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Top of the line phone highly recommended


Mar 28, 2007 by Dream Theatre

After reviewing the 9900 and gave t a 5 star rating I realized that I made a big error. . I noticed when the 9900 phone is set to "tones only" and when a call is made during voice dial after the call you need to press end no once, not twice but 3 times in order for the phone to disconnect otherwise the phone will stay connected and rack up your bill. Well, I decided to give the U740 a try and I made a very wise choice. This phone is packed with features that are not available on the 9900 like different font styles and there are a load of options in tools that also are not available on the 9900 but only on the U740. Well, I have to admit even though the screen on the U740 is very nice and pretty crisp it is not as crisp as the 9900 but this is a marketing strategy made by the big wig executives at Verizon as they did not want Samsung to manufacture the phone with the same resolution display as the 9900 otherwise sales of the 9900 would drop tremendously. It is sorta like shopping for a new car, if you want that nice pretty bright red looking car you must purchase the EX and pay 2000 + for that color with added options otherwise you need to choose a puke looking red only available on the cheaper LX model. So Verizon's saying if you want that sharper looking screen then you need to pay $50 + more for the 9900. The U740 is also amazingly thinner and compact vs. the 9900. I am not knocking the 9900 it is a fantastic phone if you don't mind the brick like form factor and well, LG has to work out that Bug in the phone that I mentioned earlier. When I compared the phones side by side my first impression was that the U740 was too small to type anything but when you actually sit down and play around and get accustomed with it, you'll find that it is not as it seems on the first impression. Nothing much more to say other than anyone who reads this I highly recommend the U740 over the 9900 and it is also $50 + cheaper.

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Too Soon To Tell


Mar 25, 2007 by DurkaJihad

I've owned this phone for about a week now from Verizon Wireless and so far I think its oak. The phone itself is nice and small and the qwerty keyboard makes it much easier for someone who usually has about 10-20 pages of text messages. Anyway:

Pros: qwerty keypad
mp3 capabilities
Multi alarm (a must for college class)
Many options on front and main screen.
Different menu options
Hold key for mp3 player buttons a must

Cons: Don't know about the hinge.
The camera isn't the best overall.
Get it Now can only be accessed through Landscape mode.

All in all it's too soon to tell but as long as the hinge holds up, I believe it's gonna be a excellent phone. Plus it beats having to pay for a $44.99 data package every month. (Right Wes?)

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It's Alright...


Feb 26, 2007 by babychonio


1) I love the concept of the design. "Thin & compact" Samsung is always ahead of the game. (I also have the A990: 3.2 meg pix & 1 hr video is awesome)

2) Keyboard great for txting

3) UI a lot better than other VZW phones

4) You can reset all the shortcut keys…


When you take pix, send to email address. First 2 phones had a weird line across pix and I was told that it was a manufacturing defect... Camera quality on this phone isn't nearly as great as most 1.3 meg pix.

2) Battery life is very short. I'm starting to consider it my portable land line because I have to take my charger everywhere I go...Have been searching for extended battery but can't find one ANYWHERE!!!

3) Get It Now... Where has it gone?

4) Can't check messages from front screen like lvgx 8100 or lgvx 8600. That feature might have been an advantage since hinge is a more delicate.

5) Can’t lock applications or restrict calls! I LOVE those features! Most old Moto phones have it. (Don’t want strangers getting into my messaging and contact list… and I can screen my calls so blocked #’s and anyone outside my contact list gets kicked into voicemail).

Other than that, I’m glad I finally upgraded from the Mot E815.

Good luck to all and have a great day...

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Not that bad


Jun 22, 2007 by chaditay

Phone just came in the mail yesterday and after playing around with it until 1 am this morning. I am ready to share my opinion on it. I am no way consider a technical "geek" and this makes only my 3rd cell phone. The keys are pretty small, but not impossible to use. It is really hard to dial a phone number while driving, but probably shouldn't be doing that anyway. I tryed to "speak to text" feature and it has a few problems understanding what I am saying. It doesn't give you very many ringtones so plan to download your own. The animations and graphics that you can send with your text messages are really cheesy and are no way as good as the ones I use to have on my Motorola 325. Overall the phone is a keeper and has a lot of cool features. I will just have to get used to the "bugs". Especially the really small keys.

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Nice Phone...Lots of Dropped Callz


May 11, 2008 by MizzBBri

I thought this phone was quite clever. For those that don't want to leave the flip design but text so much that they need a keyboard, they can now have the best of both worlds!

*Double Flip
*Very Customizable (pics, dial fonts)

*I didn't find the keyboard as easy to use compared to phones like the ENV, Voyager, etc.
*Could have had a better browser
*Drops calls like crazy (in the Michigan area n e wayz)

Pretty nice phone...if you looking for something up and up in the tech world...and want a couple of ooo's and ahhh's then here you go...I just suggest that you test it out for the 30 days to make sure that it doesn't drop your calls like crazy!

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Nice Phone for Price Point


Nov 13, 2007 by mobile_dfw

After selling my Treo 700wx I purchased the U740 as a transitional phone. The attraction was the light slim form and qwerty keyboard. Basically I found the U740 to be a reliable short term alternative to my previous smartphone.

The keyboard was easy to navigate in both horizontal and vertical modes. The screen was bright, clean and the font very readable. I found the calendar function and alarms to be acceptable for a phone at this price point. However, signal strength and call quality were somewhat disappointing.

Pros: Font control - Keyboard - Email access - Calendar - MMS

Cons: Call Quality - Camera Web access

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Love It!


Sep 13, 2007 by tsturbo

I bought this phone as I wanted a QWERTY keyboard for texting, I basically had two choices, the LG enV VX9900 or the Samsung U740. I bought the enV first and really liked it...except for four things: 1 - I wear it in a holster and it always felt like there was a brick attached to my hip. 2 - The sound quality always sounded a little "muddy" to me. 3 - The camera is awesome, except the lens should be covered by a screen, not the spin cover it has and it should be flush with the back of the phone so it sits even. 4 - The phone has to be open to use speakerphone.

I eventually traded in my enV for the U740, WOW - I love the new much smaller form factor. Yes the keypad is a little smaller and it took some getting use to, however, I think I like it better than the enV's.

Speakerphone can be used open or closed and the call clarity is much clearer to me over the enV's. In fairness, signal strength may be a little less on the U740, however, I have not had a problem, nor have I dropped a call.

Form Factor
QWERTY Keyboard
Call Clarity
Speakerphone works open or closed
Dual flip

Keyboard takes a few days getting used to it
Screens are not as vibrant as the enV's

If you want a small phone with a QWERTY keyboard that has good call clarity, reception and battery life and is not a brick on the hip, the U740 is a great choice. The only reason I did not give it a 5 rating, is the call clarity, coming from a Moto e815, it had clearer sound (The U740 is not bad by any means). Moto's seem to shine in this area, they just did not have a small flip phone with a QWERTY keyboard on the Verizon network.

I really like the U740 and for me it is better than the enV, most people will challenge that, I liked the enV and my wife has one, it is a good phone also, it is the form factor which I had the problem with,

Bottom line - Great little phone (The U740). I have no regrets and would definitely buy it again if I had to do it all over again.

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Had the phone...for a week!


Apr 5, 2007 by Ster2Block

Hi everyone,

I recently re-upped my Verizon contract and decided to jump from the LG 8100 to the Samsung U740. It was a good and bad experience.

After 1 week and 1 day, I took the phone back since I had a 15 day trial period. Let's discuss it.


Good reception.

Good sound quality.

Loud ringers.

Excellent speaker phone volume.

QWERTY keyboard for texting.

Same menus as my former LG so I didn't have to learn new stuff!

Hinges seemed sturdy.


Good reception...BUT...seemed to only get 3 bars all the time rather than 4. It was hard to get 4 bars underneath our city tower. Strange. However, the reception was fine as far as calling.

Callers sounded a little stranger on the phone...but I was used to LG. Maybe muffled?

Calendar function works but (apparently a software issue) the calendar icon stays on your screen even if you don't have events for days.

The QWERTY keyboard is nice...but WAY TOO SMALL!!!!!!!! I doubled typed all letters and numbers every time I used it for calling or texting. I'm a huge texter, and this is the main reason I took it back.

Would I recommend this phone? Yes, but to a non-texter or someone with little hands. Seemed to be an OK phone, but just isn't for me.

My new phone: LG 9900 (EnV).

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Cool phone


Apr 4, 2007 by ego2k

Buy this phone! Very cool.


Small slim no antenna. Good reception and sound


Screen could be higher resolution
One color! Champagne...I can live with it..there are skins available.
Small buttons but one learns and adapts.

A BLACK one would be sleek.
The number buttons should have more of a contrast in color to distinguish it from the text buttons in Portrait view. Of course larger buttons wouldn't hurt. It would be awesome if when you open it as a phone(portrait) the Number buttons would glow a different color i.e. GREEN or BLUE. Then, of course, when you open it Landscape for texting...it was WHITE.

Overall, great phone. Like everyone phone I would like a longer battery life while keeping the slim profile...extended batteries are too bulky.
That would make for

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ones of verizons best, period!!


Apr 1, 2007 by bigack

ive owned every verizon phone made, and this is the best one so far, i get bored with phones easy!! but this one is extreamly nice!
fantastic mp3s
slim and light weight
nice screens
different menus than the red bars
camera good
speaker is good
battery life is fantastic

not alot of get it now games
camera should be a 2mp
only in gold color
buttons are close together
(these are really gripes instead of cons)
this will be a big seller for verizon!!

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