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Out of this world


Sep 12, 2006 by beeferjay

Well, I am a long time t-mobile customer who happens to work for another wireless provider. I am a phone guru, to say the least.

I purchased the T-509 when i first came out, anything to get away from the RAZR, which i had to replace 9 (!) times. I was satisfied with the T-509.

When i first heard about this phone, I had to have it. I have had it for a day. It blows the already fabulous T-509 out of the water.

T-519 Pros:

greater sound volume
smaller size
inproved camera (of course)
--removeable memory--
slightly sturdier feel then T-509
the greatest non-smartphone available from T-mobile.

T-519 Cons:

seriously nothing i could think of.


good phone


May 1, 2008 by Hawk6169

its a great basic phone with added features.
-great camera
-great video
-ok battery life
-great design

-music player does not support WMA formats-which is not good for me seeing all my music on my computer is in wma format not mp3 like the phone supports-the only way i might be able to transfer them is with the data kit for the phone but it costs $60. WAY TOO MUCH
-ear piece is not very loud at all
-speaker volume could be louder

Preliminary Review


Sep 12, 2006 by joninatlanta

First of all, I'm impressed.
For it's size, this phone feels amazingly solid and not the least bit fragile.

The keys are individual and "reverse painted", ie painted on the bottom, clear on the surface which should keep them from showing wear. The keypad backlight is amber which is a welcome departure from L.E.D. blue and adds to it's professional appearance.

The LCD is crisp, bright, beautiful but washes out in the sun.
Manual dialing switches to a black background with BIG white numbers which helps.

Ringers are loud but be prepared to add some of your own.
Vibrate is strong as well.

RF seems to be every bit as good as my old RAZR.

Incoming and outgoing sound quality is also very good.

So far so good. It appears Samsung has a hit on it's hands.

Back to Samsung


Sep 30, 2006 by jadenjenn

I purchased this phone within the first week that it came out. I am very happy with my choice in getting this phone. I have owned a samsung x427 and motorola V360. The x427 took many beatings from my child and kept on working. But since I switched phones havent found one that was worth its price. I believe this is the best one that samsung has come out with and better than the nokia (sorry to nokia users). I never lose my calls, all calls are clear and crisp(no echoing). I always have maximum bars. The buttons are nice to use. I am not always hitting the tzone button like on the moto V360. Plus the key pad is toned down from the bright blue. I like having it set on voice for punching in numbers when not looking at the phone. The only problem I have with the slimness is that I have trouble locating it in my purse.

pic quality
enough bells and whistles
speakerphone (can have it on desk while on computer) And the person cannot tell the differnce like other phones
very sturdy doesnt scratch as easy like others
awesome reception
and memory expansion a major plus

easy to lose in purse would like them to hurry up and get a case out for it.



Sep 22, 2006 by krappei

First off, I'd like to say that I buy cell phones to make calls so call quality is priority. Having a camera, mp3 playback, organizer, etc. just aren't that important to me; I'd rather use my iPod or Canon for that. Typically, I like Nokia's due to their great reception and intuitive interface but must say that the Trace/T519 is exceptional comparitively.

the good:
-excellent reception (NYC, all over Chicagoland area, Atlanta so far)
-super slim; eat your heart out razr
-bright, colorful screen
-good camera and video for a cell phone
-above avg battery life (2 days between charge based on very heavy use)
-plays mp3's
-loud, clear ringtones including mp3's
-light weight, yet sturdy
-not overly expensive like most newer phones
-micro SD memory expansion

the not so good:
-hard to add/remove sim card but that's probably to accomodate the thinness
-interface needs getting used to if you're not already used to Samsung phones (not true for Nokia's)
-avg speakphone

In conclusion, get this phone if you're all about call reception and style with some bells & whistles. Sorry to say, Nokia, but Samsung's won me over. This is by far the best overall phone I've owned.

previous phones I've used: Nokia 8260, 8265, 6610; Samsung S100, E635; Motorola Razr

Best Samsung for T-Mobile in a long time!


Sep 13, 2006 by Bluefly

In my opinion this is the best phone Samsung has released with T-Mobile USA for overall quality since the E-715.

I have only used the phone for 3 days and I am impressed with how it feels. It seems more sturdy compared to the RAZR or T-509.


Fit & Finish A+
Beautiful LCD screen
Super Thin
I love the UI
RF almost as good as E-715
Removable Memory Card!


Not a 2.0 megapixel camera like x-820
Battery life could be better but you could say that about any phone.

Overall a solid Samsung phone for T-Mobile and it's a long time coming!

Stable Functional & Able


Sep 20, 2006 by SprintTampaBay

Very stable phone good clean software, providing stable operation. The functions on the phone are quite good compare to other slim phones. The Trace is more than able to provide fun or work applications. I used the Samsung A920 and the Sanyo Katrina while with Sprint both nice phones, but I find the Trace to be a very good multitask phone.

Pros Clarity of calls
Great reception
Nice screen & colors
Solid feel
Slim & compact
Very inexpensive
Good battery life

Cons Color, black would have been nice

I would have rated it 4.75 because of color, but I rounded up and give it a 5.0 as is an excellent phone. Best Samsung I've used in a while.

If Your Razr Is Dull, Try a Trace


Sep 14, 2006 by clancyinnyc


So slim and light weight I literally walked out of the house my first couple of days with it thinking I forgot my phone. It was right there in my pocket.

The wide screen is beautiful. It's like a movie screen.

Amazing volume capacity in the receiver. I had the T500 for ten days. I loved it but heard this one was just like it but a little better, and that's true. When I heard the receiver volume was better I was really excited because that was about the only thing I had a problem with in the T500, since I live in New York and street sounds are so loud. You really need a phone that you can pump the volume on.

Takes great pictures. But who cares? Don't you have a Digicam by now?

When writing a text and in "A" mode (not T9), the blinking cursor blinks very quickly, so if you need to type the name "Leigh" you would need to push the 4 button three times to get the "igh", and this can be accomplished very quickly.

Helpful additional features.. you can set up automatic key lock so when you hang up the keys lock again, you just toss the phone in your bag or slip it in your pocket without fear you're accidentally dialing someone.

I love that it has stereo bluetooth, that it's international, that it has airplane mode.. all these little features that make it a step up from the t500 which, as I've said, was already an amazing phone.

TERRIFIC battery life.


Light silver color w/ gold shimmer. A little feminine for my taste.

Takes a bit too much scrolling through menus to delete text messages. Had a Samsung phone for THREE YEARS prior to this one, and reading/ replying to/ deleting texts was actually easier and quicker with that older version.


This is the best phone I have ever owned. I love it. I love T-mobile (seriously). Amazing customer service (going on 3 yrs now). I have always liked Samsung phones, but this is in a league of it's own. Eat your heart out Razr.

Yes I love it, then I dont.


Oct 8, 2006 by RSX8900

I love the phone its great! Fast, great reception, speakers are loud, speakerphone is loud..its qucik, form factor is great i love it small, i love how its sooo bright and its up todate with alot of stuff.

text capabilities
vibrate hard for a thin phone

No vibe and ring at the same time
Not too "customizable"

Hope this helped. =)

its a good phone.. great fone better than a razr.



Sep 22, 2006 by PlainShane

There is a trend in america's technology, and that is "slim". Well, I can not stand flip phones, sliders are my favorite, yet candy bar phones are great if it supports a simple auto-lock. The T519 has the best auto-lock feature yet; you only have to one button to unlock it, not the normal 2 or three, which makes for fast access.

-Durable even if comparing to a non-slim bar.
-They do not lie whey they say it is wafer thin and light.
-Wonderful camera.
-Above par battery sufficiency.
-The buttons are strong without the cliche blue LED! We now have amber lighting.
-Classy design.
-Amazingly bright screen except with in direct sunlight.
-Quad band; I get amazing signal in the basement. Best phone out of 4 in the last month for basement reception.

-I forget it is in my pocket due to weight and size, therefore I am afraid I will drop something onto my lap someday and damage the device.
-The device should come with the USB cable, that needs to be a standard.
-Oddly shaped screen size, or so I believe.

Perfect phone if you are looking for simple luxury at a fair price.

//former SE K750i, VK Kickflip, & Samsung E635 user//

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