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Motorola ic902 Deluxe


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hybrid phones


Aug 20, 2008 by wildbill

The ic402, ic502 and ic902 hybrid phones use CDMA for voice, iDEN for PTT. The problem is they only use 1900 CDMA band, where most CDMA phones have 850 and 1900. This causes them to loose voice coverage when 1900 is not available. I have been in rural areas on many road trips when my wife's Samsung M300 had 5 bars and my ic402 had NO SIGNAL.

motorola ic902= junk


Aug 11, 2008 by bigbadrat

i bought this phone dec 2007.i liked what i seen and it could do,but after 4 months i had problems.phone was making buzzing sounds and camara was turning its self on and taking pictures.locked up where i couldnt make calls.went to the repair center and they ordered me a new phone.well refurbed is all u get.it arrived and didnt work.waiting a few days and got another replacement.it worked for close to 2 months and the screen on the front was going blank.went back and they ordered me another one.well i get it and it only last not even 2 weeks and is doing what my first one did.the company that does the refurb doesnt know how to fix phones plus nextel.sprint doesnt know how to test before they sell these.dont get me wrong it has god features but does have alot of bugs.i am trying to get nextel/sprint to do something but i am having trouble with that.

the pros

nice looking phone
has alot of features
good for its size


battery life sucks
locks up alot
walkie talkie drops alot
camara starts when it wants to
dont waste ur time buying this

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don;t do it


Jul 30, 2008 by chunkywater

The ic 902 is a good phone when you first get it, i had the phone for about 9 months and the first 2 months was great BUT THEN ALL HECK BROKE LOOSE, AND ITS NOT JUST ME. I KNOW 4 PEOPLE WITH THE PHONE, and every body has problems ( frozen screens, can't charge, delays, have to take battery out to get phone to go off from frozen screen and to get phone back on. the good thing is if you go to a tech if your phone is not working they will order you a new one, how ever you will have to deal with no phone or a half working phone until your new one arrives..this is my 5th phone

ic902, meet my wall - you're sure to be good friends soon!


Jul 11, 2008 by DaBlackNeo

Ok, I've had this phone for a year now and first let me state that this is my 4th one (all with the same problems). I really want to throw it against the wall or in a lake. I think this phone had/has the ability to be great, but these software problems make it VERY hard to tolerate. I wish Motorola would fix these problems or recall this phone. I will be as fair as I can and state pros and cons about it as far as my opinion is concerned:


Great sound from voice and direct connect calls

Fast Internet Speed

500 message limit for text Inbox and Sent messages


Restarts all the time, whether I'm navigating the phone's menus, sending/reading a text, in a phone call, or even if it's just sitting there charging!

The menu navigation speed has improved a little, but is still slow and freezes.

The predictive text is the worst - For some reason, it still doesn't remember simple names/words that I frequently type. It also makes up non existent words and sometimes the words it makes have numbers in them!?

You don't have the option to cancel sending a text message in case you happen to want to stop it.

It only allows a maximum of 10 people you can text at a time as opposed to others that allow up to 25.

You can't check your text messages while in a phone call.

Texts are often lost or unorganized in the text history.

To even text someone else other than the person you are talking to on the phone, you have to choose to send the person you're talking to a text and then change the recipient.

No option to silence the camera, which also has a very bad picture quality most of the time AFTER the picture is taken (but the preview before taking the picture is great)

Repeatedly says charge complete while it's pluggged in and interferes when I'm navigating it or sending a text

Direct Connect says there's no signal, even with full bars

Best Direct Connect Phone out there


Jun 26, 2008 by jaj1122

I have had several previous Nextel phones (i730, i850, i870, i880) in the past before briefly switching to AT&T (waste of time). This is my first hybrid phone, and I must say that I am very impressed. The phone coverage and call quality is so much better, and sending/receiving text messages is so much more user friendly. The only problem that I can think of with the phone that there is a bit of a lag if you are trying to search the menus in a hurry, but that is the case with most phones. Those who love Direct Connect with a lot of features, I highly recommend.



Apr 27, 2008 by BronxY2k1


Light Weight (compared to i880)
Slimmer (compared to i880)
Camera Quality (for a 2mp its very clear)
Screen Resolution Is Very Good
Sound Is Very Loud
A Status Light Of Some Sort (flashes when battery is dying, charging, text messages, voicemails, picture messages, etc)
Flip Button
Abilty To Be On A Call/Walkie Call (recieve check and reply to text messages)
Abilty To Be On A Call (recieve missed walkie talkie alerts)
Abilty To Be On A Walkie Call (recieve missed phone calls)
Reception (in my area westchester ny)
Taking Picture From The Outside (while flip is closed)
Video Caller ID (yes I said it)


Battery Life (omg I charge it twice a day with average text messaging and call usuage/good thing the i880 and the ic902 use the same battery)
Sometimes I have walkie service and no cell service then sometimes vise versa
Sluggish at times (but better since the update, I have version DBACK2_02.71.00R/as I checked and typed my version info from the phones screen it just reset on me lol)
Resets (I have had it about 3 weeks now it has reset on me about 5 times)
Can't change the outside screen picture (its whatever the inside screen is, most of the time)
You have to pay for the messaging services (aim yahoo and msn are $2.99 a month each)
You Need The Data Pack (Phone relays alot on it/picture messaging, albums and etc)

The Best Phone AROUND!!!!!!!


Apr 25, 2008 by coreyprkr2005

i had this phone for about 2 weeks, and i gotta say, i was blown away by how Spint/Nextel made this phone. the ringtones excellent, the cameras perfect,the Mp3 player/music store is excellent, the tvs great, etc.

Must say I am impressed.


Apr 24, 2008 by dbigyun

I have had a i860, i870, and a i880 and by far this is the best PTT phone I have had. Signal strength is absolutely superior to all previous handsets, call quality is excellent, love the powervision and it has a very nice camera. Would have given it a 5 but battery life leaves something to be desired. Overall though, I would highly recommend this phone.

biggest bundle f crap you will ever get!!!!!!!!!


Apr 23, 2008 by vicsic

When I opened it I activated it after one week the phone died! it just would not turn on!

Sprint/Nextel direct connect/ evdo phone


Mar 9, 2008 by ed54

Sprint/Nextel ic902 is everything you want in a phone.It has superior features. I noticed in previous reviews by others no one mentioned anything about opera mini.I was able to download opera mini 4. And I now have a much faster and superior web browser experience.Camera works good. Speaker is great and load. Sprint tv works well.Video quality is good.You can enlarge the screen. Phone call quality sounded good. Direct Connect was good. Overall Im am highly impressed. I would recommend this phone to anyone that needs to have direct connect and Sprints powervision features all in one.

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