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Samsung C417 Review


Sep 27, 2006 by ldavisfl

I like this phone. I've had phones with lots of bells and whistles in the past. At some point I realized I never used 90% of the features. What I wanted is a handsome phone that works well and that is thin for my pocket.

The C417 is really thin! I think it is roughly comparable to the Razr but perhaps it isn't precisely as thin. It is narrower though, no doubt about that. I don't really like the Razr buttons (my preference) and Samsung's buttons are nicer in my opinion.

My biggest disappointments so far? The included bluetooth doesn't support file transfers, only headsets and hand-free kits. Why Samsung would go to all the trouble to put in bluetooth hardware (antenna, support chip, etc) and then not throw in a bit of software to allow you to sychronize/backup your contacts with your PC via bluetooth is beyond me. Perhaps they argue that most people don't really see the value in this (and yet they included "games" in the phone... yeah everyone uses those!)

So... I have ordered a cable for the phone ($25 from Cingular) because I MUST synchronize/backup my contacts for business reasons. If the cable doesn't work I will return the cable and the phone (I'm still within my 30 day return period with Cingular).

Overall I love the phone because it is thin and well constructed. It has a VGA camera but I never use phone-cams anyway so that is irrelevant (they could have left that out and given me the bluetooth file transfer ability).

I think the ear volume is "adequate" but I wish it were louder. With a lot of background noise it is sometimes hard to hear but I hear this complaint from so many people with mobile phones of all makes. I guess a few phones stand out for speaker volume and most are just average.

Finally, one last word... the connector where you plug in your charging or data cable is covered by a small plastic "door" that I fully expect to break off and disappear. It is so tiny and it's tethered to the phone with a minuscule tiny span of plastic.

Very Average


Sep 6, 2006 by Djanifer9512

This phone doesn't do anything that one hasn't seen before. It's meant to be a entry level handset, so I'll review it like one.

The reception on this phone is very, very average. Typical GSM Samsung in that regard. In heavy coverage, it performs as it should. In light to moderate coverage, it can be a little flaky but it does the job. The screen is large, however it is not as bright as the d807. The phone does have bluetooth, however it only supports handsfree profiles. No file swapping or tethering with this bad boy. The speaker phone is average at best, sometimes sounding crumby when at the highest volume. The ringer is okay, you'll hear it in a semi-noisy environment, but it will never be mistaken for a Nextel. The battery life is average as well. It'll last you about 2 1/2 days on a full charge with moderate usage, if your a heavy user, buy a car charger. The phone is virtually cannot be customized outsided of changing the ringtone and wallpaper. The only real pros on this phone are these; the phone is pretty attractive. It is very, very thin without feeling too cheesy. It is the lightest phone I've ever picked up, even compared to the Pantech c300.

Overall, this phone is not the champ in it's weight class. I would deffinately reccomend the Nokia 6102i, Motorola v557, Sony z525 or Razr before settling for this one. Although it isn't a "bad phone", this phone is probably best suited for novice cell phone users. Merry Christmas Grandma and Grandpa.

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Solid but a little quirky


Sep 5, 2006 by alter

For $80 this is quite an nice phone. The build quality is outstanding, reception is solid (Cingular in NYC) and call quality clear and plenty loud. The VGA camera is perfectly adequate for pic messages and wallpapers.

The quirks are common to Samsung's UI. With a little practice I can navigate the menus pretty fast but the lack of customization features is dissapointing (coming from a Motorola V190 where everything can be changed to suit me).

It's sleek, solid and allows you to make clear calls. For me thats plenty. Oh yeah, battery life is so-so, probably going to charge it every other day, maybe every three days.

Worse than most Samsung phones...


Jul 4, 2009 by milatchi

This phone is actually worse than most Samsung phones, and most phones I've used.

Fairly thin

Terrible reception (multiple regions & locations)
Randomly powers off and refuses to power back on
Keypad ceases to respond; with the exception of the End Call/OFF button
Camera button (on side) is easy to press while in pocket; end up with a phone full of pictures of your pocket

Takes a Lickin and keeps on calling


May 19, 2009 by udeo

I have owned this phone for about 2 years. I have dropped it more times than I can count. Each time I see it bounce across the concrete I think will be the last but it just keeps on working. I have no complaints on battery life. I have no complaints about ringer volume, which is very good. The screen is large enough and bright enough for the over 40's among us. It is a basic phone and that is really all I need. Now to the negatives. The call volume could be louder. If you do not keep it in a case it will take photos inside your pocket and then you have 50 black photos to delete. Reception? It does fine I have few dropped calls. I have seen the negative reviews posted but for a basic phone that from my experience is "tough and durable", this phone is a good fit.

Worst Phone Ever!


Nov 30, 2008 by morgan172

*cell phone will call it's self.
*cell phone sends text messages to it's self
*It also deleted my inbox and outbox in text messaging,and also multi media message on it's own.
*I don't know how that's possible for it to that,when i didn't even hit the delete button.
* It takes pictures on it's own.And takes great pictures inside my pants pocket (side picture button)
*I cant recieve text messages anymore. I have people calling me at home asking me why haven't you gotten any of my text messages. *And when someone calls me, and i hit accept to accept the call it immediately disconnects the call.
*It's the worst phone ever!
*You can forget about reception Because you'll never get it with this phone!

*great for a paper weight
*If you like stress it's the perfect phone for you!

I feel bad for all you people out there with this phone too!because it sucks!

SGH-C417 makes good boat anchor


Nov 20, 2008 by vanwarrw

After having this phone for two years I am sick of it dropping calls with 5 bars of signal. Even with a lot of signal (3 bars or better), I have recieved error massages.

The Pros:
It can withstand to be thrown accross a room in times of fustration

- Dropped calls
- Call errors
- Poor camera quality pictures.
- Everything defaults to you having to go on line to Buy something.
- Games have to be purchased
- Ringer volumn somethimes not enough



Oct 12, 2008 by sailfish

I purchased a 417 from AT&T. After 4 days the screen started darkening on the left side. It is now about 1/3 black and totally unusable. Neither AT&T nor Samsung would accept responsibility for this defect.

really bad power issues


Oct 8, 2008 by attuser

really bad power issues. I have two phones in my plan and both of them have power issues from days one. They turn off for no reason, and problem is only getting worse.
Got to the point when phone is completely useless, it powers up and turns off right away. Avoid this phone, the worst phone I ever had



Oct 3, 2008 by JACKIERAESLY

I have had this phone for 3 years and dropped it numerous times it even fell in the bath tub and still works awesome. I love it -its super slim and fits in my jeans. The reception cuts out at times and it does freeze rarely -but I've had that happen with Nokias and Motorollas too.The pictures it takes are clear, and the reception I get is great.Overall if you are looking for an inexpensive phone that small, looks good, with many (but not all)options for a phone, this is the one.

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