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just got it!


Dec 2, 2006 by ketchup

well this phone is amazing.the camera is so crystal clear,so good i download them to my mac then swith it to my psp.this phone is even better than the a900.the battery also lasts a little bit longer.the screen resoloution is off the charts this phone is the best SPRINT has to offer.

camera awsome
music player
expandable memory!
longer battery life
size is awsome
screen size

cons:reception not to good
battery life still not great
headphones that come in the box are very cheap had to spare another 50 bucks for good ones
and thats all.i will do another review when the sanyo M1 comes out for SPRINT SEE YOU ALL LATER

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Jan 24, 2008 by Incnway5   updated Sep 21, 2015

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An Awesome phone


May 16, 2007 by WayneD

After a lot of research bought the M610 a month ago. The screen was almost blinding with a huge magnificent display and super clear images. Many reviews were critical of memory card placement but frankly once a good sized memory card is in place what does it really matter. Also noted some criticism directed at sound quality (also lack of STERO speaker???what's this) and front display size, in my case at 50+ I can see the display without any difficulty at all. As for the sound quality I find it superior in all respects to any previous phone I owned.

Well goodbye blackberry. The browser is incredibly FAST (loaded Opera Mini) and the technology supports secure connections with bank and other similar type sites. I elected to load my phone with an Opera Mini advanced browser and I now have fully secure connections and a much faster browser. As I also subscribed to Gmail I also have access to my POP3 email accounts with full functionality. Now this of course means I must develop some new keyboarding skills but this appears to be going a lot easier than I ever expected (hated the thought of phone keypad but quickly converting).

On a final note the 2Gb memory card has more than enough music for a two hour flight (oops...dear airlines my phone transmitting option is always off). Shortcomings to the player are no external buttons except volume and nowhere near the individual song selection access as on the ipod....but remember this is a phone. I purchased a converter from Daydeal.com to allow me to use my shure earpuds (the phone has a unique input).

In case you haven't noticed yet I am a completely happy M610 owner looking forward to the end of my blackberry subscription. Now I have my phone, my email, secure banking browser access anywhere plus music .....what will they come out with next. In the meantime M610 is an all in one package at an incredible 3.47 oz's and .47 inches thick what could be better....Thank you again SAMSUNG.

Good Phone, Could have better battery life..


Feb 28, 2007 by Patric6373

As you all know, this is the thinnest clamshell in the United States. I really like the fact that it can be so small and yet feel so sturdy in the hand. There is a 2 mp camera which takes very bright and clear photos. There is a zoom if you bring the resolution down to 1mp but the zoom is horrible. The pictures still come out clear when you're using zoom, but it hardly even zooms. The exterior screen tells you everything you need to know, the only thing I wished that it told you was when you're playing music, I would appreciate the title and artist, but it just says "Playing Media". The speaker quality is extremley quiet, I recommend having it on vibrate because you probably will not hear it ringing. The video quality is smooth and the internet is fast. Unfortunately, the battery life is not the best. I listen to music for about 20 minutes and i lose a bar, I text a couple of times and roam the internet and i lose another bar. I recommend getting a car charger. The inside screen is big and clear. The keypad isn't the best if you're big for texting. It is very hard to dial by feel and if you're texting you more than likely to hit the wrong key. I often times hit the "Back" key instead of the down key and i think it's because they are too close.

Over all, this is a wonderful phone that has many features. The main bad points are the volume of the speaker and the batter life.

Otherwise, I highly recommend this phone!


wonderful phone


Jun 13, 2008 by happydog

I've had this phone for about a year and a half and really, really like it.
The camera is amazing. Not only does it take great pictures, the extra features are fun to play with. The multi shot function has been very helpful in getting clear pics of my very active kids, the divided shot is cool to see, and the other extras are neat too (ability to change resolution, fun frames, picture colors, etc..) My only irritation with the camera is the pics are not always shown in the order I took them ; for instance the pic I took last shows up as # 36 of 74 pics. That is frustrating if I want to review or show someone a recently taken picture. This only began happening in the last few months.
I seldom use the music player and Sprint store, but it's been fine when I've wanted it. My kids like watching cartoons through Sprint TV on the media player, and I like the On Demand features. I find the menu to be easy to use and navigate through.
I use text messaging very often. The t9 has driven me crazy alot, guessing nonsense instead of words and not having common words in it. Other than that, I enjoy texting on this phone - getting to punctuation, numbers, abc mode, etc is very easy.
One other thing I really don't like is the location of the memory card. (behind the battery) I don't take it out often, so it's not really a hassle for me.
Also, the size of the phone is perfect. Not too big, not too small, just right for my hand or my pocket.
To sum it up, this is overall a terrific phone. I use mine ALOT and am disappointed that it's not available anymore. I'd definitely choose this again.

Good Phone/Great Phone


Jun 30, 2007 by cofm

I have owned the phone for little over six months and it has been the best phone I have owned. I bought the M500 before I ended up with this phone. Between the two there is no comparison.

I was a little worried about the keyboard (that is why I returned the M500) I thought the key pad was going to be hard to navigate but to my surprise it is relatively easy. Being flat it is hard to feel any given key but you get use to it.

The screen is fantastic. I really love the large screen. Everyone who has seen the main screen loves the large number display. Most older people say they can actually see the numbers without their glasses. Everyone says the external screen is a little odd, but if most people were honest with themselves all you do with that screen is see who is calling so, how big does it have to be anyway? The external screen does exactly what it is suppose to do, show you who is calling.

It takes awhile to get use to the interface but I really like it. The customization options are pretty good. Most pictures I upload to the memory card and then place them as my screen saver.

With my sprint package I got the internet and this phone is great on the web. I love to map things out with google maps and this phone is fast. Google maps are sharp on the large screen. It just works well for me.

Everyone says the memory card spot is bad and I can tell where people get that idea, but once it is in you don't really think of it.

People have complained about battery life and if you are in to all the media stuff then I think you are going to have a problem with any phone. This phone normally last me a day worth of life about thirty minutes of talk and thirty minutes of web browsing.

Large screen
Supper fast internet
Nice camera (no flash)
I think it is a sharp looking phone
some say battery
card placement
speakers (no base, it is only a phone)

Overall I like this phone. I can't complain and would tell anyone to give it a try.

Strong Slim Phone


Apr 8, 2007 by YoJr

I have had this phone for over a month now. Upgraded from the Samsung A800. I like how thin the phone is compared to the "Brick" I used to have. Most people don't like that the interface has changed but I tend to like the ability to pick this phone up and know my way around with out having to fiddle with it. Battery life is low but what do you expect for such a small phone. I agree the speaker phone and volume for ringers/media could be better. I don't like that the charger and headset use same port as I don't have a BT headset yet and I like the ability to use my car charger while talking. Buttons are nice but it is hard if you go by feel as the pad is flat and the bump on the 5 is not well defined.
The bottom line
- Rubberized housing
- Strong hinges
- Excellent phone reception
- Fast Internet (faster than my wife's razr)
- THIN!!!
- MicroSD slot
Many others that are listed in other reviews

- Battery life
- Speaker volume in speaker mode/media/ringing
- MicroSD under battery (Design flaw due to the thickness of the phone)
- Can't use charger and headset (wired) at same time.

I lowered the ranking due to the speaker volume and battery life but don't consider them that big of a deal. Biggest hit was the charger/headset port.



Mar 13, 2007 by Pheonix

From the moment I saw this phone, I was in love. I'd only seen the Dummy model, so no real working parts, but I knew I had to have it. I waited a few weeks until the real thing came out (on the Bell Network, where I work).

This phone is my trade up from the Samsung p207, on Rogers, Which I loved, but, the 610 is so much better.

The slim phone is beautifully shaped,
With a fantastic screen,
2.0 Mp camera
And I like the flat buttons,
Just about everything about this phone.


It also has some minor issues, which may or may not be the phone itself or could be the carrier.

The speaker quality is not so good. I can listen to my music or ringtones, and sometimes it's fuzzy or crackling. Also, I a have a few ring tones that sounds okay when the phone is closed, but terrible when the phone is open.
The speaker phone itself is not so good, quality wise, but I've never had one before.

The headset/charger/usb port thing is... annoying, but understandable, seeing as it's such a thin phone, it doesn't have enough room for many ports.

The inconvinient micro SD card placing is not that big a deal.

All in all, I know really all I've mentioned is cons, I'd just like anyone buying this phone to know what they're looking into, and yet, everything else is amazing.

Great Phone, hard to customize


Mar 11, 2007 by ldiabolito

This phone is great in terms of style, weight, reception, and features. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

RECEPTION: I recently switched from Cingular to Sprint; from a Samsung SGH-D807 to this phone. This phone has much better reception (could have something to do with the carrier also). As an example, I go through the Caldecott Tunnel every workday. With the D807, my calls were dropped. With this phone, my calls are clear. Maybe its an apples to oranges comparison, but it is my experience.

Pros: Feature rich
Sprint TV is fast loading
Mobile Internet
GPS Service
Good Bluetooth compatibility
Slim, weighs very little
2 Mp Swivel cam (press the button on the side to flip the picture)
Takes micro SD
Feels Sturdy
Easy to use interface...

Hard to customize - I recently changed my background to a picture I took, but I'm not sure how I did it. Still trying to figure out the mp3 ringtone thing. I think I saw a post that said you have to send it via the internet. Its just a little more work to customize the phone. This is really my only complaint.

Overall: Great phone. Its the best one that Sprint has right now. I thought about the M1, but is too bulky for me. I thought about the KRZR, but this phone is thinner and less people will have it. Also, the swivel phone is pretty darn neat. I highly recommend this phone for a tech savvy person or gadget junky who is willing to put a little more work into the customization.

Pretty Good


Mar 5, 2007 by ghoyt


-Super Thin
-No antenna
-Great Screen
-Mini SD equipped, as opposed to bigger size
-Will Vibrate at all Volumes
-The "On Demand" feature let's you look up movie times and even order tickets faster than I was ever able to do on my old phone. This feature seems to be really a small thing but has a huge impact if you look up movies on the run often as I do.
-Assignable "Favorites" feature allows you to make almost anything 2 clicks away from the main screen.
-EVDO internet is much faster!


-I can't figure out how to use the files that I receive via Bluetooth as caller ID pics, etc. I can view them, but cannot figure out how to assign them or send them to someone. But this may just be me.
-No Flash
-Must use same jack for charging and ear piece
-Don't think I can easily assign music from the Sprint Music Store as a ringer
-There ought to be a Memory Card Icon on the Menu that would allow you to directly access all files/info on the memory card. As is, accessing files can be a chore.

Seems great so far. I am generally a Sanyo fan but the Sanyo M1 is a beast and the only apparent advantage seems to be the 1 Gig of internal storage, for which I will gladly buy a mini-sd to have a smaller phone. The 4.0 (as opposed to 5) is primarily due to the difficulty in transferring/managing files via Bluetooth.

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