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Samsung SGH-T519 Trace


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Sep 19, 2006 by Amex

Nice phone, so nice I purchased one to go with my Blackberry. This phone is a pleasant surprise, clear reception nice features all around great phone. I would recommend it too anyone looking for a solid built performer with many features and benefits. This will be my weekend and get away from work phone...

Pros: Too many to name...

Cons: Nothing worth discussing...

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Samsung SGH-T519 - FELT FLIMSY


Oct 2, 2006 by pepsifreak

I went to my local T-Mobile store with every intention of buying the new bar style Samsung, T519.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed a small loosely fitting circular cover on the back of the phone that could easily be removed with the flick of my nail. It fell off into my hand with just about no effort.

The T-Mobile seller brought out 4 different Samsungs, all with the same issue. As I sat there in the store, I thought against picking this phone up. If something as simple as a small cover for the back of the phone is too hard to get right, what else would be wrong with this $149 item?

So I walked out of the T-Mobile store without anything new. It's sad, because I really wanted to like this phone.

Sorry, Charlie.

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Pimped Out Throwaway - expect 6 months if you treat it gingerly


Sep 21, 2006 by ausetkmt

I'm Not a phone guru - just an industrial strength IT user. I Paid $149.99 on tmobile w/1 yr NWA Contract.

I Purchased it on sunday and got it today in the mail so I'm in the set up stages, and not truly convinced this is the phone of the year. I'm normally a Nokia user and switched to this phone in hopes of finding similar quality - and as of yet, I'm still doubtful of this phone having the lifecycle or usefulness my nokia's have given so nicely.

its menus' are difficult to understand and illogically placed for someone used to intuitiveness and smart menus.

- Pro's -

sleek silver-tone "Plastic" look.

so thin & light it's almost like not holding anything.

Loud Clear Tones

Large Screen

Crisp Screen Colors

Bluetooth connectivity

takes both pictures and video

records voice notes

airplane mode

- CONS -

Users Manual is not user friendly, you will have to call them.

you need tweezers to remove and to input the SIMCard - Why ? that is just plain stupid.

Hard to remove the battery door, to access the interior.

Very Flimsy micro doors which are difficult to open without fingernails for the plug and card access points; these look like the points of most concern for me.
I hate a flimsy phone body and flimsy doors make for a flimsy phone shortly thereafter.

Quite hard to navigate when using internet web browser since it's geared for using T-Mobile only.

Text so small you need a magnifier to read anything in the browser.

hard to add tones, and no composer on US Model, unlike EU and Asian Models.

no way to stop Yahoo or other IM Programs from loading your entire contact list when you sign in to send a simple message.

not enough space in groups to store enough members; 20 maxed out my Family Group; meaning you have to create a second group for a continuation,, why ?

difficult to understand settings to send a multi party email.

Phone automatically wants to store your videos or pictures online in an "extra cost album" stored on TMobiles servers, why ?

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awesome phone!


Sep 17, 2006 by mrxtheking

Really don't have nothing to say about this phone. This is actually the best phone I ever owned and I usually never liked Samsung phone products.


+Bright & wide display
+Clear beautiful pictures
+Strong vibrating mode
+Fast! no more slowdowns! (compared to razr)
+Very customizable
+Solid feel in hand

I don't really have nothing bad to say about this phone yet. I owned it for 2 days now and didn't come up with any cons :). One thing though, if you hate your razr, this is definetly awesome upgrade if you like bar phones.

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Great Phone


Feb 16, 2007 by doctorman

I have had this phone now for about 5 weeks. I was a long time motorola flip phone customer but ventured into something new for a change.

great looking
screen resolution awesome except for outdoors
sound quality
picture quality
signal has been great so far
blue tooth
spkr phone
key pad has no real issues

menus can be difficult to navigate (especially if you are using the storage card)to find what you are looking for
can only customize ring tones, not message tones
ear piece volume could be a little louder
when on vibrate, don't always feel it in pocket

Overall a great phone, very stylish, have no regrets switching over from the Razr.

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samsung trace t519


Sep 16, 2006 by bryansmomie

the phone is okay. it is very thin and very user friendly if you like to use the menu key.

cons: the soft touch keys on the face of the phone that show menu and in t-mobile's case t zones can not be changed and that is not a plus in my books. i like to change one of those buttons to be the phonebook.

it dropped my call last night 3 times because the signal is not very good in the house but none of the phones that i have bought recently have had good signal. i just tried to dial voicemail with it showing no signal and it still dialed it. that is a plus in my book because my motorola v195 would just say call failed.

hard to see the screen the sunlight.

positive side of the phone:
very thin for a bar phone. i am sick of a flip phone because they are all very thick. i gave up on the razor because of the battery issues.

very good camera---very clear pictures.

hi-resolution screen. wallpaper is very colorful

i think that is about all.

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May 29, 2007 by chonchy777

this phone is amazing
let me get quick and rite to the point
-great 1.3 megapixel camera w/ cool settings and features to change a photo
-huge front lcd screen
-cool mp3 player
-very good customization
-use voice notes, music, and default tones as ringtones

all rite the hard part
2 and only 2 cons
-number 1... rectangle screen can make it hard to see long txts and contacts.when u go to contacts you only see two contacts at a time as you go down
-number 2... the phone is hard of hearing... literally you can barely hear the phone as it rings. so you have to put a long, loud and grand ringtone so you can hear it ring

other than that its the perfect phone for any one i reccomend it.

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Oct 1, 2006 by thedutchess

This is absolutely the best phone I have ever had. I am really into the camera/video, mp3 player, and sleekness of the phone. It takes really great pictures and having the mp3 player on the phone is very convenient. I love the design although the memory card slots and the other slots are slightly hard to access because of the thinness of the phone. It has really good sound quality also, it just doesn't come with any good ring tones.

This is the best phone I have ever had and I really love it!

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Great Phone


Oct 18, 2006 by myt_mouse_4life

This is a great phone. I had the Samsung T-609 and the only difference is that you can change your interior background color. But other then that if you prefer a bar phone this is a great phone. But if you like flip phones then get the T609.

good Pic quality
Speaker phone is nice and crisp
easy button access for it being so small.
nice big screen
easy to use phone if your use to using samsungs.
MP3's are loud

Can't use MP3's as message tones.
Memory card is hard to get out (jus like th eT609)
Very thin and small. Will be easy to lose.
Different charger. Not like most samsungs.

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Great Phone


Oct 10, 2006 by cmcost

First of all yes this is a great phone does it have some small flaws yes but overall it's one of the best phone's I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Ok to owners or people about to buy this great phone their is a Small circular port of some type on the back of the phone that has a "loose" cover quick fix for that for those who don't want to miss out on a great phone because of some other dumb review put a piece of tape over it and whoooo hoooo problem solved (that guy needs help)also think about a screen protector and a case (if T-mobile ever gets one into stores).
Ok now Pros
1. Great camera 1.3 mp easy to move pics to a memory card
2. good video again easy to move it to memory card for storage on a PC
3. Mp3 player is nice speaker is adequate
4. Phone does not feel like a toy (as I thought it would) it's fairly solid given it's small size and slim form
5. Works with Yahoo and Google search for pics and videos
ALL in ALL it's a great phone

(minor) cons
1. no fast forward for music or videos (IE: 6 minute video and you want to watch just the last minute you can't fast forward to the end of it)
2. Where is the @ symbol for entering email addresses on the web (IE google username to personalize the google homepage)
3. Not as good of reception as my nokia's (6101, 6103, 3220) But not as bad as the crappy Razr either
Anyway Great Phone had a Razr and hated it (gave it to my son who is all looks over call quality)this is all the razr is and more

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