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So Cool and Yet......


Oct 29, 2006 by zelenka

This phone is a real heartbreaker. It is so nice in so many ways but it's CDMA and it's stuck with the feeble Sprint network.
So many cool features including a front mounted LED that changes from red to blue when charged and blinks to indicate missed calls, etc. This could be a super popular phone if it weren't for Sprint. They have the worse coverage of any carrier; very spotty in rural areas!

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Simply Stylish


Dec 8, 2006 by Lrodriguez5517

I work for (xxxx) phone company, as well as testing phones & this one is better than assumed to be:

-Although the buttons are durable (and when in your pocket aren't so sensitive) I would have liked them to be a little more soft to the touch
-Looks like it could be capable of more
-Graphic quality is that of a child's toy
-Games/wallpaper/Ringtones/and Screen-savers that come already on phone are creepy and annoying although the hot dog was quite funny
-Finding a cover for this thing took me out of my way but I am satisfied with the pouch i found(mind you it wasn't offered by the carrier)
-The Mic on the phone could be enhanced

-Thin (thinner than expected)
-Memory is pretty good
-Makes calls (lol)
-Ring-tone Quality is nice
-Great for those of you looking for something basic for calls and texting with a little jazziness or eye appeal to it, with out the bulkiness of a nokia2125 or those other inexpensive phones
-Great for backup phone.

PS Features
~Illusion of a high tech phone but truly basic (I find it to be a cute little quality, but I know some may find that as a disappointment or even deceiving)
~My mom compared it to her remote control

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Fantastic Phone!


Nov 25, 2007 by nitrico2

I've owned this phone for just about a year. It is one of the thinnest on the market; past and present! Honestly, this is one of the best phones Virgin Mobile has put out to date.

- Great reception/antenna
- Very clear calls
- Speakerphone works very well (2-way)
- Nice screen and backlit blue keypad
- Java downloadable games
- Great battery
- Special Edition glossy red color (optional)

- No camera
- No bluetooth
- Cheesy wallpapers/ringtones (use standard)

I was so excited by this phone, come September '07 I purchased the 'Super Slice' by VMobile. The funny thing is, as much as I liked the Super Slice, I went back to the original! Here's why:

The 'Super Slice' (SS)

* Reception is poor compared to the original Slice. No bars on the SS and you get at least 3 on the original version. Keep your hands over the antenna bar on the bottom of the phone and it makes the reception even worse!

* The larger, raised keypad is an upgrade, however when you keep the phone in your pocket it's way to easy for pressure to depress the phone's buttons - requiring you to turn the keylock on. The keylock requires 2 or more presses, cutting down on the ease of use. The backlight on the keypad also flashes intermittently when the main LCD is in dim mode.

* Having the SS in my pocket, the phone battery would overheat and the phone would shut down for no reason. This happened on numerous occasions. The phone would not re-start unless the battery was reset!

* The bluetooth function worked well enough, however there is some glitch in the voice command function. You can set the phone for pressing one button on the bluetooth and the phone will talk to you "Please say a command...", but this worked sometimes, but mostly did not work at all, a major frustration.

* The SS is bulkier and heavier than the original Slice.

All in all, I recommend the ORIGINAL SLICE over the Super Slice. Nothing fancy, a phone for what it should be!

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nice phone


Nov 27, 2006 by artsd

I am using Virgin Mobile service (which as of right now is the only carrier using the Slice AFAIK). I had an Audiovox 8610 which was a very reliable phone but suffered from one annoying problem of a super quiet ringtone. I was debating whether to switch to this phone and when Radio Shack offered it for $20 on Black Friday, I jumped at it.

I need just a basic phone. I don't do any text messaging or web access. I might customize the wallpaper/ringtone and possibly install a game or two, but that is it.

** Pros: **

loud ringer

clear display

nice keypad (I have large fingers and have no problem)

good signal quality (works better than my 8610 in buildings)

** Cons: **

very ugly menu system (dragon = Messaging, donkey = My Stuff, ?!?)

built in wallpaper is so ugly you will be "forced" to spend $2 for a new one from Virgin

hard to find good fitting belt clip case (phone is pretty new so hopefully one will come out soon)

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Great basic phone


Aug 24, 2007 by andben

This is a great basic phone I got it for just 25 dollars at walmart.and you can get free graphics and wallpapers at jamster.com all you have to do is just sign up and download all you want then cancel your subscription and they never charge you.I allready downloaded 20 ringtones and 37 graphics.


small keypad

preloaded graphics suck

you can only download games from virgin mobile


the keypad lights up blue

has java (support for games)

has a lot of memory for a cheap phone

has great reception

has good battery life.

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Not Bad, I Say, Not Bad


Jul 17, 2007 by DameDiezilfromVA

I've had this phone for at least a week now and I've had no problems. Not many, if any, cons about it. Love the keypad color, thinness, slick look, speaker quality, and many other things. It is very easy to hit the wrong button though. Not a big problem, just back space. It vibrates while ringing and get messages promptly. I'm not gonna complain about the ring tones because i have to my own music anyway. Graphics....Virgin Mobile couldn't be serious. Wallpapers should be free. lol. I really love the length of the ring tones.


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Feb 11, 2007 by gustep12

I've previously used the Audiovox CDM-8500 and liked it quite well. Then I wanted to upgrade and got this phone. I find it so-so compared to what I had before:


1.) Keylock is not automatically enabled. You need to hold the * key for 3 seconds instead.
2.) With manual key lock, the phone is set to call 911 when you hold the large green "Call" button for more than 3 seconds. That's just what happened as I was shopping - the phone got squeezed a bit and called 911 on me unexpectedly. How stupid is that?
3.) Only 3 included ringtones, all horrible
4.) Menu is not well laid out and requires a lot of scrolling
5.) You can't set it to first vibrate, and then ring after a few vibrates. It's either or, or both at the same time.


1.) Slim, small, lightweight, decent looking
2.) Good reception, better connectivity than my CDM-8500
3.) Good battery life, surprising for such a small unit

Bottom line: They skimped on the software and programming, big time. If they made a firmware upgrade available to add a better key lock and ringer oprions, then it would actually be very good phone. Right now I'm seriously frustrated because I have to worry that it will accidentally call my friends (when unlocked) or 911 (when locked).

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