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Upgrade To M1 4 Me


Jan 19, 2007 by smithint

I just LOVED Sanyo phones. 1 Reception: you can't beat it. 2 Style: compact and thick and it's hot phone and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 3 Problems: I don't have any problems with my Sanyo Sprint phones so I just enjoy the phone. 4 Memory: More then enough memory for me. 5 Overall: I just Loved this phone and I will always get sanyo phones because there the best hands down!!!!

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Best Phone In A Long Time


Jan 2, 2007 by NEgadgetguy

I have used just about very high end phone Sprint has come out with. This phone has thankfully taken its place on top of all the rest. It has all the great features of the 9000(without the hugeness and ugliness), and the sleekness of the 8400.

Poeple complain about the lack of a memory card but who cares. If 1GB of memory is not enough for you then buy a damn ipod and save some battery life. I do miss the larger screen of the 9000, but the classy look and feel of the M1 makes it a more than worth while trade off, and also the huge screen on the outside is fantastic. It's the largest I have ever seen on a flip phone.

The reception on this phones has so far been as good for me as the 9000, as has been the sound qaulity and the volume of the earpiece and speakerphone.

As I see it, this phone has only one flaw, but it's not nearly a fatal one. The camera is placed right where your finger rests when you are holding the phone so you have to do some manuevering before you take a pic. Like I said though that is just a tiny flaw. This phone is perfect in every other way.

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Proof that quality is better than looks


Feb 5, 2007 by andyacecandy


-1 gb of internal memory, plenty enough for all your needs

-2 mega pixel camera compared to most 1.3mp or even vga cameras out there. auto focus while taking pictures so you don't mess it up by moving your hand

-Speaker is AMAZING. It is so loud that I actually have to turn it down both when with speakers and with headphones. Not only is it loud, but it sounds so crisp and clear and songs with bass don't sound really bad on it.

-Great to use as an MP3 player. It has every basic feature you will need, playlist, do other things on your phone while playing your music! I am currently using it as my MP3 player I don't have an ipod

-Connecting through USB is easy and you can put all your music into the designated folders and even pictures on it and use them as your screensaver! The phone screen is 240x320 so make sure to resize your images in your photoshop program

-VERY easy to navigate in the menus. Nothing confusing, I got it all down in about the first 30 min I messed with the phone. Easy to use

-Great feel in your hand, I personally like the size compared to really thin phones that are hard to grasp sometimes.

-Looks great in the dark, the lights on the external Music controls light up blue and makes the phone look sexy


-The phone does not look amazing. Showing it off to your friends wont impress many other than the cool music controls

-Plastic, just feels weak

-Cluttered buttons. When texting, it takes time to get used to pressing the 'right' button on double letters like 'oo' or 'igh' but it's not too horrible

-Not the phone's fault but cannot make ringtones out of your own music... damn you sprint

-No more memory, 1gb is what you get no SD slot

This phone is amazing. I highly recommend it and I am a picky person. The looks and design have grown on me. But if you are looking at a phone like the krzr, sure it looks great but it does not perform like this one. It is my phone and ipod all in one... perfect. $99.99 AR at Frys for new users

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this phone is awesome


Jan 12, 2007 by chrystie

I absolutely love this phone. My favorite feature is the loud speaker on the front which plays pretty well for a little phone. People have been telling me, "The speaker has no bass." Well, what can you really expect from such a tiny speaker?! The same thing goes for the lack of expandable memory. If you don't think that 1 gb is enough, get an ipod!

I dumped my katana for this phone as soon as it came out and I don't regret it for a second!

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Greatest Sanyo phone


Jan 5, 2007 by ikandi

I've had the M1 a little over a month now, the design alone of the M1 is a huge step up for Sanyo, so far I am loving every feature this phone has to offer, it has everything I need and then some. It's definitely the best Sanyo ever made on Sprint's lineup, I'm a phone junkie but I think I'll be keeping the M1 for a while.


:SPEAKER IS LOUD AND CLEAR( on par with the 9000, 9000 just had more bass)

:2.0 MP CAMERA(auto focus works great, you can also take videos in QVGA resolution)

:BGM( all high-end phones should have it)


:40MB FOR DOWNLOADS( my old 9000 only had 16)

:UNRESTRICTED BLUETOOTH( the fusic would only let me transfer contacts through bt, with the M1 I can send everything except for downloads to another bt device as well as receive, also supports stereo bt, only con is I can't play video files using the bt headset)


:THEMES(I don't care too much for them but they're nice to have)








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Cool Phone


May 17, 2007 by GILEONARD2

I've finally have come full circle and have come back to Sprint. I had a phone with every major carrier. As for a small phone, the M1 rocks. I get a better signal strength than my previous phones.

1GB of internal memory
2.0 Megapixel camera
Tons of stuff to personalize phone

Battery life sucks,
have to recharge every

Plastic housing

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Great Phone


Apr 10, 2007 by apittmanpcs

I love this phone. I've had quite a few phones and this has to be the best so far. It has wonderful picture quality and good reception. I have yet to have a problem with this phone. If you're looking for an overall good phone this is it. The only thing that is somewhat wrong is the price, but if you don't mind paying for a good phone get it today.

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I ran out of Memory


Mar 4, 2007 by CkeL

The phone is an overall 5, but today I ran out of memory. I put 15 CD's on my M1 which was impressive, that was thru the USB cable it came with. Once I hit the 15th I couldn't drag any more songs over. I also shop Sprint Music Store and I have about 85 songs thru the Music Store. Today I was unable to purchase more music because I ran out of memory.




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hmmm..not bad not bad


Jan 14, 2007 by hindukid8

this is my first sprint phone ever. i've been with t-mobile for 6 years and just switched. i was glad because i could pass a gull stone in the time that it takes for EDGE to load any page on the internet... i opted for the M1 (i had a nokia 6133) because of the internal memory as a mass storage device. i know at no time in my life will i ever need more than 1 gb of music on my persons at all times, i guess i'm not a Pod-estrian like everyone else. i love the fact that it comes with a headset adapter for regular headphones and maybe an i-trip (i haven't tested it yet, but i think it should work) okay here we go
-simple interface (unlike my nokia 6133)
-internal memory (memory cards are too expensive)
- camera has auto focus 2 mp camera lense with really bright flash.
-bluetooth file transfer is seemless and extremely easy
-a2dp profile
-external mp3 controls
-solid phone (seriously, you don't feel like you are going to have an anxiety attack everytime you take your phone out of your pocket, this thing is thick)

-video ring tones don't play on the mini display (they do on the fusic though...)
-my internet has been freezing alot because it doesn't automatically load mobile pages, so you actually have to google, "google mobile" and use that in order to view myspace, wikipedia, etc. without having to read vertically. so when i use the internet too fast like any other computer its going to freeze and its annoying having to take the battery out and restart.
-screen resolution should look like the a900, seriously this phone cost way too much for it not to.
-no fm transmitter built in. i know i know, the fusic is the only phone that has that, but still, for sanyo's last phone this one should have went for the gusto

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Pretty Good Phone


Feb 28, 2007 by wizpop

I have used this phone for about a month and have come to the conclusion for ME it is a little quirky.

* Reception is AMAZING.
* Quality of sound is Really Great.
* Quality of phone is Top notch.
* Battery life is Fantastic.
* 1 GB internal memory is the best.
Very fast internet browsing.

* When I answer the phone, I always have to say hello 2 or 3 times. Or I could pause for about 2 seconds and then say hello.
* My plantronics bluetooth headset that cost over $100 works some of the time. The phone will say that it is connected, but will not use headset. I have tried every setting and 3 differ headsets.
* Not a good looking phone at all. (which does not bother me much)
* Very difficult to open with one hand.
* I DO NOT like the push to talk button, it keeps on asking me do I want to connect when I hit it.
* Hard to find what you want to do on the phone without going to 3 or 4 different parts of the menu.

Overall it is not the phone for me. Quality wise, it is one of the best, but I like my Samsung A920 much better.

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