashlight
supports up to 32 gigs of external hard space (micro SD)
No scroll wheel
volume controls are tricky but manageable

AT&T Q9h


Feb 9, 2008 by will54880

I had wanted this phone since the Cellular One - AT&T merger. Finally, one came to a local store. I had moved to VZW, so I ported back and got the Moto Q. Then, everything went bad.
The phone would not connect to the internet. The tech guy happened to be in the store, and they thought they fixed it by putting in a new SIM card. So I brought it home. At home, Active Sync would not recognize the phone. Then the phone stopped connecting to the internet again.
Devistated and frustrated, I returned the Moto Q less than 12 hours after I purchased it.
I now have a BlackBerry Curve and love it.
Maybe I got a bad Moto, but this would be my second bad Moto with AT&T (also had a bad RAZR2 V9).

Based on my experience, I cannot recommend this phone. It is not reliable.

great phone but still windows based


Dec 3, 2007 by mikied

Overall the phone is good. The device itself has some great features but while being a windows device gives it access to a lot of applications, the O/S itself is (like all windows) buggy and very slow. Would be better is device was 1/4 less in width or screen 1/4 inch larger.
Good features
The keyboard, reception, and sound quality is great. Among the best I have ever seen.
Slow O/S. Camera quality is very disappointing. Difficult to configure some parts of the setup (home screen, default location to look for fields, etc).

A Decent Device


Nov 28, 2007 by clarko26

First off I wanna start by saying that I didnt buy this phone in hopes to edit documents, and use email all day. I love windows mobile devices and to a certain extent motorolas. So if your looking for a business phone review its not here. This is for the smartphone lovers.

Ive had this for about a month now,

-This is a very solid device when it comes to hardware.
-Keyboard is very solid and nice to use.
-Screen is perfect size and navigation keys are well built.
-WM6 is very quick and responsive. Didnt experiance one real lag or freeze.
-Alot of choices for menus and background colors and schemes.
-Loud ringtones and speakers.
-GPS works fantastic!

-Aside from the thinness of the phone it is HUGE. Like walking around with a remote in your pocket. (suggest the holster)Form factor is very poor.
-I dont know what other users have encountered but the battery is horrible. Very hit or miss. One day i use the phone a lot with texting,internet and phone calls and the battery is beeping low at 8 pm. This is from a fully charged battery in the morning. Very annoying.
-Some of the menu navigation as far as software is not very user friendly or as customizable as the Blackjack that i came from.
-Screen will scratch very easily.
-Vibration on all profiles is very weak and hard to feel when in your pocket. I miss tons of calls and texts.
-Side buttons are basically there for no reason. Ive not used them once and they feel very cheap.
-Unlike the blackjack when your phone is locked if you press a button the screen lights up full force which again leads to the battery draining fast.
-The automatic lighting of the keepboard is very annoying. When you need the letters lit they dont light the way you need them. The sensor is very weak.

Overall the phone is a decent device for those who want a smartphone that is durable and can do the basics needed. I dont recommend it for the main reason of form factor and battery life.

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