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A so so phone


Apr 18, 2008 by rascaljordan

I had this phone for around 4 months. It was thin and looked cool but had a lot of flaws. I don't know if it was just where I lived or what but it dropped calls all the time.

-thinner then expected
-ok sized screen

-no camera
-keys were very small and I found myself pressing the wrong key a lot
-dropped calls a lot
-not a lot of ring tones or wallpapers

All in all the phone is ok if your just using it as a replacement phone like I was. But if you plan on this being your phone for a extended amount of time I'd recommend rethinking and choosing a different phone

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Nov 9, 2006 by money0808

I have had some virgin Mobile's phone line., K7,K9, "vox, flasher V7,nokia shorty, oystr, and the switch_back and the slice are my currents phones. The slice definitely has "phone appeal". Even tho it lacks a camera and Mp3 player like all the other slim phones, its still pretty kewl. Voice and sound quality are pretty kewl. The standard ringtones could be better tho.The screen size is decent. Its bigger than the external screen on the switch_back. I havent downloaded any ring tones yet so i cant discuss that yet. OVer all the phone is sweet for ONLY 50$!!! Be happy. I kno that i am with it

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decent phone . . . .


Nov 1, 2008 by rachrach

The phone has good qualities such as size, useability, features, screen size and picture quality, and it is attractive. The pay as you go plan is extremely convenient.

However . . .

1) The rights to this phone are owned by Virgin Mobile completely which means that you cannot download any free ringtones, wallpaper, games etc. that are not offered through Virgin Mobile.

2) My phone will not charge beyond one bar. I contacted service and asked for a replacement battery and they sent me a replacement phone which did the exact same thing as my personal phone. I called back and they sent me a charger. There is something wrong with either the phone or the battery or both. There is definitely something wrong with customer service who didn't listen to what I had to say the three times I called.

3) The phone has been discontinued by Virgin Mobile and that's probably a good thing.

4) Stay away from Virgin Mobile! Their customer service is terrible, and the agents don't know what they are doing. When you call their 800 number the menu options given are confusing, and their website is even worse.

5) Stay away from Virgin Mobile!

Don't get me wrong I love the phone (even more, if it would hold a charge) it was the terrible service that I received that turned me off. Virgin has lost me as a customer.

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Ok phone


Aug 26, 2008 by Jordy16

PROS ok battery life. Thin. CONS screen resolution. Buttons too cramped. Key lock feature sucked, i always accidently called people in my pocket. Menu icons wer kiddish. No camera. Charger slot eventually goes mental.

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Cool looking Phone


May 21, 2007 by cellphoneexpert

Pros:Awesome Looking
Ultra thin
Looks like Chocolate
Nice web browser
Downloadable Stuff
Quality 2.5 mm headphone jack
Quality service

Cons:Not many ringtones but can download more

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Apr 20, 2007 by KLSI MPS

i have this phone. i have to admit that it's a good phone but the only problem that i have is that it is so easy for your phone to dial 911 when it is on key guard. other than that i recommend this phone to everyone.

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Ultra-Slim Design, Great Price!


Jan 20, 2007 by bry1023ny

I purchased this phone after discovering that VMobile revised their monthly plan offerings. Previously they weren't using 7pm or unlimited nights/weekends as plan options, which were important to me. I originally switched from VMobile to Sprint to 'save money' but ultimately their taxes and surcharges are way higher (avg. $15+/mo.)So when I realized these changes, I started looking into VMobile phones again. The only one that really caught my eye was this 'Slice' since it is incredibly thin and can fit anywhere, into anything. This was a 'win-win' proposition - the phone is dirt cheap (on sale for $39.99!), and Best Buy has their exclusive 'red' version of the phone which is quite a departure from the rest of cell phones out there. Admit it is hard to find a glossy red phone - this thin - for this price! This is by far the slimest phone out on the market. All hail the return of 'candy bar' type phones! This Slice has a very bright color screen with good enough resolution and clarity; I adjusted the contrast to make it a little more deeper and richer in detail and color. The keypad when it lights up is downright gorgeous -- all of the keys are perfecty lit from side-to-side, corner-to-corner; not to mention the sexy blue color they emit. No frills design - no bluetooth, camera, etc... but then most people don't want or need that stuff! Now to the nitty-gritty: the phone during operation is fantastic. Calls are crystal clear thanks to the Sprint network. Volume from the earpiece (when turned to the 'High' setting) is excellent. There is no muffled sound but it sounds slightly different due to the ultra-slim clamshell design. The speakerphone (located on the back, near the top of the phone) works good enough and is loud enough. Battery life is very long (4 hours!) On the 'con' side Virgin Mobile's ringers/wallpapers are distasteful. I use only the standard 'normal ringer'; VMobile should have their own logo as a choice for wallpaper. Great phone, recommended!

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nice phone


Jan 16, 2007 by pizzahutisgood10

I just got this phone yesterday and I think that its really nice. Its duarable you can hear clearly and the ringtones are LOUD! The only thing I cant figure out is the plug that is on the bottom I dont have a clue what its for, if anybody knows send me an e-mail at pizzahutisgood10@aol.com

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Great Basic Phone


Dec 21, 2006 by Minding-Maura

This phone is for all those who don't need or want to pay for the extra stuff most phones are loaded with these days. It's a phone, plain and simple - but with a little style thrown in for good measure.

Very inexpensive - $39.99
Super Thin
Comes in Red or Black (I got the Red one)
Nice sized screen
Decent graphics
Great Sound in regular and hands-free mode
Long Life on a battery charge
Easy to use
East to read menus
Quite Durable - It's been dropped at least a dozen times now and hasn't chipped, scratched or broken yet.

Not too many, remember it's a basic phone so you can't count a lack of fancy features as a con - it's not positioned for that market segment.
No Cases, Holsters, etc.
Battery Cover a little difficult to open - I keep thinking it's going to break one of these days.
Navigation ring too small - if were slight raised at the 4 points it would be much better.
Remember to press the end button twice to hang up because the first time just turns on the light - the second push hangs up.
Ringtone sound reproduction could be better.

Not Really CON's - more an issue with Virgin Mobile really:
Terrible selection of graphics and most don't fill the screen.

But all in all a very good choice for people like me that want just a basic phone.

Suggested features for an upgraded model:
A fully packed unit with MP3, Camera and Bluetooth.

I did find that the Bluetooth dongles work well with this phone. So there's your Bluetooth.

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Thin otherwise just ok phone


Nov 3, 2006 by Lil Talker


1) Very thin, even more so than expected

2) Virgin's extra services such as auto top up, tones (which you'll need) and stuff

3) Sprint signal surprisingly similar to my Verizon thus far

4) Cool blue keyboard backlight


1) Longer and wider than I prefer. But then I've been partial to the small Nokias like the Shorty, 2128i

2) The keys aren't too small. But because they are more flush and not as raised, it is very easy to hit the wrong key or scroll button. Very easy. Maybe though that has something to do with the size of my hands. Though I had never considered mine all that unreasonably lg or anything.

3) The screen isn't too small either. But the signal bars are smaller than what I'm used to. Too much so.

4) Lacking in ringtones.

5) The non-amplified sound isn't quite s loud as with my Nokias even @ the loudest setting.

6) No VM roaming should the need ever arise.

It's not a bad phone by any means. But nothing overly special about it other than the thinness for the price.

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