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Motorola ic902 Deluxe


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Phone is awesome


Jun 21, 2007 by ksrbhanu

This phone has wonderful display and camera.

Best Phone Motorola has ever Put out for Nextel


Jun 20, 2007 by jmessaKN

I would describe this phone as the Best of The Best Motorola ever put out for the Nextel series ever, When the I95 came out first color this was impressive but Motorola has taken this Nextel/Walkie Talkie brand phone to a level of a NEWER HIGH END RAZR with the Great Software that it has.

Nothing Major
Should have had SKINS
and Color Schemes as well.
Battery could use help but
IDEN Phones, Walkie Talkie always takes
alot out of a Battery there is no way
to really beat the System on Battery Life
on a Walkie Talkie Phone..

I said what I needed to Say this phone is GOD !!!!!!!

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Whats the problem? I C none with the 902


Sep 20, 2007 by smoothmc

Okay I'm a wireless sales rep, and have read every review on this phone, professional and non professional. Mostly all i have read was about the battery life and small details that real life people could careless about....but here are things people do care about when buying a phone.....

With the battery life, it is good to excellent. It last all day, hasn't died on me yet, and just to give you a scenario. The first day I had the phone, had never charged it right out the box, i was on the phone for around 3 hours straight 5 hours total, was texting and sending messages at the same time. Adding contacts, with pictures, added music, and did an software update on it before the battery life even hit red. And thats like i said right out the box, which means it had half charge!!!!!!!!

Picture mail as well as text messaging is excellent and fast.

The volume of the phone is unbelievable, not the same as Sanyo or Samsung, but still the best outta the Motorola line up.

DC is way clearer then any other phone that I've heard while working in this market.

The outside display is great big clock great size for when people call you.

And down to the service, its like a beautiful picture, theres really not one part you can dislike. I get full bar reception where i have had less in the past.

The only con with the phone is the transition between menus, which I'm sure will be updated later. but still the only con i can see.

The bottom line, your not going to find the super phone any time soon so stop expecting it. This is a great Hybrid phone, and one that is great for anyone looking for a better network range, and quality of sound, sturdiness, and reliability.

Surprised me


Aug 17, 2007 by jessica7696

I am a total Sanyo buff. I work in the business and the 502 and 402's have had a lot of issues. So I Patiently waited for the 3rd generation of this phone to come out. I absolutely love this phone. The screen resolution is almost high def.
The battery of course dies quickly, but i just brought the extended. I highly recommend this phone. The Speaker is amazing. I can lay the phone down in the car with the radio on and still talk to someone and they can hear me crystal clear.
Also the reception is great. I have better service than I did with the sanyo.


Cool features


Aug 28, 2007 by Bobfix

I am really liking this phone. the features are the best. I am a little nervous about seeing the no walkie service Icon so much.
it seems like I am getting less reception on my two way. my old phone I730 worked fine in my office for two way I will call sprint to double check on this problem. overall the thing is great.
The down side, is my wife hates changes, and compared to the old phones these have allot of new changes.
as usual though she will get used to them

Almost Perfect...Why no Talking Caller ID?


Jun 24, 2007 by SilverVash

There is only one thing which keeps this from being perfect. Why didn't motorola have talking caller id for incoming calls. It has voice commands and voice recognition. It reads menus and call history, but the added feature of talking caller id would have been very nice. Other than that, this phone is prime and you can't really go wrong with it. It gives you the best of both worlds and brings sprint and nextel to a new level of excellence...

2 words: user Error


Jun 28, 2007 by Donthateifyougetalemon

If you complain about the 902 your an idiot... how can you beat having 2 of the most innovative technologies in a phone, for all you cool kids you got your super gangstah walkie talkie, and for those of you who love evdo, You have cdma, yeah your phone freezes like an ice cube.. Your so cool. Im an asm For a Sprint Nextel store in Mass and I must tell you i have sold out of 902's consecutivly. The abilities of a Sayno 8400 with Sprint Service reliability and The Iden walkie talkie. Yeah your sacraficing battery life, but if you want this phone dont be a crybaby and spend the extra money and buy the extended life battery. And read my screen name, sprints worst phones are katanas, 120s, 415s and razrs.... But everyone should hate the razr... dammit

More Whimsical Nonsense to come

My ic902


Dec 29, 2007 by soulkaotic

Great phone for the most part. It is built as well as other iSeries Motorola phones and boasts some very impressive features as well. I have owned the phone for about 4 months now and have been impressed by what the phone is capable of. The one thing I hate is the classic Motorola software. It hasn't improved in the least and is still extremely slow and laggy compared to manufacturers such as Sanyo, Samsung, and LG. I have worked for Sprint for about 2 years and this has definitely been one of their best releases but even then I don't sell too many because of the brand and price. I can see myself getting rid of this phone soon for a phone such as a Sanyo Katana DLX, which does just as much while sacrificing the 2 mp camera for a 1.3 mp and the Nextel Walkie-Talkie, just for the difference in Software.

- 2mp camera
- Hybrid technology
- Powerful iSeries speaker
- Great hardware build
- Love the flip button
- Great display
- Stereo BT

- Horribly slow software
- Speaker problems when switching to and from speaker phone during same call.

- Battery life isn't bad but could definitely be better.

Best Nextel Phone I've Had So Far


Sep 24, 2007 by cmmxt

I've had this phone for almost a month and it has performed great. I noticed a much better signal strength everytime I go in a store compared to my old i850 Nextel phone (which went to no signal).

-Good signal strength
-Good picture quality on the camera
-Quick charge on the battery
-Easy to use
- Demand" updates

-The contact copier I have doesn't work with these new hybrid phones. Had to take it to the store to transfer numbers.
-Battery life could be a little better

I like!!!!! I like!!!!!


Sep 2, 2007 by hucworld

I took everyones consideration on this board and decided to jump into this phone and so far so so good. I was with Nextel once before but this phone has made my comeback pretty good. The user menu is easy to navigate and the phone is great.

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