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Samsung SCH-U740 Alias


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A lot of bamg for your buck


Mar 22, 2007 by carynangie

I have only had this phone a little over two weeks now. I am fairly happy with it. I expect a lot out of my phones. i love the key board although it can sometimes be a pain, it's a bit too small. It also annoys me a bit that some features are only available in the rotated position of the phone. Also scrolling through the main menu can be a pain while in the rotated position as well. Other than that though it's a terrific phone with awesome sound quality, cool features, and very sleek design. My only true regret is that it is not blue tooth stereo capable unlike most of it's counterparts on the market today. It however gives you a lot for your money.

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samsung 740


Mar 21, 2007 by cell2071

this phone is the phone i been waiting for, i been through 6 phones and very expensive ones, i was with sprint but verizon is a whole lot better, sprints evdo service is okay but verizon makes evdo what it should be -high speed-the key board is great, in flip mode the lil letters can be hard to read but its really for composing small texts,the features are great i thought, the camera can be improved but its clear don't try to be a photographer with it, the speaker is good, the phone closes while in speaker mode like Motorola's do, thats an important feature to me, i must say this phone is a testing machine the battery is great i was scared of samsung phones because their batterys are horrible like the A900,(the blade) i can text surf the web make a call and i half 75% still left, the battery really endures, this is my dream phone, i haven't though of one reason to take back this phone yet and i believe it will stay that way

cons- the only thing i dont like is the color I'm not a gold person, another thing that makes me frustrated is the message inbox gets full alot, but i can deal with these things

i highly reccommend this phone if youre a texting fanatic, and you just cant see youreself with any other tyoe of phone but a flip phone this is it

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Better Than en-v


Feb 14, 2007 by sixduffsix

The phone is very distinctive in its own matter of how it is designed. Nice layout of qwerty keyboard if i must say so myself. Very nice 2.2 inch interior screen for texting and the dual flip is a very nice feature. The swivel rod connecting the screen section to the battery and keyboard section is much sturdier than it looks and has great potential on upcoming phone designs. Phone response is fast and effective. Key layout on qwerty keyboard is slightly raised for your fingers and has adequate spacing for your fingers if they are bigger like mine. I would compare this phone to the en-v but i believe this phone is better. It has a sloppier key placement however it proves to be more effective in some cases. The internal screens are the same size while the exterior screens are not. The exterior screen on the sch-u740 is a little bit larger than the exterior screen of the en-v. The only problem i can see with this phone is that there is direct camera button on the exterior shell of the phone so that u can enter camera mode without opening the phone. If you are stuck in a decision crisis between this phone and the en-v, just consider that this phone is new and full of potential with more features to offer than the en-v.

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Good for people who arent blonde


Apr 20, 2008 by coldguitargod

After reading a few reviews on here, it is clear to me that people are dense. To be blunt, this phone is very easy to use and if you cant figure it out or use the "tiny" buttons, you either need to go back to school or go on a diet- simple solution! It doesnt take "4" steps to send a txt, and you dont need to 'veryify' it... as some people would think. You also dont need to clear your inbox- its called "auto erase!". Maybe if people learned to read this'd be cleared up ^_^. This phone is all around perfect, its no NV2 but hell it gets me by and is tough. I dropped it on my driveway then stepped on it and all I got were a few scratches. I love it. Its simple and easy to use and has a lot of great features- and its easy to get to them. Get this phone.

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Only OK


Feb 28, 2008 by Pray

I had this phone for about 6 months. As a phone, making and receiving calls, its fine, solid call quality, etc. However anyone that buys this phone is obviously in it for the texting, and in that regard, this phone is a mess.

1- The keys aren't terrible, but after many months of hoping I'd get used to it, I still made the same mistakes for having average sized hands. They are just too small and the function keys are too confusing.

2- Actually SENDING a NEW text message is a total headache. It takes almost 4 WHOLE steps to add a recipient from your address book, and you have to confirm it SO MANY TIMES, that I'd often end up sending blank text messages by mistake to the intended recipient. Couldn't be worse.

3- Yes, I realize not all phones save your text messages like chats (as does the treo) but goodness, is it possible to not have to erase my inbox every two days? Don't even try putting the texts on the micro SD card, no luck there. And don't think about erasing your sent folder or your drafts. Your inbox has its own, very small, limited memory. It's a total pain to deal with, and there's nothing you can do about it.

The phone is small, and in the summer that's a wonderful thing. But it is just such a hassle to text with this thing that I'd rather lug around a larger phone with a real keypad. I mean, just making a phone call with the number keys will cross your eyes.

This is a fine idea for a phone, but its a failure. It does too many things, and none of them well. The camera, video, all terrible quality. Granted, now it costs next to nothing, but methinks Verizon is on the verge of upgrading this type of device, whether via Samsung or someone else.

Whatever other phone you were thinking of buying, choose that one.

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Jun 30, 2011 by cemagoc

I have had this phone for 2 years and I can easily say I am quite sick of it. It was my first phone though, so that is obviously one reason. However there are some issues I've had.

-Decent battery (3-5 days without a lot of use)
-QWERTY keyboard is nice
-Sleek and slim
-Easy to navigate

-Takes some getting used to
-Easy to drop
-Hard to find covers for
-Only allows 40-50 messages in inbox. This was the biggest issue for me
-Hinge seems like it's going to break
-Turns off periodically
-Call sound is very unclear
-Smudges easily
-Camera sucks
-Bad quality
-Has image on outside of camera
-Bad zoom

Overall it isn't terrible, but if I had known all the issues I wouldn't have gotten it.

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This phone was a dissapointment


Oct 2, 2010 by starsandspace

Ive had this phone for a year and a half and I'm very disappointed. i wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone.

has a bright screen

good speaker phone

large photo memory

can only hold 40 messages at a time

bad picture quality

freezes up while watching videos

very slow while turning on

So overall this phone is the worst ive had yet

hinge becomes loose after a month

battery falls out frequently if dropped, even on a couch

ring tone quality is really bad

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Ughhh! Not worth it


Jul 24, 2010 by aliluvshim

So I read some reviews on here and they didn't work cause i still got that phone. Piece of crap! The phone goes blank on you, the alarm never goes off, it breaks easily, the camera broke like 4 times, keys are small...ughh! Not worth my money. Anyways i got 2 of them. My friend broke the first one. Then with my warranty they send me a used Alias. The charger didn't want to work! So then I got the Alias 2 and I am so thankful i got that one. Ha!


texting is fast
battery life is decent


everything else!

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Mar 4, 2010 by laraluvsphones

-great keyboard (very good 4 speed txters)
-hinge always stays strong no matter how much I flip it
-very easy to operate
-lots of memory
-decent camera
-lots of cool settings
-sleek design
-charges quick

-speakers can break if your clumsy
- It scratches easily and it freezes for a few hours after any water contact

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Just got it


Nov 8, 2009 by narn3049


I Don't care if the speakers are quiet, but I'm a little worried about the hinge.

I used to own the PCD blitz and it broke because i dropped it in soup and it worked fine after that but it died fast on the charge.

Even though it isn't a new alias I still love it.

Easy at texting and it has video even though the blitz didn't so I really love that.

The battery life is great. I have a memory card so no worries about memory anyway. It's pretty cool.

like it and it gets a 5.0

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