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Excellent Smart Phone


Nov 26, 2007 by worldfamoussam

I must first say that this phone is going back, but it's not because it's not a great smart phone - it's just because I would rather have a regular phone. Having prefaced my review with that, this is an excellent piece of work by Motorola!

Data is fast, voice quality is good, speaker quality is even pretty good (they're never great), ringers are loud, keypad is extremely well-designed ... the software moves quickly on the phone, which keeps us and does not lock up.

There are some quirks in the Windows Mobile software, and if Motorola had put their own software on this device, it would have been just about perfect. Also, I have been unable thus far to find a way to lock the keypad on command (you can set it to do so automatically).

Voice dial, by the way, is excellent. Bluetooth works seamlessly, even with my Mac (not trying to sync, just transfer files).

I would certainly keep this if I needed the web on my phone ... but I miss my flips. Highly recommended if you want a good smart phone with tactile feedback (I don't know how it stacks up against the iPhone).

I love my Q9h


Nov 26, 2007 by dsantoro

Great phone for those that want a PHONE first. I traded in my ATT Tilt and have never looked back. I don't miss the touch screen in the least.

This phone is wide but very pocketable. I use it with the OEM holster that I got at the ATT store and it works well.

Great Radio
Great Audio - and the ringers and alarms are LOUD
Voice dialing out of the box. w00t!
Best keyboard on any mobile device I have ever used
Unlocked GPS works out of the box with Live, Google Maps
Syncs seamlessly with Vista
Includes Standard and extended batteries

Battery Life with standard battery could be better. I get about a day and a half of average use.
It's wide for some. I have big hands so this is really a 'pro' for me.
ATT hardcodes "get Xpress Mail" on the home screen and it takes a little XML hacking to remove.

I highly recommend this phone.

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Fringe signal / Toss your blackberry, treo or htc in the trash! This is the phone to have!


Nov 21, 2007 by chadboxx

The people who say you can't change ringtones are incorrect. I've added at least 20 on this phone with no problem. I'm puzzled by their comments.

I am a former Cingular regional sales manager, first of all. In the last 3 months alone, I've owned the treo 750, htc 8525, razr v3x, pantech duo,blackberry curve, blackberry pearl, and several others.

Here's the breakdown:

Reception: I live on the fringe, getting 1-2 bars. The moto q global blows away blackberry reception! I can talk on this phone nearly as well as a landline. If you are concerned about reception, this is the phone to have.

Speaker/sound: This phone has the loudest and most clear external speaker I've seen on a phone. Ringtones have good bass to them, and the volume will go way up.

Internet speed: Interent speed is the fastest on any phone I've used. I often get a better idea of what phones do best because the signal is so low where I live. This one rocks, completely.

Software: Software is GREAT! This one comes with mobile im's preloaded, as well as myspace im capability, which I really appreciated. It uses Opera for its main browser (which works much faster than IE on a mobile), and has IE for back up. Software is absolutely fantastic.

Call sound: Call sound is the best I've ever seen.... You can adjust the actual audio of the person calling you to modify spatial width, bass and other settings, which I found super useful.

Running out of space so I'll cut it short. Everything else is great, keyboard is best and easiest I've used. Drawbacks are only that it is a little wider phone than I'm used to. (but even at that, I can still one hand text and browse, and I have very small hands...)

I"ve created and used many ringtones at mbuzzy on this phone, and you can too. Whatever you own, get rid of it. I used to hate motorola and every phone they made, but they have reinvented themselves with this one, and it comes with a regular and extended battery, which is that much better!!!

This phone really steps up and pleases


Nov 21, 2007 by naddatxn

I admit I was eying up this phone since it was announced as the Q9H. The 1st glance just hit a hot button. That being said, for the last year I have been absolutely thrilled with my Blackjack. I use it for work and personal and have always thought it an excellent phone. I actually worried making the switch might not make me happy. I bought the Q the first day it came out and I loved it the moment it was in my hand:


Hands down it is the keyboard. I don't think I have made a typo - can't say the same for the BJ. I was thrilled with the BJ before using the Q--now I could never switch back. It really is a strong keyboard design. For those worried about width it isn't really that much wider. It is not going to kill you.

A lot of dedicated hardware buttons that make usability a snap.

The customizations are valuable and noteworthy. Opera on the rom is just a treat. It is snappy and it just works as you would expect a browser to work. Equally as nice is Documents to Go. It is nice to have a real office suite.

Ton of memory.

Battery life is respectable - I can use the standard all day with exchange push mail, browsing, calling, etc.

Sound is excellent. The speaker phone and earpiece are clear and loud. One thing I noticed is that the sound quality of incoming and outgoing voice on the Q is superior to the Blackjack in every way.

Bluetooth 2.0 & stack. My Acura handsfree link finally works perfectly with the phone. The BJ had "issues"

Design wise - I like how it looks. This is really a personal call.


Lack of a dedicated delete key and no left hand shift IS "annoying" but after a day ITS NOT much of an issue.

Keyboard is locked and prevents installation of certain apps like PhatSpell ( a real bummer).

It is nice to get the big battery, but I hate all of the extended ones because of size.


GPS serves its purpose (one nice thing - it isn't "always on" wasting power).

Camera is 2 mp but its a cell phone camera - 'NUF SAID.


Great PDA!


Nov 15, 2007 by CMBDJ

After using the Samsung i730 for two years, I knew it was going to be a challenge to find a replacement on AT&T's network. The Q9h is axactly what I wanted. I've had mine for a few weeks now.

The Q9h features a stylish design, great querty keyboard, and nice layout of featured shortcuts...like text messages and email...internet. and home screen.

Battery life.
2 MP camera with flash.
3G support for AT&T.
solid design.

a little quirky with internet connections on a low signal.
Tasks are not displayed on the home screen.
If you want a belt clip, it's an EXTRA 20 bucks.

The best Moto yet!


Nov 10, 2007 by slowandlong1

I had alot of phones but this is best Motorola yet.

PROs: bright screen
great call quality(At&t,NY region)
the LOUDEST and clearest speaker phone
I have heard.
Edge is not bad(seems faster than my V3xx)
email very customizable
very thin
keypad easy to use even for my big fingers
came with 2 batteries(extra capacity and
std. size)
nice camera

Cons: so far my only complaint no phone case.

One personal note for all the Acura TL people out there has obex sync so it will upload your contacts.

Great smart phone


Nov 6, 2007 by chadbordes

I would have to say that this phone is the mix between the blackjack i had as well as the blackberry 8300. What those phones were lacking, this one has made up.

I am a phone junkie and always looking for the latest and greatest. When i found out that blackjack II was announced, i decided to shop around. Lo an behold i found this phone

Windows mobile 6
fast processor
cleaner look
keypad very accessible (even if you have fat thumbs)
heavy weight (balanced with both standard and extended batter)
Screen is clear
email set up is a snap
separate folders now for txt and sms messages
loud ear piece
speakerphone is great
mp3 player is loud and can be used stand alone
overall great phone

only 2
one shift key (would have been nice for 2-1 on each side
cant figure out how to make downloaded music a ringtone like windows mobile 5

I highly encourage you to check this phone out. for those of you that loved your blackjack but hated the battery and the keys and those of you that loved your 8300 but hated that it didn't have exchange support, i am sure this phone will be music to your ears and fingers as you text, email or mms the day away.

This phone rocks


Nov 4, 2007 by slackrock

This is probably the best phone I've ever had and I've had most of them that AT&T offers, from the RAZR to the 8525, the Pearl, the Curve and all the ones in between.

1. Easy to Navigate. There are shortcuts you just have to read the manual look online and use them.
2. Screen is nice even in direct sunlight.
3. Call clarity - the best to date.
4. Vibrate nice and strong. I'm tired of ringers so I usually have it on vibrate. It also has a different vibrating sequence for email, text and phone.
5. Programs you can use on this phone are outstanding. After I list my CONS I will list what I have running on my Q9h.
6. Bluetooth even when using a program like Skype it will go through the bluetooth headset. I could not get that to work with 8525.

1. The Juice. It comes with a standard and extended battery. But when you run what programs I do and the 3G it's gonna suck some life out of it. You can control that by controlling your use of what you have running. I can get through the day, which is all I care about.
2. Did not come with a holster or case. That should just be a standard accessory when you buy an expensive phone like this.
3. Price not bad, but hey we'd all like to get a better deal.

1. Comes with AIM, MSN and Yahoo. They work flawlessly.
2. Skype and it works great over 3G. Very happy about that.
3. Slingplayer. Watch your TIVO!
4. Telenav. Very nice. No need for an external GPS Receiver. New Telenav also informs you of Traffic issues ahead.
5. Audible.com Books. Sounds awesome and keeps my place even when I shut down.
6. Google Maps. The best 411 around.
7. Yahoo Go! 2.0 to sync my contacts. I only use it for contacts since I like the native email on the Q9h better. But if I need to look at one of my folders for an email that I need I can go to Yahoo Go!2 and see all of them there.

An awesome device and in 2008 there is supposed to be Blackberry connect.
Would love to try out the new video share soon as well.



Jan 15, 2008 by phonefreak24

The MOTO Q global rocks. This is definitely a very awesome device. Love the camera, the qwerty keyboard+the great spacing between them, the sound quality, the speaker-phone rocks, app.s on it rock, the screen resolution and brightness, and the cost.The price is not bad at all for all the stuff i said and more. This is a great deal!!
QWERTY keyboard
Sound Quality


One of the best out there


Nov 30, 2007 by charlytango

I was first attracted to this phone based on the good reviews I've read here on Phonescoop. I wanted to try something different from the Blackjack I previously owned(good phone, but bad battery life). My initial impressions at the store was that the phone was a bit wide for my hands and not exactly the most stylish. However, the quality construction of the phone and the features has won me over and this is going to be keeper.

The short and sweet;

*I use the phone on AT&T in San Francisco, CA
*I am not a power user.
*I use the phone for voice calls, text msgs, emails, web browsing, and listening to music.
*Voice quality is excellent with the ear piece and speaker. Very Loud and clear!
* Reception is excellent. 3G is very good.
*Good battery life based on my usage.
*Solid phone construction. Nice materials.
*Keyboard is great. Better than the Blackjack and on par with Nokia E61i and Blackberry Curve.
*Very Stable OS. I've yet to have the phone freeze or needed to reboot. Its also very responsive.

* Its a wider phone compared to the Blackjack and Blackberry Curve.
* Design is not the most attractive.
* Camera quality is mediocre

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