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Motorola ic902 Deluxe


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Nice ic902


Mar 1, 2008 by Nickole314

I've has this phone for about 2 weeks and so far it's ok, I love the sleek design, stereo speakers and mp3 player is nice, the camera on it is excellent and i love the extra features you have as an option with the phone. I've been having a few technical issues with the phone like when im listening to the music on the phone, and if my phone ring and I try to answer it, the screen will go blank and the phone will power off on it's own. When your on the internet, it sometimes take forever for the screen to load. I've had the nextel i870 and then i got the i880 but over all the ic902 is a better phone

Software Killed the ic902 star


Feb 18, 2008 by 44hrinum

i had the very reliable sanyo for about 4 - 5 years and switched to the ic902. it has a great design however the software kills the phone. it works very slow and i have had problem with freezing, powering off when the battery is full, and "not able to charge" errors. also the T9 text software is very very bad and you have to contact telanav in order to get GPS it cant be downloaded from the phone like it should. lastly there is a delay in the time display if you open the phone you will see the time displayed wrong then it will switch to the right time after a second. sometimes the LCD time is wrong as well and u have to open and close it to see the right time.

great design
2.0 megapix camera/camcorder
good service for voice calls
evdo internet
GPS works great if you can download telanav
head phones sound great
speaker phone works well
external memory card

the 2.0 pic's look foggy after they are snapped
direct connect service is bad
software is slow
time display is slow
shuts off
T9 text is very very bad
doesnt charge sometimes

this is an OKay =/ phone could be better. if Motorola would fix their software i would be in love with this phone

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Best phone ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jan 28, 2008 by Sprint_Dew

Some of these reviews just don't make any sense to me. The Motorola ic902 is a first class well built machine!

Call clarity is amazing
Old school pull up antenna that locks into place
Flips open like a switch blade, very cool!
Nice click when shutting the phone
Iden service works great!
Nice Motorola user interface
Big volume control button easy to use!
Nice camera
Bright flash
Sprint Power vision is fast and works great with useful content!
Nice screens inside and out
Beautiful key pad large and easy to use!
Speaker phone is just amazing, clear and loud!
Loud ringers
Battery last two days with average use
Looks stylish
MP3 play nice


Can't find any

Proof the merger is helping


Dec 14, 2007 by chia

I've heard people gripe back and forth about either Sprint hobbling Nextel, or vice versa. However seeing the ic902 has convinced me (at least) that the merger really was a good thing.

The ic902 is roughly the same size, shape, and weight as Sprint's Sanyo 7400/7500. Like almost all Nextel devices, it has an external antenna and spring-loaded flip. However, most Nextel devices (quite frankly) are ugly, heavy bricks that may be tough and reliable, but have a garbage UI and are slow. The ic902 actually isn't; in fact, under the hood it's essentially a V9m RAZR2. The whole package isn't as pretty as a V9m, but that still makes it the best looking Nextel devices on the market.

Pros: UI is fast and well designed with Sprint standard layout rather than Nextel/Motorola (this cannot help but be an improvement).
Compared to other Nextel devices, it's very light and compact.
Device isn't ugly.
Has most V9m features, save notably for the large external display (which isn't all that useful anyway).

Cons: Expensive; you can get a much cheaper device if you don't want the walkie-talkie.

Charging the Device


Oct 17, 2007 by bklynbouncer

The biggest flaw with this phone is not being able to use a non Motorola charger. If I try and plug the phone into other USB type chargers it says "Unable to charge" I cant use a blackberry charger, or any OEM Car charger made for anything other then Motorola.

The Motorola razr charger is the only thing that worked with it that I've tried so far.

I am a Sales Rep. and I have sold 4 of these Phones


Jun 28, 2007 by pdckeys

Here is the deal the phone has been out since last week, or as far as i could start ordering it. NEVER BUY A PHONE WHEN IT JUST COMES OUT!!! complain ALL you want but i had people rushing in to get a phone that we aren't even sure if the worked everything out yet. so far i have 1 customer who is having troubles. his battery dies within the day, he also uses it as a business line! and he was having problems with the million things you can do with this phone you can even make your own ringers by doing a voice recording and setting it as a ringer! its a cool phone much like the i880. but the did screw up by putting the same battery in both the i880 and the ic902 because the ic902 works off two networks!!

the pros that i liked about the phone is its beautiful screen!! and big displays. i love how they gave it the push to flip button and i just think all around if i were to buy it id wait 3 months. buy that time they will have fixed EVERYTHING

ic 902


Jan 31, 2008 by dro

the pros of this phone are good loaded with features mp3 player all that good stuff

the cons are it randomly cuts off and the screen will just go blank it also has problems gettin good signal i went threw 3 of these in 4 months

nice phone but to many defects
best thing to do when a phone comes out is to wait a while and let them figure out all the defects first



Jul 9, 2007 by fjam120

Just Got my phone in spite of the negative reviews. Over the 1 week I owned it,

Very Clear
Dropped Calls Ceased
Camera Takes Good Pictures,
Rings Loud


Can't Change Font Size
Can't Download my own Ring Tones

its' " aight!"


Jan 31, 2008 by varo_da_gangsta

i traded this phone for my mogul...and im havin second thoughts..... after handelin the mogul..it got to serious for me...i wanted to go back to a more simple phone. a flip phone...so i saw the 902 and i thought... looks like a neat phone! i traded it staight up....but the more i play wit it...the more i miss my mogul...i miss the big ass touch screen...the big ass keyboard...and all its features...wich i use to hate...i also wanted picturemail through text picturemail...thats why i went to the 902...cuz the mogul didnt have it. witout having to send it through email!! but i found out that theres ways around it....the 902 freezes.all of a suden...with a big white page...if i try to take a picture with the phone closed..i take the picture and i open up the phone it says "picture error i dont know if its just my phone but the video wont record for more then 12 secounds..and i know theres a option between taking video mail and long video..and it stills stop at 12... i dont even got nothin in my memory card...so i dont know what the problem is...the batery life on it not so bad...its ok for me....after all this its still a nice lookin phone....witch is y i wanted it in the first place......but long story short...i miss the mogul....im stupid for tradin it

still workin on the new phone and sd card


Sep 6, 2007 by nynhhrxr

i got my phone at the end of the last month ,and tis crazy so ,ok so far i am half happy with the phone and half unhappy with it. so heres my pro and cons on it.

great sound
mp3 player loud
ringers i added loud
camra great 4 a 2mp
sprint servive ok

ringer in phone
max of 512sd card
walk-talky 2 way sux, no service most of the time .
need internet service $10 more a month compare to the $4 i was paying though nextel
pay $5 a month to put your pics online.

well on a happy note i found a few programs to convert mp3 and wav files to qcp(ringtone format) i have about 50 now so the program paid for it self , now i wish i could update the sd card to fit more.also can upload the picture easy to with the sd card to a cardreader. also a saveing of $5 a month and can upload them when ever i want and print if i want.
i want to find out more about these phones so if anyone know of a group or forum let me know

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