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the best phone eva


Aug 29, 2007 by hello85

the samsung u740 is a really good phone for texters and imers. people might say that the keyboard is too small but it is perfect for my fingers but i dont know for big fingers people.

Pros: great screen
cool features from verion
dual flip is soooooooo cool
its pretty
the camera is grrrreat!

Cons: the phone is too cool for some people
so dont listen to anyone else my advice is to buy it. Be greatful for this phopne is out there so you to buy halluhah

An Outstanding Phone. The total package!


Apr 16, 2007 by pilotbh

I consider myself a techno geek. I have had every single type of palm pilot made. I upgraded to the palm treo series when they first came out and recently traded in my Treo 750. I bought the razer when it first came out as well. I loved the size, but it was cumbersome to message someone. So I went back to the Treo again and bought the Treo 700W. I always said, that they need to come out with a phone that is "smart" and is the size of the razer. Well with the U740, they finally did. I was watching CNET and they reviewed and gave this phone high marks. I stopped by the Verizon store to look at it and liked the feel of it, but absolutely hated the color. The gold is totally ugly. The agent told me that they were coming out with a black one and I just picked it up yesterday. The phone looks great and works even better. The messaging ability is sweet. The ability to open the phone to landscape is pretty slick as well. They sold me a 1GB memory card for less than 30 bucks and sent me on my way. I was concerned that the buttons might be too small for my fingers, but I got used to it after a few trys and do not mind it at all now. The size is fantastic. The speakerphone works great and sounds like you are not using it at all (on the other end). The hinge feels solid and I am not too worried about it, but I do have the phone insurance (just in case). If you want a small phone with media capability, this is the one for you. Plus with Verizon's 30 day guarantee, you can always take it back if you do not like it....but I am willing to bet that you keep it.

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just bought it recently, very cool....?


Mar 19, 2007 by ohiost32

i just bought this phone yesterday from verizon, it is very stylish when open landscape style. it is basically razor size, but obviously much more fun. the ONLY single doubt im having on this phone is its double hinge, its small, therefor over time im guessing its going to become more and more loose? i went back to verizon today, considering going to the enV, but stuck with it for now because they assured me if it is a problem down the road and the double hinge is very flimsy they will replace it.

has anyone owned it for some time now? id love to know how the hinge is holding up, im still considering going to the enV, but i do love this design, but im more concerned with the long run.

feel free to send me an email!

Awesome phone


Mar 8, 2007 by irie

Receiver this phone on friday 3/2 and I love it. This is the phone i have always been waiting on. I had razr for 12 months then upgraded to the lg-vx8600. I loved the 8600 but wanted QWERTY keyboard because I do over 3000 txt/pix/flix per month. So I sold my 8600 on email for a nice profit and ordered this phone.

*Qwerty keyboard. As I said I do a lot of txt/pix/flix so this is great.
*Dual flip. So cool when people see me open my phone both ways. lol..
*Front media keys for music, just like lg's and krzr.
*Speaker is very clear and loud, alot louder than lg-vx8600.
*Speaker phone can be used when phone is closed unlike lg's.
*Flash, Very nice to have a flash, where as prior phones (Razr and 8600) did have.
*Speech to txt is very nice. Takes a little patience, but you will like it once you figure it out.
*Ringtones can be sent to phone in a pix/flix message.
*Signal strength is very good so far, on Verizon Wireless network, in Upstate NY.
*Flash UI, not many options but better than just having standard VZW UI.

*Can't view pics/vids in normal mode, not a big deal but sometimes you just want to.
*Videos on memory card take a very long time to load.
*The letter "P" is difficult to get to, but seriously how often do you use the letter "p"?? LOL
*No Stereo Blue Tooth, but I can live without it.
*No 2.5mm headset port. Very annoying having a big converter thing plugged into phone just to use headset. All these proprietary headset ports are making me sick. They are very bulky and annoying especially if you are like me and really don't want to have to look for things all the time.

All in all I am very satisfied with this phone so far.

Love it!


Feb 28, 2007 by gregnsara

I received this phone on the 20th of February. It's a great little phone. I previously used "The V" and loved it, but it was too bulky sometimes and I wanted something slimmer and lighter to carry.

I live in Northern Virginia/Washington DC area and I'm on Verizon Wireless. I haven't tried it in the Metro yet, but the next time I take the train I will and I will post about the way it handles the tunnels.

I bought this phone off of Verizon's website and received it in 3 days via Fed Ex. My daughter saw it and wants one next month.


Keyboard for text messaging. I have little hands so the keys are perfect for my fingers. I can see how someone may have a problem though.

Landscape mode like the LG "The V" phone.

Clarity in calls - excellent! I cannot believe the way calls sound, even in speaker mode. Totally different than my old phone.


Only 10 people per group on your contacts?! I have a need for more than 10 in a group. I had to make groups with numbers after them to fit all my friends and family members in a group. I emailed Verizon about this and they've forwarded it to Samsung. I don't really expect any upgrades on this at all. It's not a deal breaker to me.

Actually that's my only con so far, after using it for over a week. If that's the only con, then it's a great little phone!

Just an FYI about the camera, it's cool to have a preview on the screen for the person that's in the photo. I don't use it for anything except for Caller ID photos or a photo of something really odd. I have a camera for photos that I want to capture for printing or sharing.

I haven't tried out the mp3 player on it yet. I just received my micro card the other day. I really don't think I will put a lot of tunes on it, I have an iPod Nano.

I didn't buy the phone for the camera or the mp3 player.

Great phone - many more pros than cons


Feb 17, 2007 by srgolub

- Good sound quality
- Good reception (not as good as my previous Moto 815 though)
- Great form factor
- Qwerty keyboard is well laid out - and i've got fairly large fingers
- Menu system - I know lots of people complain about the Verizon UI, but this is an enhanced version with multiple "themes" to select from. I find it intuitive and easy to use
- Looks nice - some people don't like the gold color but i think it looks pretty sharp against the trim around the front display which has a carbon-fiber look

- Camera quality is so-so and no matter how steady I hold the phone my shots come out slightly blurry
- Some features, such as wireless web, are only available in landscape mode

Too soon to evaluate:
- Battery life - seems ok but I've only had the phone for 2 days
- Hinge quality - pretty solid. We'll see if any play develops over time

Overall I'm very happy with it. Doesn't quite have the sound quality or reception of my Moto E815, but has so many more features that it's a worthwhile tradeoff.



May 5, 2007 by crazyforparis

I have been a verizon customer going on 8 years now. I just upgraded from possibly the best phone verizon has ever made the moto E815. I went with the samsung sch-u740 after reading reviews on this site and i must say it made the difference. The 740 is just as thin as a RAZR feels and looks sharp. The reception is a little weaker then the 815 (but everyone knows it was verizons strongest phone ever) but I dont drop calls none the less. It has the sickest features. Voice activated text messanging is by far the coolest, if you're not in the mood for typing. the dual flip design and several features will ensure you a wow from your friends. I did buy the music kit for this phone but wuickly returned it after realizing you cant put anything but licenced music on it because VZW signe a contract with the artists, so stick to your IPODS for music and leave the amazing ability of having a full keyboard and voice activated messanging to the 740. I do admit i miss keys while typing once and a while but after about 3 days it was over. The camera is decent no zoom though, but takes several different kinds of shots almost like you would see in photoshop. I have mine set with the "office" theme so when you press menu you are at a desk, pretty sweet. also when you dial numbers you can have it with a felt til feather pen writing them in, kids love it. And dont worry about the hinge it will hold fine. EnV is just not a wise choice compared to this beauty.


good battery life +1.5 days
classy and stylish design
easy typing - texts are a breeze
voice messanging
thin as a RAZR


may not have reception of 815 only 3 or 4 bars instead of usually 5 all the time

screen could be better but still nice

may not be a wise choice for thick fingers, but im 6'0 tall so you decide.

my finalization ... get this phone. only reason i didnt give it a 5 was bc it doesnt show full bars but who are we kidding nothing is perfect .. but this is pretty close.

The best Verizon Phone


May 18, 2007 by Sardar615

I absolutely love the phone. I will say the keypad took a little getting used to of but once you get used to of it, the phone is a great phone. The battery life is decent. I am one of those people that texts a lot, and by a lot I mean, I had over 1500 text messages in my last billing cycle. I am pretty good at using the T9 format but I am better at just typing them out. As far as the pictures go, the 1.3 meg camera seems weak considering Samsung already has a phone with 3 meg camera on it, so I am not sure why they would go lower but it serves its purpose of just taking random shots, and if you are one of those people that likes to take pictures with your PHONE for printing, this may not be the phone for you.
Also a quick note to all of those people that are complaining about the Verizon User interface...what does that have to do with the quality of the phone. Why are people returning it because of the UI, I don't understand it, simply because every verizon phone has the same UI, so unless you are going to get another service carrier, I think this is an amazing phone. I would and have recommended this phone to everyone.
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the phone.

luv the phone luv the price just plain LUV IT!!!


Feb 20, 2007 by LAgurl

Yup luv this phone! I had the lg V and was looking into the newer enV until the girl working at Verizon showed me this new phone that would be coming out in a couple weeks and it was love at first sight. Not only is it so HOT (hello it's Gold!) but it does everything my V did and more.

*qwerty keyboard-without being the size of a brick. Luv ya LG but in this case size does matter to this girl!
*speaking to compose text messages! how awesome is that!?!
*Speakerphone sounds great
*reception is just as good as the V
*great voice commands
*funky fonts to customize your phone

the only 2 things this phone doesn't have (that the enV does have) is 1)bluetooth stereo and 2)text to speech. Having a bluetooth stereo headset would be nice but I'll live without it. The text to speech was cool for incoming calls but for reading text messages I could never understand it anyway.

All in all I think this is an incredible phone, and am so glad I waited for it. I've returned many phones over the years because I'm somewhat picky but this phone is definitely a keeper!



May 14, 2007 by Cabz2018   updated Dec 9, 2016


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