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not impressed


Jul 25, 2008 by hillary26

This phone looks nice, is light and good to look at but does not have many highlights as far as functions.


no color LCD on front
camera only decent
keys are slighltly difficult to text on
no ringtones as text tones

I got this phone christmas 2006. I was dropped it numerous times and it held up well. Finally though, it quit working. I got a new one. By October, the battery on that phone was not functioning correcting.It would shut off for no reason and would not come back on until I removed and then replaced the battery. I then changed it in for a Razr v3xx. I like that very mcuh.

Decent Basic Phone


Jun 21, 2008 by jeffMD

I have this phone for Cincinnati Bell, not cingular like most of you. I am, overall pleased with this handset unlike most of you.

pros. Good battery life
Small thin size
has a Camera
good external LCD easy to read

Cons. Main LCD is low resolution and pixels are easily seen
Camera is crappy (VGA)
charger port on side. Why?
No video
Why put bluetooth with no filetransfer
flimsy charger port cover fell off
Overall for someone who only uses the phone to make phone calls I guess its Ok.

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This phone achieves the peak of suckage


Apr 28, 2008 by Morrighan

I got this phone about two years ago when I signed with Cingular, & at first I liked the phone. The camera seemed decent, & it was simple - just calling, texting, & downloading. I discovered all the little perks of my phone within two weeks.
However, I quickly realized that my phone was not up to scratch. My hands shake slightly, & most of my early pics ghosted badly until I figured out a way to keep the phone perfectly still. As a photographer, I wasn't impressed with the resolution or the size of my pics. The 'Night' mode doesn't cut it at all.
Then, about nine months into my contract, I opened my phone to find that I had a black screen with white edges. I tried to turn my phone on, and the white intensified, but nothing happened. I was forced to remove my battery & my SIM card, replace them & turn my phone back on, at which point my phone reset all my settings & deleted the fifty pics I'd saved.
Two months later, I lost it inside a friend's couch in a place where I have no reception, so I couldn't find it by calling it. I had to get a new SIM card & buy a TracFone until I found my old one. I found my phone after three months & inserted my new SIM into it. Ever since, using my phone has been like being shut in an Iron Maiden - pure agony. The charger slot cover came off, it suddenly drops calls, it won't turn on properly, it lags, & my antenna is coming off. Dropping in water during a call doesn't seem to affect it much, oddly.
Normally I have good reception because I live on the I-5 Corridor, but my work often takes me outside the range of many cell towers & I can't turn off the 'searching for network' option which drains my battery. I was out of town yesterday & when I arrived at my destination I had a full battery. I woke up to a dead battery & four voicemails.

-(apparently) waterproof
-good menu setup

-horrible reception
-weak hinge
-mediocre camera
-short battery life

I hate this phone, and I'm buying an enV!

Piece of JUNK!!!


Apr 7, 2008 by ddufrene11

This is the absolute worst phone I've ever had. I bought it a little over a year ago and now it is completely DEAD. I am so angry that a piece of junk like this can be sold and not be recalled. I called to ask what options are available and guess what? I can pay $75 for an early upgrade and extend my plan for two years or I can buy the phone myself. Well I'm buying the phone myself and cancelling my plan as soon as I can to go to another company. I've been with them for 10 years, so yes I'm angry.

Sometimes, in just the right conditions, I could actually have a conversation on the phone.

Sim card message over and over again when I first bought it. Couldn't use it for 2-3 days.
Drops calls constantly.
Call Failed.
Call Rejected when I clearly pressed accept.
Network Failed.
Terrible reception.
Echoed voices.
Missed calls not showing up.
Couldn't get voicemails at times.
Phone shutting off by itself.
Phone not turning back on for several attempts.
Shall I go on?



Feb 3, 2008 by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv

This is not a good phone for how much money you spend buying it.

Pro's: good reception, fun games

Con's: awful camera, short battery life, flat keyboard, saves messages when you close your phone, you have to go to settings every time you want to go from vibrate to silent or vice versa, you can record tones but can't use them as your ring tone, you can't personalize it, its is very slow.

I put the phone in my pocket and the front screen cracked. What a rip off. I do not reccomend this phone.

A waste of both time and money.


Feb 2, 2008 by cranberryapple

I got this phone over a year ago and have had nothing but problems with it:

The first day I got the phone the phone all but shut off on it's own and started flashing "Insert SIM card" i had to take out the battery, remove and reinsert the SIM card and turn the phone back on. After taking the phone back 3 times for that same problem in the span of 6 weeks it seems to be fixed.

The reception. What recpetion? It drops calls for no reason. It seems like I cna't be on the phone for more than 10 minutes before it drops the call and you play the call back game for another 5 minutes.

Three of the main keys on the front of the phone lead you to the internet and you cannot change the destination of the soft keys. They are forever 'Menu' and 'IM' (a service I have never and will never use in my life).

The battery life is definitely not what they boast. I don't talk on my phone very often and I'm lucky if it makes it for 2 days without needing a charge.

The camera button on the side of the phone is more of a niusance than anything. Every few days of so i have to go delete multiple black pictures lest they take up all of my memory.

I could go on and on about this phone but I won't. I'm very dissapointed in ATT for even carrying this phone and even more dissapointed in Samsung for even making the damn thing. This phone has made me seriously consider going to another carrier.



Jan 18, 2008 by msmith1991

I purchased this phone from a friend since i got locked out of mah Nokia 6555 and i would avoid this phone.
1...nice main menu
2...big keypad
1a...Bad receptions.
2a...Drops calls like crazy
3a...Menus are slow.

i would not recommend this phone at all.
i have *OK* att coverage at mah house and had not had a prob with other att phones till this one. it wil let me talk for like 8min then it drops the call.

if you want this phone i would suggest the upgrade SAMSUNG SGH-A437



Dec 17, 2007 by sullivan16xxx

yo soy scott. me llamo superman!!! ok well i give this phone a 3. this was my first phone and it is ok. i dont get these haters out there who are like trying to use their phones for EVIL. i givemy man superman a shout out here and there and its all good and sometimes send if a crazy text to the message.

samsung sggh c417 sim card


Oct 23, 2007 by jayzman

the reason the sim card sign comes up for the cingular its the sim card itself imy phone was doing the same thing then i got tired of that i told them to replace the sim card since then i have no problem with it.

This phone is a rip off!!!


Oct 20, 2007 by cholovato

This phone is great if all you want to do with it is talk. Don't even thing about using the bluetooth, the camera or the dataport. Samsung and probably ATTgular as well, deliberately disabled the bluetooth capabilites and the dataport as well. So if you want to take pictures there is no way to get them off the phone unless you want to upload them on the net for a charge of $.25 a photo. I bought a bluetooth ear piece and bluetooth data transfer device as well for my PC and it is not compatible either. I couldn't figure out how to use the dataport when I found out online that it has been disabled as well. Do not buy this phone unless all you want to do is talk using the handset. No camera, no bluetooth and no data transfer.

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