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pretty good phone


Apr 25, 2009 by djausting

this is a good phone overall. it is on the big side but i imagine it is because of the big keyboard. i use a screen reader to access the phone so i can't say nothing on the screen. the ringtones are deafining if you turn the phone up to full. the reception seems pretty good even in bad areas. the phone sound quality is not bad but but my nokia 9300 won in that department for both speaker phone and ear peace. the music player is ok. it has no fm radio witch sucks. it was wierd talking on it when i first got it because it is so wide. but you will get used to it. the keyboard is ok. again, i like my 9300's keyboard much better. the sound quality when recording voice clips and video sucks but i imagine there is a registry hack to fix that. and the battery life is good with both normal and extended batteries. but just a bit of a note, the extended makes the phone so bulky so i recommend if you need the extended battery use it only when you need it. just stick with the normal battery and the phone is not too bulky.

What took so long?


Feb 15, 2009 by andy2373

I skimmed over the reviews of this phone and the reviews I’ve left and couldn’t believe I hadn’t posted a review of the Moto Q9h yet.
I have to say after several years with this phone it is the one I keep coming back to, the older black one. And by that I mean here’s a run down of what I’ve used than went back to the Q9h.

Blackberry Bold
Blackberry Pearl
Blackberry 8820
Blackberry 8830
Blackberry 8330
Palm Treo 800w
Palm Centro
Samsung Instinct
Moto V950
Moto Razr2 V9
Moto Z9
Nokia N95
Nokia E71

As for the recent bad reviews of the Moto Q9h, maybe Moto’s build quality has gone down recently. But I’ve got the original black Moto Q9h upgraded with WM6.1 and it’s been great…FOR ME. By that I mean I don’t need nor do I use it as a smartphone. For me it means I need something with a QWERTY keyboard, GREAT voice quality (I’m pretty sure it got better with the WM6.1 upgrade), Good battery life, some games, and something I feel comfortable taking to a construction site…without a silicone skin.
So basically I needed something an old guy like me could text on and also perform great as a phone. The Moto Q9h has fit that bill time after time.
Although I know that ATT’s 3G has some to do with the voice quality as well, but it’s still a Moto.

It's one of the better phones I've had.


Jan 23, 2009 by HeyyDee

Honestly, this phone is one of the better phones for a decent price--I'm not willing to spend 5 or 6 hundred bucks on a phone. I switched from pantech duo to this and I find it a lot better than the pantech. the pantech's keyboard din't work after a week cuz the slider messed it up and now the keys won't work. so i got this phone. i love it. the keys are nice--all i gotta do it tap and the letter shows unlike tha pantech where i gotta press really hard for my letters to show on the screen. the internet is pretty fast, it's programs are nice as well. i recently had to exchange my motorla cuz i dropped it A LOT and the ringer wouldn't work so i exchanged it and got a new refurbished one. the phone's form is what a lotta people have been conning, but i have large hands and it's nice to have a phone where your hands don't look like some freakkky hands from planet "GIANT" compared to it. i was using my friend's phone, and my hand just trampled the phone while i was talking on it.

texting is a breeze
fast internet/programs
very durable (it took my motorla about 50 up high drops for it to break lol)
speaker is loud and clear
voice dialing is accurate
playback is cool
camera is nice
many options for customizing.

vibrate is kinda little
form could get in the way sometimes
dl time is a little slow

go to mbuzzy.com and there you can make your own rigntones for free and send it to your phone as a text message. i use it all the time. it comes in handy when you don't wanna waste money buying ringtones that only last for 15 seconds.

Only had this phone for 13 days and it has problems


Jan 15, 2009 by sweetspirit

I wish I could have given this a higher rating; however considering the fact that as I type this now, my phone keeps going to the camera and a key is being pressed, even though I am not touching it. Earlier today I wasn't able to make a phone call or text, because the only key that worked was the off button.

My friend has this phone with Verizon and he has had major problems with it, including losing all the data on his phone. Luckily, I have only had this phone for around 13 days, so I will be able to get another one for free since it's within 30 days. Hopefully the new one will be okay.


Sound quality
Two batteries and backs came with the phone
Picture and camera quality
Texting is like IMing

Talk time is not 6.5 hours
I went one day without talking on my phone, it was fully charged and the battery died after half the day has passed
Of course what I mentioned above, which is a big problem right now.

Great phone; horrible OS!


Jan 5, 2009 by howardhawk

Wonderful keyboard, really nice large size. I have big hands and thumbs and have always hated trying to type on my tiny little Blackberry Curve's keys. Beautiful, large, bright display, good reception, great volume, loud speakerphone. I like a larger phone and this one seems to be very well made and solid.
Why, oh why did Motorola choose Windows Mobile as their OS? I updated my phone to 6.1 and it sped it up a lot (including really bringing the GPS alive) but come on, Motorola; this OS has confusing menus and you have to edit the registry for so many things. I grew totally weary of it. And when you hit the end key, the apps keeps running. If you don't go into task manager and manually end the task, it keeps running, draining your battery and there you go, having to change your battery or use the extended one. Really now, why can't you end an application by hitting the end button? The Navigator program (ATTf Navigator) works well but the display isn't as good as on the Blackberrry and the menus (of course) are more complicated for that program, too. So now guess where I am. You got it; back to my old friend the Blackberry!

Excellent and dependable


Dec 24, 2008 by jfnjfn

I am so happy with this phone. No problems. Email is a breeze. Just remember to turn it off once and a while and realize batteries don't last forever....I think 5 months is the average lifespand.....do not hesitate buying this phone. It works first thing out of the box and keeps on working....



Mar 2, 2008 by marksmac

I am an iphone user of the past ....This phone does everything that you could ask and more ....The iphone is also a great phone and more , but they are very fragile and the phone is sad ....I am a avid mac user and getting a windows based phone was going to be a major problem, but there are ways around everything. After getting the right software to sync up my q9 with my mac ,,the iphone doesnt hold a candle to this phone....I love this phone....

pros: The battery life is great !!! The phone is the best that at&t has to offer .....i live in the orlando area ....
The 3g is really fast in this area...The keyboard is perfect for a large person like myself..My kids love to text me alot and im getting really fast now...

cons:::The only thing that i can find wrong is the camera is a little weak ....And it doesn't have wi-fi ...Thats it...

Overall( this in my opinion) This is the best phone on the market...I love it, and yes i have had some phones...Give it a shot ...You wont be sorry.... Beware blackberry and iphone users,,You have met your match...Thanks alot for your time.....

Love the Q9h but needs better battery life


Feb 9, 2008 by docvicki

This is my first PDA phone, my second Motorola. I have had the Q9h for about a month and really do love the phone. I bought an unlocked Q and have AT&T. It's great looking, a little bulky but manageable with a great keyboard. My only real complaint is the extremely poor battery life. I have purchased two extended batteries so that I can switch between the two. I am not a heavy user and can not go more than 20 hours without charging, even when I don't actually talk. I just don't think that is acceptable even for a PDA phone.

Pros: Great looking, great keyboard, excellent screen resolution, great sound and features.

Cons: Unacceptable poor battery life.

Best WM phone I've had


Jan 3, 2008 by estooie

First off, you can't beat the value of this phone. Two batteries (one extended), headphone adapter (so I can use my Bose headset), microSD future compatibility (up to 32gb), 3rd party apps pre-loaded (Opera browser, Docs To Go), Qpak free program downloads from att & moto.

I've had the Curve (no docs creation), 3125 (lags), Pearl (hollow call quality), E62 (slower than molasses, but has a lot of features to love), SMT5600 (lint gets behind the screen), SX56 (what's bluetooth?), Axim X30 & X50 (non-phone), 3650 (no 850 frequency), and so on...

So far, this Q9h trumps them all in call quality and performance. Top it off with a speaker that just SCREAMS! Dual-speakers that just blare your tunes with practically no distortion.

The only thing I can really complain about the phone is how easily smudged it gets, and that Opera lags on me once in a while. Oh yeah, no "cut & paste" option. Geez Microsoft, even Nokia has that feature!

If I missed a feature or two, just let me know. Aside from that, I really recommend this phone to power-users.

Lastly, I know that the V9 has special tech that inproves call quality. Does anyone know if it was also included in the Q9h?

Keeping my Q9h


Dec 2, 2007 by JohnMcW

Had my Q9h for about a week now, previously I used a Cingular 2125 (HTC).
Overall I am glad that I purchased this phone, based on side by side comparisons that others had done on the internet This phone is being rated higher then my other choice, the Samsung Blackjack II.

Sharp Screen
GPS works very well if you stand still in the open to get a lock, after it is locked on, you can use it in a car or even a building without it loosing a signal. (Google Maps)
Keyboard is great.
Size of phone is not a problem for me, I don't have huge hands.
Rubberized feel is nice.
Works fine carrying it in my pocket.
Speaker and headphone adapter work great.
Menus and App Initialization are faster then the 2125.
Phone reception is very good, and very clear.
Battery lasts for over a day with lots of use. (using standard battery)
Internet faster and better connection then my 2125.

Some things that ran smooth on the 2125 are choppy on this phone, Windows video, Atomic Cannon, GnuBoy (this one crashes).
(Using TCMP for Video works without choppiness)
Task manager function to switch to an app is gone, all you can do is kill apps that are running.

Using The included Micro 2 Mini adapter with the charger for my 2125 will only charge the phone 1/2 way.
There is a gap on the front of the phone at the top that catches lint, no clue why there is a gap.
Sure looks like they could have put a bigger screen on this one, too bad they skimped there.
Front of phone is a glossy fingerprint magnet, I am using a screen protector which solves this.

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