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Not bad at all


Nov 27, 2008 by mk84boom

I bought this phone in Oct 08. At first i wasn't too thrilled with getting a device with windows OS but decided to give it a try. I enjoyed the feel of it my hands, the phone is a little big but I have big hands so I didn't mind the size at all. Call quality and signal strength are very strong so no complaints there. Syncs with your desktop with ease so again no complaints with that. My only two main issues with the phone are battery strength and the fact that it is Windows based. Moto gives you a second and larger battery with a second battery cover which fits the larger battery. I am not that much of a heavy user and could not believe the standard battery would not last one day on a full charge. As for the OS, it would freeze up on me at least once a day, typical Windows. Also I thought the phone itself could be more user friendly. Returned the phone after 3 weeks and got the BB Bold and have not looked back. The moto Q9H is decent device and deserves some attention for those who want a smart-phone. It just wasn't for me.

Just plain awesome


Nov 1, 2007 by JBSx1


Quick keys at the bottom of keyboard
Great Battery (standard tested)
Easily customized
Opera rocks
IE as backup
RF Reception is A+
One of the cheapest smart phones to get data plan on


Still no decent Flash player
No thumb wheel
always wiping it down (fingerprints)
LCD should be a 256K color vs. 65K

Thats about it. Great smart phone best one yet.

Terrific Phone


Oct 31, 2007 by sicher

I got this phone a few days ago and am amazed. I've been a Blackberry user, but I think the Q9 will get me to change. The sound is the best I've heard in a cell phone. Email is fast. The 3G works very well. Getting around Windows Mobile is still a bit of a pain, but that's not Motorola's fault.

Simply The Best


Nov 1, 2007 by evilhomer

So far, battery life has been excellent. Can go about 1.5 days with "average" useage of the standard battery and about twice as long with the extended. Call quality is the best I've had on AT&T. Strong signal everywhere I go and the volume is loud and clear on the speakerphone and ear piece. The keyboard is the best as well and I've tried them all from Blackberry, Palm, HTC, etc. Onboard GPS works great with Telenav, Google Maps and my new favorite Windows Live.

If you don't need the full WM6 Professional with touch screen, and you want a device that is sleek, stylish and highly functional, look no further than the Q9H.

Best Windows phone made to date.


Nov 1, 2007 by ironmanx1

Outstanding phone. Blows the TILT that at&t offers out of the water. Excellent design. I've waited on this phone since its release in Europe. Its quick screen to screen and makes the TILT, and the Pantech look like turtles. I recommend this phone to anyone that is tired of Blackberry's. I am one of those people.

But can you drive over it?


Dec 13, 2007 by Soylent Green

So I signed up for this site because I just gotta post this somewhere. I have the black Moto Q, the Verizon predecessor to this phone. I was driving down the road about 45mph and had left my phone on the roof. I hit a bump and the thing goes rolling off the back. I happened to see it out the rear view. I watched it bounce, tumble & slide down the road for about 20 feet. Ah the unhappiness!

Of course I pulled off as soon as I could and ran out to get it. After parking and running back, I watched TWO cars RUN OVER this phone! One ran over it while face up, it tumbled down the street a little more and flipped over a few times; then the other car hit it flat.

I was sure I'd have a pile of scrap by the time I got there. So I run out in the street and pick it up. IT IS FULLY INTACT. I turned the phone on and it works perfectly. The only damage was the backlight on the lower row of keys and a few pixels were burnt out. With the rubberized surface, all the damage on the edges rubbed right out. The battery door is slightly bent at the corner misaligned but I've learned to adjust.

I'm absolutely amazed at this phone. I had dropped my old Samsung I-730 while going to the bathroom completely ruining it, ten this phone gets run over by two cars and I'm out some backlighting. Don't actually recommend you try this :) but it's nice to know. I'm suddenly a HUGE fan of Motorola engineering!

Love it!!


Mar 10, 2010 by southernyankee

This is nearly the most comfortable phone I've ever used. I just switched back to using it after trying a Blackberry Bold 9700 for 3 months.

Pros: Great size and feel for those of us with large hands. Easy to use. Even though it's running Windows, it's still great for those of us who use Office daily compared to other phone OS. Crystal clear speakers which are also very loud. Solidly built compared to most of the totally plastic phones today. Sensitivity is great! I was recently on a trip with my son-in-law who uses an iPhone and we needed to use the GPS, I had 4 bars while he had none. Thank you Motorola!!!!!

Cons: Lack of 3rd party apps is a bummer but.......

I'll use this phone until it either dies or someone can show me a phone that's just as solid and performs as well.

Not a good phone at all


Jun 3, 2009 by gmarcm

My company sent this phone to all of the reps in my region. The carrier is AT&T. Each of us is now on our second one, and still having the same issues. As for the smartphone functions, the e-mail seems to work fine. Web access is very slow, but this may just be the way it is. Size of keys is fine but I would like to see the numbers in a distinctly different color like the Blackberry Curve. Battery life is poor. They actually include an extended life battery that is huge because the standard battery is so bad. But since I drive a lot I can at least keep it charged.

Now the part I cannot live with..... This is a horrible PHONE. It drops calls constantly. Has static and noise. Cuts out words and randomly fades in and out. This isn't something that happens every once in awhile, it happens all the time. With and without Bluetooth. Not just mine in OKC but also the ones in Dallas. And it happens wherever I go. I have never heard one person that owns this phone who is actually happy with it. AT&T sent a replacement with no questions. Now I am hearing that they have to send another one before they will replace it with something else. I am going to request a Jack i627. This phone is not worth keeping. I am going to put the SIM in my old Nokia phone and live without e-mail until they send something else. Avoid the Q9h or you will be as sorry as this phone is.

Moto Q Global is a fine phone


May 24, 2009 by MegaWhy

I have found the Moto Q Global to be a very good phone. I find WM 6.1 easy to use and the speed is good. Call clarity is very good. I get excellent reception. Graphics are sharp and easy to identify.

The keyboard is almost excellent except that the keys are a bit hard to read in low light. Daylight is fine, Dark is fine, low light, the blue back-lighting is a poor choice. The web experience is average, not great, but it works.

This phone is much improved over the original Q. I also love not having a touch screen. I found the Touch Pro, Saga, Omnia, Fuze, and Storm to be sluggish and sometimes not sensitive to touch.

I recommend this phone to business users who want reliability. This is a much better phone than most of the new ones...I have tried the others.

Good phone but has room for improvement


May 19, 2009 by phatmanxxl

I bought this phone and unlocked it to use on T-mobile. I dont know why but I could not get EDGE speed data, the fastest I could get was 33/kbps but usually slower even after hacking the registry settings. So that being said dont plan on using this phone for any other network besides AT&T.

The one thing that bugged me most about this phone was the key letters were hard to see against the grey paint. They seemed almost invisible. Im surprised the phone was released with this flaw. Also the keyboard is a light teal and not grey like the rest of the phone which looked kind of "off".

Yes this phone is wide, almost too wide, but its easy to hold and type on.
The screen resolution is OK, Ive seen better on cheaper phones.
The GPS works well with Google maps (the only GPS app i used on it), Just hope its a clear day or it might take awhile to find the satellites.
The battery life is great, I only used the extended battery since Im a heavy user and knew the slim battery probably would not cut it for my use.
The Opera Browser (Default Browser) is an excellent alternative from Pocket Explorer. I am very happy this is included in the ROM, but PIE is still there for people who might want to use it.
The call quality is great and so is the ringing volume. The signal reception is also excellent (again being on T-mo) I never dropped a call or had a loss of service. Im sure on AT&T it will be even better since they have better coverage.
I dont know why Moto decided on the micro usb and not a mini usb for the charger port. Pluging it in is a very tight fit and hard to figure out which way it went in. I feel that it will break if im not too careful. I had a habit if pluging it in upside down which may lead to damaging it one day.
Some nice touches on the phone were the light sensitive screen dimmer, 6.1 sliding panels home screen, camera flash (super bright and can be used as a flashlight) and large RAM and good processor so theres hardly any lag.

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