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I Love This Phone 2!!!


Jun 17, 2008 by jppacifico

I recently chose this phone as my free new-after-two upgrade, mostly because of these reviews. I have not been disappointed. As many others have stated, it's a great PHONE--the best I've ever had. If you want an iPod Stereo, a palm-top game platform, a universal translator, a TV, or a Blackberry, then buy one. This is a great basic phone and the price is definitely right--FREE from Verizon (of course, you must sell your telephonic soul for 2 more years, but...). Even with Lithium-ion batteries, remember to let it run almost out, then charge overnight for best results and maximum life.

Strong, clear call quality.
Quality speakerphone, usable with flip closed or open, easy on/off (not automatic); calls can also be answered or ended with external speaker button while closed.
Quick & accurate voice recognition.
Quick call connect.
Great fit and feel--love the grip and sturdy construction.
Love the (also-backlit) outer LCD display--the brighter the sun, the easier it is to see!
Good color and contrast on main display.
Decent camera with mirror for self portraits.
Bluetooth 2 is much improved.
VZ Navigator and Mobile Web capable.
Mini-USB port (caution: use correct voltage charger even if the plug fits), also allows corded headset if desired with provided adapter.
Good ringtones.
4 Shortcuts easily stored on "wheel of fortune".
Very good battery.

Speaker volume could be just a little louder for highway noise.
Vibrate could be stronger.

For a good, reliable, quality phone that looks sharp, this is it!

Great Phone!


Feb 13, 2008 by Kobiah2

This phone has to be the best phone I have ever used. It's easy to use, and not that hard to figure out.

-Good signal quality
-Easy to use menu
-Bluetooth Wireless Transfer
-Great Design, much like the MotoROKR

-Sometimes takes a while to figure out how to connect via Bluetooth
-Connect to PC feature requires buying Motorola Phone Tools

Overall, this phone has a few things that could be improved, but still is a great phone.

One of MetroPCS's Best.


Jan 8, 2008 by rdwilli79

I've had this phone with Metro PCS service for the past 3 months and I've not had a problem with it. The clarity is great and the reception comes in clear where I used to not be able to get good Metro PCS reception. It's a somewhat basic phone, but it's good for those who use it for texting and talking. The speakerphone works well and the Voice Recognition feature is great.

Super phone


Nov 13, 2007 by hub_cap

Phone is great. The reception is good, the screen is clear, it's great for texting, and the durability is awesome. I've had two of them. One was for me, the other my 12 yr old son. My son is really tough on phones. This one he's dropped, a friend stepped on it with a track shoe spike, and put a spike dent in the outside screen, but the phone screen continued to work. (the phone was in a track bag, and the friend stepped on the bag). The phone was dropped in the water, and removed, dried out, and other than a little discoloration on the screen -- the phone continued to perform great. The last straw was when he feel with the phone, and cracked the inside screen....well -- the screen didn't crack on the outside, but the inside gave up....he couldn't see his text messages any longer, BUT the phone was still able to process calls, and send text. The battery life on the phone is really great as well. Super phone....you can't go wrong with this one.



Oct 2, 2007 by zippaul

The phone is terrific in the areas that are most important to me. Call quality on both ends is excellent. Reception (Verizon) is equal to or better than my LG 8300 (great phone)in the Atlanta metro area. Volume is good. Bluetooth (2.0) is far superior to that of my LG 8300. The outside of the phone is simple and made of a very durable rubber like material and no stub antenna. Fits easily and comfortably in your pocket. Voice dial is accurate and easy. The camera (who cares) isn't the best. Texting is easy but I think t9 is easier than itap. The keys are pretty good and in my opinion superior to any Razr, Krzr etc. The only reason I did not give it a 5 rating is because the interior screen while nice and clear is on the smallish side compared to other phones out there. The fonts can not be made larger either. Vibrate is fine but a little weaker than I like. No menu lag whatsoever which is a big plus if you ever had or played with a Razr, Krzr etc. This phone may not have all the bells and whistles that other phones have but I would recommend this phone to anyone.

Best Phone So Far


Oct 1, 2007 by tommyleec

Coming from the LG VX6100 and before that the LG VX4400, this Motorola is a welcome change. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles like V Cast or an MP3 player (which is why the 4.5 rating), but for a phone it can't be beat. The narrow size is great and the rubbery coating on the phone feels good in your hand. The outside screen is easy to read in the day time or by pressing one of the outside buttons, will light up for night viewing. The inside screen may be considered small by some, but it is the same size as my LG VX6100. The earpiece is clear and loud and I love that the speaker phone works with the flip closed. The variety of ringers that are standard on this phone are the best so far. The battery is probably the best that I have had so far. Usually I go to Ebay for all my phone accessories, but I would highly recommend the Verizon brand holster. It has the same rubbery feel as the phone and the phone sits in the holster with the outside LCD pointing in, so the screen is protected (its about time).

Pros: size, feel, ringers, optional holster, earpiece sound, battery

Cons: small screen when compared to many new phones, doesn't have all the bells and whistles

w385 is a Great Deal


Sep 26, 2007 by KathiKY1

I don't buy phones for entertainment, so I can't comment on gaming, music or any of that. I don't spend $200 on a phone, so my experience is with phones priced under $70 with a plan.

This phone is a great deal!

- reception is the best I've ever had
- shape is great (less bulky)
- side buttons not a pain for lefties
- battery life is impressive
- USB connector is same as Sony Cybershot

- doesn't use SIMM card, so contacts are
lost without software such as MPT
- cover on charger plugin is hard to open
with nails

Great Phone


Sep 22, 2007 by Gregoravich

I just got the Motorola W385 yesterday and have played with it a lot since I got it and must say I'm very impressed.

-Fits good in the pocket
-Very nice looking phone
-Rubberized surface allows for good grip
-Speakerphone very crisp and clear
-Sturdy hinge
-Fast and easy to navigate menus
-Reception is very good, no choppiness and fade outs when talking to people
-Outside display is easy to read
-Voice recognition is very good

-Low resolution main screen leaves wallpapers grainy
-Camera is only useful if you have good lighting conditions
-Can only add 10 contacts to a group
-Small internal memory (32 MB) and no way to expand upon it.

If you want a basic phone that is used for talking and texting get this phone.

motorola w385


Sep 10, 2007 by darc

Motorola has oudone itself this one of the best cellphones I have ever owned. Great receiption, earpiece volume is loud, call quality is very clear, great build quality, easy menus, easy to set up.

Very Nice.


Sep 8, 2007 by Scott

First of all I use a phone for a phone, no games, no music, not much texting, & a camera in a pinch.
So the #1 things for me is call quality, reception, battery life & durability..... This phone scores a "A" in each.
Reception is as good or better than the tri-modes I've had in the past as I drive through fridge areas quite often.
I love the rubberized finish mainly because as I drive my phone often lays in the passenger seat, all my old phones if I'd hit the brakes very hard would end up on the floor board, but this "sticky" finish stays put.
Battery life is better than any phone I've had. I've saw complaints on this but either you have a bad battery or your not getting it charged all the way(pay no attention to the battery meter, charge it over night, kinda like putting gas in your car until it 'just' reaches full or filling it up).

The only cons I've noticed is the screen is a bit small, but it is very clear & the fonts can be hard to read if you have light wallpaper, but if you use dark wallpaper they are very easy to read.

Overall a great phone I highly recommend!

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