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Best "clam shell" phone to EVER hit the market


Mar 3, 2008 by SoCalVDub

Let the prices on EBay in 2008 (this phone released in 2006) speak for themselves. A 1 1/2 year old phone is still fetching more than $150 used !?! Its a shame Sprint did not market this phone correctly as Sanyos phone lineup now doesnt even compare to what the M1 brings to the table. I honestly got rid of my iPod nano because this phone truelly does the same thing with no glitches and the ease of drag and drop instead of loading a program like iTunes. Speakers are loud enough for me to play music from my beer *cough* i mean soda coozie on my beachcruiser where people on the boardwalk here in Diego can even hear what im playing. Sprints data speed really makes this phone a pleasure as well.

If you decide to purchase this phone your making a great choice. Thank you Sanyo for an incredible phone.

Best Flip Phone in the USA


Jul 17, 2007 by bwest

This is without a doubt the best Flip Phone out. It comes equipped with 1G the LCD is crisp and clear. You can even play videos on the external LCD which is pretty cool.

The phone has an equalizer when on music mode so you can adjust base treble fade etc. therefore the sound quality is amazing you can hear every single instrument. The speaker is nice and clear for movies and music. There is even a Background Music Mode that allows you to navigate on the phone and web and play music at the same time. The music can be continuous also if you configure it properly. The bluetooth syncs well with my Laptop and even plays music through my car speakers.

I can even use this phone to play my X-Box 360 on-line just connect it to my laptop let the Power Vision kick in (sprints version of hi-speed) and I'm online playing all my favorite games against friends...so i basically use this phone as a modem. It is very very fast never choppy watch streaming videos as fast as any other connection. While im commuting to work or school i will sometimes go online and watch You tube on my phone which is really cool considering the internet speed on this thing.

I dont mind traveling with the M1 because of the 1G of memory I can load up 10 episodes of The Office 4 episodes of The Wire and the Transformers Movie on it comfortably (bootleg video for phones the wave of the future LOL!!!) Oh and i forgot to mention all 4 of the Mp3 albums i have are still on there also.
Also I cant drive anywhere without hearing my turn by turn GPS Directions with a 3d map LOVE IT!!! i never get lost.


The call quality is really good...I have not had any dropped calls to date and i have had this a few months but then again Sanyo never really has reception issues with there phones. All in all this is the best "Flip Phone" on the market hands down SANYO HAS IT ON LOCK!!!!

Now for my next upgrades the HTC MOGUL or HTC VOGUE to be continued.......

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Switched to Sprint w/ this phone


May 21, 2007 by Jasperblu

After more than 10 years with the various incarnations of Cingular, I got fed up with daily dropped calls. Everyone I know here in Southern CA is either on Sprint or Verizon & they have NO problems w/ dropped calls. In fact, despite their ads to the contrary, I had at least 6+ dropped calls per DAY. My last phone was a Nokia 6230 - perhaps it was my phone?

So, I chose Sprint & a Sanyo M1 phone. I love this Sanyo phone, but I'm not sure about Sprint.

Here is my dillema. I do not have a land line & as a result, absolultely NEED my mobile to work at all times, but what I've noticed w/ this phone (&/or Sprint) is I no longer have any signal when I'm in my house, so I have to go outside the house to use my phone which is unacceptable.

So, do I try a different phone or do I switch carriers yet again? I have 14 days to decide.

Meanwhile, here is my PROS/CONS about the Sanyo M1.

- Compact & lightweight
- Sturdy/Solid construction
- Great speakerphone volume
- Multiple features (calendar, to-dos, alarm, calculator)
-Comes w/ myriad accessories (eg. USB cable, charger, ear buds)

-Buttons are small & hard to use without flubbing
-Getting to punctuation symbols & other "characters" while in text mode requires several steps, which discourages my wanting to use the keyboard at all.
-Incoming calls/msgs while I'm on another call interupt repeatedly with beeps and warning signals. I'm sure there is a way to turn this function off, but I haven't found it yet.
- There is no obvious "IGNORE/REJECT" feature
-Sending & saving pictures or texts requires several steps.

I would really like to get to know this phone a little better but it doesn't look like I'm going to get the chance unless I buy an unlocked M1 from Sanyo directly and switch to Verizon.

C ~

M is #1


Mar 16, 2007 by KingJohn405

I would have to give this M1 phone all 5 stars. This is probably the best sprint phone i have owned. Its basically everything all in one.

- 1GB of memory, very good for my music and picutres.
- Bluetooth, its awesome that it pairs with the computer and headset, also my stereo headsets.
- 2.0 Megapixels, i only shoot pics on my phone when its handy, but it gives good clarity and zoom.
- EV-DO, the power vision is fast and very convient on the go. Highspeed like downloads and uploads.
- All media, i use my phone to play music whenever im bored or at the gym. its convient and when someone calls i can pick it up too.
- Very good signal strength and call clarity.

- Well the only cons i see on this phone is the size of it. It is kinda bulky and streches your pocket, but you can get holster for it.

I had this phone for about 2 weeks now and i really like it. i dont have any problems with it at all. I do lots of traveling and it keeps up with signal too.



Mar 15, 2007 by A.sprint1

I will say, Sanyo really did an awesome job with this phone. I previously had a Samsung 920 and it was hard to part with because of the speakers, but this phone, I believe is a bit louder, so that's good. I sell Sprint so the music helps me promote the phones. One thing on my phone I don't like is battery life but it seems like it might just be this specific battery. I love the picture quality, it beats 1.3mp. I haven't tried bluetooth on it yet but I'm excited to do that. Some may say it's bulky but I like bigger phones myself so it fits be perfect. I guess my main issue would be the battery life, but maybe it's just this phone.

Very sweet phone


Mar 4, 2007 by tubanate

Had to get a phone couple weeks ago (had a920) because the old one broke, somehow (don't ask how, they couldn't find anything wrong with it, but the diagnostic thing said it was unrepairable--I took it in due to problems receiving calls). They offered the Fusic, but I'd heard complaints about it, so I wanted the M1.

The first thing I noticed was the quality/resolution of the screen. Because the resolution is so high, the text *can* be tiny--but that usually can be fixed with settings, and I don't really have a problem with that anyway. Besides the text being tiny, this screen shows a TON of detail, it's excellent for viewing webpages or pictures, and clarity is second to none. The only complaint I could have is it's hard to read in daylight, something you can say about virtually any LCD screen.

The second thing about this phone that I appreciated a lot was the responsiveness. When I was in the phone book, typing the first letter of a name immediately brings up those respective names--without the 1 second delay my a920 had. Also when I am in Opera Mini, Google Maps, Gmail, name your favorite java app, etc..., closing said application is much quicker. You still get a confirmation asking whether you want to close it or not, but now you don't wait the 2 seconds while the phone says, 'please wait - application closing' like the a920 had.

Sanyo has me sold on their brand with this phone...I'm very happy I found a phone/brand that seems to pair very nicely with Sprint's service.

If you're getting a new phone with data plans, spend the extra bucks for this phone over the RAZR's or the a900. You will be happy you did. Otherwise, if all you need is voice, go with a cheaper Sanyo like the Katana.

greatest phone ever!!!!


Mar 1, 2007 by cellphone guy

very easy to use, great reception have yet to drop a call. mp3 very easy and self explanatory, the speaker is great great lcd inside and out, cant say enough good things about this phone, i was a sanyo fan before but this is amazing, a complete wow!!



Feb 4, 2007 by slugithome1977

This phone rocks man! Yes it is somewhat bulky but I have been using cell phone service for 10 plus years now, so this phone is not that bulky to me.
Yes a memory card slot would have been great, but 1 GB for me is fine. I don't listen to that many songs at a time anyways. I do watch a lot of video clips. On my phone right now I have 30 episodes of Beavis and Butthead, about 20 episodes of Aqua teens, 14 episodes of Sealab, 10 episodes of Venture brothers, 17 episodes of the Simpsons and the Clerks movie. And there is still room for more. So I am good with having a GB of storage.
with bulk comes a great size screen! Watching videos on the M1 is very easy on the eyes. The sound is nice and loud when I need it to be. The color stands out way more then my Fusic.
The price is a bit high but it is well worth it.

Best of the BEST!!!


Jan 31, 2007 by Rachel1977

i was with verizon for 3 years or so. for about the last year my friends who use sprint have been bugging me to switch. my biggest fear was if sprint would have dependable service like verizon. so i went into a sprint store and and used the sanyo m1 for myself. and i fell in love with this phone!!! :) i was going to renew with verizon for the lg chocolate but this phone is a million times better! huge amount of ram for my music and movies. i can actually use sprints broadband data!!! verizon doesn't have any vcast coverage in my area. the odd thing is that i can set my phone to roam and use verizons data network and listen to sprint radio :)

enough of that i know :)
pros for this phone. huge amount of ram. live music and tv channels. tough design. very clear calling, even clearer then my verizon 9800. fast data connection. my browser says i am connected at 750kpbs. very loud and clear speaker phone. telenav works great.
and i can use opera mini & gmail for the first time ever!!!! i couldnt use anything with my verizon phone. and like i told you before, THE ROAMING FEATURE ROCKS!! free roaming? COME ON!! you have to love that! :)

cons. the cost is pretty high. with my contract it was only 100 bucks but if i didnt get the rebate for being a new customer it would have cost over 300. and i know some people don't like the fact that there is no ram card but for me it is ok. 1 gb is enough.

in all a great phone and service that for me atleast is better then verizon.

Holy S***! Best phone i've owned hands down


Jan 19, 2007 by alex_velociti

Wow, just got the phone today, but all i can say is wow. Great features, easy to access.

Bluetooth 1.2 is so much better than the version offered on the Razr. Download speeds average 40kbps.......better than 4kbps :(

Speaker is loud, wow, who the hell needs it on 8? i keep it on 2, 'cause its crazy loud.

Music actually sounds pretty damn good, wow, guess i have an ipod now :P

Anyway, great features, love the look, i'm not a woman, so i'm not going to complain about the bulkiness. Its about the same as a sony ericsson z500a.....But looks 500 times better.

Camera is great, good reception.

USB mass storage mode is great, i'm actually glad it came with the usb cable and the head phones....saves money on buying accessories.

Phone is easy to clean also. Just wipe it off and the finger prints will disappear.

Um....haven't tried out games yet surprisingly - i honestly just thought about that :P guess i've been so busy messing with the other features.

I have about 6 full cds on here so far, and i still have a ton of memory left.

Phone plays mp3s, and i think 3gp videos. The video playback is great. It doesn't skip like my z500. And the sound actually matches the person's mouth - so it doestn' look like an early 90's chinese film.

Anyway, there are many more things i can say about this phone, and i honestly have no complaints at all. Kills the razr hands down. It doesn't even cmopare to this phone.

Purchased it for $150 - so it was an amazing deal. Just make sure you put insurance on this bad boy.

Ed. note: bleeped language in subject line

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