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worst phone i have ever had


Apr 25, 2008 by sunshinelover

I got this phone from Boost Mobile and I am on my 2nd one in two days. They both shorted out or something and will not exceed past the "Boost Mobile" front screen...
I have never had problems with a cell phone like this in my life and I have had some crappy little ones before.

I thought it was cute
um.. thats it

not working
horrible horrible phone

the biggest sham i have ever seen by a phone company..
do NOT buy this thing!!!

Keep your land line


Apr 22, 2008 by dial tone

I just sent off for repair my second . In 5 months, I went through 5 batteries and 2 phones. They work flawlessly for about 2 months and then they either wont take a charge or the batteries won't hold a charge, (charge over night - dead by noon). No answer what is wrong and no support from US Cellular

PRO's: Great operating software, menu's and key programmability, (USCC). good reception nice feel and easy to hold.

CON's: Poor electrical design, Inconsistent quality, batteries/charging are not reliable



Apr 1, 2008 by macburnie

first of all, the camera is HORRIBLE! the pics come out blurry unless you are completely still with the phone and the thing you are taking a picture with. the keypad is ugly! the graphics are like all the other motorola phones, horrible and cheap! when the phone is on silent and you recieve a text, it makes an annoying beeping sound. it is thick and heavy! does not have FM radio (which i really dont care but still another flaw that they said it did have!) and doesnt take videos! when you are texting fast, it skips half the letters and makes your messages look f*cked and makes you look like an ideot when you send them...
horrible design
bad for texting
bad camera
bad graphics
and once again, HORRIBLE DESIGN!


I think I got a Lemon


Mar 23, 2008 by yelomonk

When I got this phone, I wanted to get a good cheap phone that would last me two solid years. I liked the design and the rubbery number pad. The phone felt great and had what seemed to be a solid phone.

BUT! then I started using the phone and I found that my battery would only last me just over a day with only a handful of short calls. At most I talked with my fiancee that day for about a half hour and then I was already half way through the battery. I talked to the guys at the Verizon store and the guy said that the motorola batteries were not that great and that even if I got a new battery I'd probably have the same problem.

By the time I got to the store to return the phone, the battery would only last about half the day and then as I was standing in line the phone stopped working all together. I couldn't get a signal while I was IN THE VERIZON STORE! Not that the store has a signal booster or anything but I just found it to be ironic. I think God was telling me that this was not the phone for me.

- Great Design, loved the rubbery feel.
- Good reception
- Nice and slim.
- I loved some of the ringtones but they were not that loud.

- Loved the rubber thing but I discovered some air bubbles in the rubber after using it for a couple of weeks.
- Texting was not very intuitive. I had a hard time entering new words.
- Battery life is terrible (unless my battery is a lemon).
- Vibrate not that strong.

High Expectations Not Met


Mar 18, 2008 by jsunhearst

I ordered this phone from Verizon as a replacement for my LG VX8300 after reading some very positive reviews. I needed a phone with superior reception since I planned to port my home office phone to a reliable cellphone. The fact that it had a low grade camera and limited non-phone related features did not concern me at all.

I received my phone about a week ago. The reception was great as expected and it did not drop any calls inside my house like the LG would often do.

The battery needed to be charged after every 2 days (with bluetooth in use) which is only about half the life compared with my LG. This was manageable as I just had to remember to charge it more often.

The ringer volume was adequate until I put the phone in my leather case, then it became completely muffled. This was a problem for me since I am typically in a noisy environment. Unfortunately, the vibration setting was also too mild.

Then a couple of days ago I started noticing a buzzing sound from the earpiece when someone was speaking to me. That's when I decided the W385 had to go back. I just could not depend on this phone as a replacement for my land line phone. Too bad, I really had high hopes for the W385. Now it's back to the drawing board to find a different model.

I wish Motorola still made the E815 but with a better charging plug. That was the best phone ever made.

Good Reception
Comfortable Size
Rubberized Coating
Price (free)
Solid Construction

Buzzing Sound in Earpiece
Low Ringer Volume
Mild Vibration Setting
Short Battery Life

Another imitation


Mar 14, 2008 by motoguy75

I'm a moto fan, but i've never been a fan of flip phones. I got this phone after V3a, and considering what I already went thru with the V3a, I kinda expected the same on this phone. But I must say that personally I think this was better than V3a.

-thin phone
-nice styling
-lower price
-forget texting, buttons are too close

-vga camera
-no mp3s
-no memory card slot
-looks like an imitation

Basically, this is for people who want a krzr, but can't afford the real one.

Motorola needs to improve quality control


Nov 17, 2007 by Joanmed

Hoping to post more positively soon. After reading all reviews and what to do with the battery should the problem arise, I ordered the phone as I have had excellent experience with Motorola phones. This one is truly defective. Picture ID and ringtones do not work with the other people on my account, only with some other contacts. The speakerphone will not increase in actual volume, no matter how high I set it, and the battery has problems. I charge all night (which is what I always do) and by mid afternoon with no more than 15-20 minutes of talk time I'm down to two bars. Verizon has been very helpful but this has taken several hours of my time to resolve. I'm going to the Verizon store tomorrow (ordered online but the supervisor arranged for the store to take it back) and will try again. Either I will post a better review after the holiday or return to my old Motorola 245. On the positive side, I really do like the phone and its features though I do have to say that my daughter just got the Chocolate Cherry and can adjust the text size, font, and color which to me is a major plus as a phone feature.

A Bit Disappointing


Nov 16, 2007 by poncho524

carrier: verizon

i've had this phone for 2 weeks. used to have a V325. So i expected the W385 to be just as good if not better than the V325. but what i come to find is that the W385 is pretty crippled...

-excellent sound
-excellent reception
-nice size/feel
-responsive menus (as opposed to older motorola phones with the vzw ui)

-cannot change ring style while closed (like was possible on the V325 and RAZR)
-cannot turn off the Missed Call Reminder Tone (sucks very much when i'm trying to sleep and just want to ignore my phone)
-does not support ring profiles so that you can have Reminder Tones ON in Vibrate Only and then OFF in Master Volume. (the V325 and RAZR supported this feature)
-the screen is smaller than the V325...
-only allows you to keep 100 txt msgs in yoru inbox... even if you have 30 MB free on your phone.

so while i dont blame motorola for the CONs... i definatly blame VZW for crippling it with their lousy UI.



Oct 30, 2007 by Chandler1114

This phone is great, other than one thing. It freezes up. The other day, it froze up 27 times. This is my second one, and i am sick of it. I would not recommend this phone to any one. When it freezes up, the screen stops. the keypad lights turn off, and it stays that way for about 20 seconds. Once it is done, it goes back to the main screen, and says it has no service. I HATE THIS PHONE!!! Other than the freezing up though, this phone does everything great. It looks similar to the KRZR. The pictures turn out pretty crappy, but it is very accessible

Motorola W385-wont ring


Sep 27, 2007 by platinumdiva

just purchased the phone after reviewing it online.....i really do like this phone, after saying i would never use a flip phone. i purchased the phone 2 days ago and on the morning of the 2nd day i noticed i had a ton of missed calls, but the phone was sitting right next to me or in my shorts pocket...well, after further review the phone will ring when it wants to...if someone calls me the phone will automatically go to silence mode and wont ring or even vibrate...i did notice a bell with a slash thru it while someone was calling and it was doing this...i purchased this phone from metro pcs in arlington and their reps told me the phone was recalled due the defective ringer..i now have to drive to a motorola store to see if they can fix the defect or they will send it off for repair or replace...Keep you posted.
very cute
clear screen
love the feel of the phone
like the ring tones
clear reception
very clear speaker phone

the defective ringer
cant figure out how to keep bluetooth active after a call

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