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Mar 5, 2009 by placasp1210

WOW! This phone is amazing! The quality of this phone defiantly makes up for the lack of a camera.

Extremely fast start up
Very big keypad
The CLEAR button helps with quick texters
MY FAV compatible
Tip Calculator
Stop Watch
Sends Voice Notes, MMS messages
Has T-Zones

No camera
.mid files sound clear only
Not signatures compatible
Can't record videos
If recording sounds, the recorder is not amazing
Not the best memory
Have to constantly delete messages to save memory
Doesn't always receive MMS messages
Games are juvenile
T-Zones costs money

This phone is really worth it. It is a basic phone and is good for people who are just getting their first phone
Have fun with it!

Sexy little red phone has the basics, good speakerphone, basic internet, portable flip phone


Jul 16, 2007 by technomantra

Looks: 8/10; this phone is definitely a looker. Red, and silver, with black on top of the flip where the glass is. It has a RED KEYPAD!

Ruggedness/Physical build quality: 7.5/10
Feels strong like diecast metal. Battery cover is thin, flimsy and scratches somewhat easy.

Call quality: 6.5/10
What cell phone is always clear? None I have owned..:)

Internet capability: 6/10
OK for text, checking your webmail, this will work OK. Sites with lots of graphics will SUCK BAD! You can't scroll left/right with it.

Battery life: 9/10
Excellent; I could have used it for probably 4 hous of constant web and voice. Excellent backup phone to keep in the glove box or in the purse for you ladies.

However the battery cover scratches VER EASILY. It is silver, not red, so the scratches are not as noticeable. The rest of the body of the phone does not scratch like the battery cover does.

I could easily take the battery cover, and a can of primer and a can of red duplicolor spray paint and go to town on this battery back, but that's more then most would want to do of course.

Menu and Software/OS: 6.5/10
I really don't think they put much time into this menu system, it's not very customizeable aor intuitive. Some things take 3 menu levels to get to. But you can assign shortcuts to the 4 way toggle button which is a good thing. However, you are limited in the things you can link to it; you cannot have the contacts/phonebook be one of them. I think you can make a link to those on the 2 buttons that appear on the bottom of the screen, but not sure yet.

The menu system is fairly simple, though.

The keypad is nice, it's red and it has partially raised keys, I felt it was pretty good. A little small, but that is what happens when you buy a small phone!

JAva support: 4/10
One thing I don't like about this phone is that if you install a java program, like say Gmail, it does not give gmail access to the internet.

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Neat little Phone


Aug 8, 2007 by rhstenor

The Samsung t219 is a great phone, if youre looking for a phone and nothing else.
It is confusing with the features listed on the Samsung website, but this phone DOES NOT have bluetooth.

Awesome design. I may keep it just because of the design.
OK call quality, i've heard worse.
The flip open and shut sounds.
The wallpapers all match the colors of the phone!
External Display
Lightweight and good build quality.
Good Price

No Camera,
or even a music player!?
OK call quality.
Menu could have been better, and you can't take t-zones off of the mainscreen!

But, other than that, this phone kicks butt!

Absolutely wonderful


Apr 5, 2007 by pmmclaughlin1

Bought this phone from T-Mobile in San Jose Ca.yesterday (3/4/07) as a prepaid phone.I got it in Candy Apple Red and silver.it was a replacement for my nokia 6030 that I broke. So far, it is one of the best phones I have owned.

great reception
great battery life
small size for my pocket.
nice display
good price.($59.99)

easy to see finger prints
outside display backlight turns off to fast
charger and headset port are on side of phone
charger and headset port are one and the same.(not seperate ports)

But, for the price its a great buy from t-mobile.

F.Y.I. My understanding is that it is an upgrade to the t-209

its ok not great..


Feb 21, 2008 by danbright

well i got this phone for free with a flex plan from t mobile. Its a nice phone here's pro's con's..
pro's small compact size

no camera
no mp3
no mp3 quality ringers
not loud when ringing

overall i didnt like this phone that much it was the need of a phone rather than likes of it

Very Cute Phone!


Jul 19, 2007 by Astonish

I just received the Samsung T219 in red this week. I love the color red, and it looks good on this phone. This is a basic phone, so I didn't expect a whole lot from it. I had to take some points away because of the internal screen contrast. The screen is TFT, but the colors look a bit washed out.

Very small & Attractive
Has Speaker Phone
Good at making and Receiving calls

Screen look a bit washed out
Can't change the skin or color scheme
Can't customize the menu

All in all... this is a nice basic phone.

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Audio Volume  
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Sep 13, 2018 by N And N Jenney   updated Aug 31, 2019

My mom used to have this before I was born. I like this phone. It has good ringtones and I was impressed with the games. Love the keypad, made many songs with it! Couldn't try out calling but it's easy to insert stuff into messages and type. I wish it had Bluetooth... Would love to put more tones on there... Battery life was fine, lasted 2 days cause I don't use it much... Overall, pretty good.

Update: I got some ringtones on there and I'd say connections were good but the internet was kinda slow. Messages works. It supports java which is pretty delicious. Calls work. All my other points stand.

Good Phone!


Feb 1, 2009 by sylvia123

I got this phone 2 years ago, and I was satisfied with my purchase! During a call, the quality is pretty good, but honestly, what cell phone has great quality? None that I've ever used. One thing about this phone that AMAZES me is that it is like, unbreakable... even if dropped in water. I once dropped it in the water, and thought that it would be the end of that phone.. but still had hope. I quickly got it out, took out the battery, and let it dry. As soon as it was dry I found out that it worked fine, but the volume was quiet. I was still using it until I found another good phone, and I was using the speaker phone, and found out it was back to normal!

*Speaker Phone
*Flip Sounds
*Good Quality
*Can see the clock still when closed
*Can set dif. ring tones for dif. people
*Can record then use as ring tone

*Not bluetooth accessible
*No Camera
*Easy Scratch

Most reliable phone I have EVER had.


May 5, 2008 by alanforsberg

Great Phone, basic, and reliable.

Pros: Small
Loud Ring (in the newer versions)
Fast No lag.
Very Very cheap

Nothing extra
No mp3

i like it more than my blackberry pearl


Feb 19, 2008 by GrandHustle413

i picked up this phone about 3 months ago when i broke my motorola rizr z3 as a quick replacement. i only used it for about it week and immediately fell in love with it. i bought a blackberry pearl right after it and was actually missing my $10 samsung phone. after my girlfriend poured a bottle of soda over my blackberry, i went straight back to this phone. its so simple to use and i have had no problems with it unlike my $200+ phones.

-good call quality (better than my blackberry)
-stable software (my bb froze on me all the time)
-rings and vibrates at the same time(bb didnt do that either)
-it flips (personal preference)
-color (i kinda like the red)

-ringers are too low (even lower than my bb)
-screen looks washed out
-no bluetooth (sucks not being able to use my headset)
-no camera (that doesnt really matter to me)
-no mp3 player (that is a must have)

besides those cons, this is a great phone for less than 50 bucks.

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