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The only worthy Sprint Phone


Jun 19, 2007 by phonesforscones

This phone is quite possibly one of the best phones out on the market. It gets excellent reception, has a big internal color screen, and is thin (obviously). The camera is one of the best I've seen on a phone, and the swivel feature is nice, although it would be cool to be able to take pictures with it closed. It has bright buttons, and an easy to use keypad. It should have had the name razr. It puts the motorola to shame. While the front screen is small, and only green, it is still useful. It is incredibly fast, and has a very stylish user interface. The Media Player is good as well.

Reception - I get 3-5 bars in the ultra-rural
Excellent Swivel Camera W/Zoom (just not on 2mp)
Stereo Bluetooth
Excellent internal screen
Incredibly thin
Incredibly fast fast fast(no lag whatsoever)
Rubberized outside
Only comes with 64mb microsd
Speaker struggles with any bass (mostly due to thin design and small speaker)
Cant set your own mp3's as ringtones (you can set downloaded ones, but not ones you currently own)

Makes the razr unworthy of the name.
I've had people tell me it looks like a bond phone...

It's freaking Awesome!!!!


Feb 13, 2007 by gbonham

I've had the M610 for two weeks now, I had been using a Sanyo VI-2300 for a year and a half. I was immediately blown away by the amazing sound quality. The screen is huge and puts the KRZR to shame. The M610 loads games very quickly which is definitely not what I'm used to. The UI is very intuitive and attractive.

I have a few complaints about this phone too. MicroSD slot is in a very inconvenient place behind the battery. Second the D-pad is a little small and I find myself hitting the wrong button from time to time. The battery life could definitely be better. I went to work today around 7:30am and after making a few calls, listening to some music, a little internet browsing, and a few text messages my battery literally died on my when I walked up to the front door at 4:45pm. All in all though a great phone.


1. huge screen
2. great sound quality
3. beautiful UI
4. ability to customize
5. 2mp camera is more than enough for a camera phone


1. battery life
2. small d-pad

We have a winner!!!


Jan 19, 2007 by beautifulmess

Okay, I'm grading this pretty high esp. after leaving the Motorola SLVR behind. I previously owned the Samsung A900 and so this phone was easy to get use to. Alot of the features are the same.
What I like best?
The camera is awesome
expandable memory
a much longer battery life than the A900
the size (slim and sleek)
interface is quick

What I'd like to change?
*more battery life
*need flash for the camera
*unless you get a larger memory card, taking the battery out to change sucks!
*no speakerphone use with th eflip closed
*for the price, a larger outside screen would have been great (like in the A900)

Overall though a great phone. Ergonomically, it's not the best designed phone but I'm not a phone-to-my-ear kind of girl.

If I had my way this phone (minus the cons)with some of Sanyo's great features (call hold, call screen etc) would make this a perfect phone. I've never had a"perfect phone" but this is pretty close.

Excellent Phone


Jan 17, 2007 by Lizzi

This phone is really fantastic. Big beautiful screen. Really nice form factor. Sleek and sexy. Call quality and reception is pretty amazing. Its a keeper.

Great phone


Dec 16, 2006 by billecorgan

I have this phone for now. I switch pretty often. I also have had an A900 and I don't really know how you guys' experience with battery has been so bad. Mine kicks a**. It is at least double of my A900. I can browse the web most of the day and make a few calls and still have 2 bars of battery life. My A900 would be nearly dead. Also, the reception is awesome on this phone. I dropped calls occasionally in my apartment on my A900 (where the service is somewhat weak). I have yet to see this phone lose service there. I have had several phones and this one has better service than some Sanyo's that I have had. The camera is awesome and the screen is really vibrant and nice. I really like the OLED outside display. Overall, I think this phone is awesome.



Dec 14, 2006 by bryansm-610

This phone has just about everything I desired as far as features. The only thing I miss is being able to take candid pictures with the phone closed. The mp3 player sounds great and doesn't seem to use much juice...I listened for hours one day and still had enough power to last the through the next day with normal usage.
I have had way better reception with this phone than I had with my last two phones.
Just ordered a 1gb micro sd...can't wait.
The outside lcd is bright and easy to see under all circumstances. Has all the info I need at a quick glance.
Also like the feel of the phone!

Longtime Sanyo Guy switches


Feb 9, 2007 by Jon Straw

I am an unabashed Sprint guy. I have been with them since '98 and have had one problem the entire time. One phone call later, the problem was solved. During the time I have had Sprint, I have also been given phones from employers, so I have experience with Verizon (thought they were bad, until...) & Cingular (just got rid of that POS!).

During the time I have been with Sprint, I have had many phones, as you can imagine. Started with a Qualcom bar phone, then went through several Samsungs that I loved (3500, 8500, N400). Then I discovered Sanyo (8100, 8200, 7400, 9000) and thought that I would never use another manufacturer again. Until now.

First, to clear up some previous review mistakes - If the camera is upside down, then press the side button (volume) and it reverses the picture so it is right side up. Second, for those who find the multiple screens to get to the media player, just set it as a favorite. 2 buttons and you are there.


-THIN THIN THIN, but full ear-to-mouth connectivity
-Awesome picture quality
-Vibrate available on any ringer volume level
-Simple, easy to use interface (the reason I have loved the Sanyos-this is just as good) with ability to customize to suit your preferences.
-Looks. Some people have knocked the simplicity, but all I see is understated elegance.
-Lightweight, no bulk, but solid build feel
-Large, bright and clear screen
-Large, easy to use buttons (important if you have small sausages for fingers)

Cons: (most have been pointed out before)
-Battery life is not the best, but there is no free lunch. I have found better battery life by turning off Blue Tooth when I know I won't be using it for long periods of time. Now it lasts the day without a problem.
-No speakerphone when flip is closed. Very minor irritant for me, but can't be listed as a pro.
-If blue tooth is engaged and paired with headset, no way to answer the phone except from ear piece, and no way to turn off BT during call.

First phone I kept for my full 2 year contract.


Sep 1, 2008 by Eemerica2s

As the title says, this is the first phone I kept all 2 years. I have LIMITED complaints about this phone.

-2mp Camera
-Thin (not thinnest by Sprint anymore, but still eye-catching)
-No lag between menus
-Very customizable.
-Used Word Dictionary works well.
-T9 is super predictive. Predicts next word from previous messages. Slightly annoying at first but actually becomes useful sometimes.
-Huge inside LCD.

-Old school outside LCD. I like it, some don't.

-Doesn't show who texted you (I lived)
-Doesn't tell you when a message fails to send. THAT drove me insane and is the only reason I took off .5.

Perfect... almost


Dec 31, 2006 by 325power

I absolutely love this phone. More than any phone I've ever used. The camera takes awesome pictures, a flash would be nice but not a necessity. The phone gets better reception than my sanyo 8300 even though it doesn't have an antenna. The screen is amazing, so is the keypad. The only problems I have are that the speakerphone goes off if you close the phone, and there are a few minor bugs in the browser. Mainly sprints fault because their email software doesn't yet support the phone. Other than that call quality is amazing and bluetooth works flawlessly with my BMW.

Reception, feel, screen, camera, voice quality, music/video playback

Some sprint software not yet supported, no flash, speakerphone not active when phone closed.

overall, a firmware fix could be issued to fix all of the problems except the flash, but that isn't much of a problem anyway.

much better than my mother's razr (she hates that thing) and my girlfriend's a900m.

Stylish phone


Mar 25, 2007 by meyman9

This is a pretty phone for people who want to impress their buddies. The most noticeable features are the huge brilliant color screen and how thin the phone is, looks very cool. Because of those 2 features the outer screen was made very small and basic and the battery lasts only a day (I am a very moderate user). The out screen shows called id with the number first, then the name (because it's too small) so you have to wait for second ring to pick up if you don't recognize the number right away. Video was very choppy and blurry on this phone, more than on the M500. Video size is 1/3 of the screen size so very hard to see. There is a video enlarge feature which just makes it even more blurry. I could not get GPS navigation to work either, the phone could not find signal even outside. Headphone jack is proprietary so need special headphones (included).
Gmail does not work on it as of 3/24/07. Google people have been working on a fix since January but no estimate when it will be available, you can use flurry instead.

Large, beautiful display, leaps and bounds over all other phones
Tough, sturdy plastic and good metal hinge.
Swivel 2 Meg camera
Nice stereo headphones included
Very customizable
Super fast processor

Very short battery life, died on me twice
Can't charge and talk at the same time(one port)
No voice dictation for SMS like on M500
Gmail not supported
Outer screen is too small
No USB cable is provided as with M500 for example
Bad voice dial recognition, useless
Too expensive, M500 has the same features and voice dictation for much less $$$
No software comes with it or can be downloaded
Speakerphone not very loud for video or music

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