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Motorola T720 / T721 (GSM)


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Has lot of features...But not matured enough..


Sep 5, 2004 by Preeti

-> Reception very poor. Often it is NOT in NETWORK.
-> Phone recording test your ability to repeat a Name. It is not convinced that i can tell the same name, same way 2 TIMES. After lot of effort it did record the name once. THANKS HEAVENS....

But the worse was yet to come....

I had to repeat the name 100 times for the phone to recognize and dial.

-> Earphone sucks.

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STINKS !!!!!


Jun 24, 2004 by NB3567

This phone is junk!
Looks like its made of plastic and would break if it was dropped. I had it for about a week and returned it.
IMO I think Motorola's phones are mostly crap.
Samsung or LG is the way to go.

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Not a very reliable phone


Jun 14, 2004 by bazz4god

I have been in the cellular industry 16 years and have never seen a more unreliable phone. Generally, Motorola makes a great product but this phone constantly drops calls, the signal strength flucuates from no bars to 3, back to 1 bar, then to 4 bars. It never maintains a constant signal strength. I do not recommend this phone to anyone that relies on their phone on a daily basis. I am extremely disappointed in this product.

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Nice phone... if it doesn't freeze up on you... thumbs down!


Jun 12, 2004 by mattchatt

I have had this phone (Cingular, Philadelphia metro area) for a year now, and I can't WAIT to get rid of it!!! When I first got it I loved it for the small size, the color screen, the outside display, battery life, voice dial, etc... (I was upgrading from an older Nokia) But the honeymoon did not last long. Within 2 weeks of using it it started blanking out during a call- call gets dropped, screen goes black and the stupid thing takes a minute or so to come alive again. I took it back to Cingular- they gave me a new one. The replacement one did the same thing. I took that one back and they gave me a THIRD phone. That one does the same thing!! I resigned myself to the fact that this is life with the T720. Thank god I only had a 1-year contract (never buy from Cingular directly- they make you do a 2-year, I went to Best Buy because of 1-year).

small size, nice clear sound quality, good battery life, voice dial, outside volume buttons, external display.

must be bad or buggy software 'cuz it freezes up during calls: VERY ANNOYING- can I say it again? I want to stomp on the phone when it freezes up, which happens on every third call or any call over 5 minutes. "COLOR" screen is not very colorful (there's only the slightest hint of color). Slow response when accessing phone book or other menu functions. "Internet Browser" pretty much useless.

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not worth the price


Jun 6, 2004 by tigger greenleaf

When I first bought this phone, I was thrilled, but when I compared the same phone to one of my friend's Verizon (CDMA) version of the phone, I was shocked to see how cheap it looked. (I have Cingular) I must have gotten an early version of this phone because compared to the one Verizon had the color screen was not as clear or vivid. This is especially annoying if you are into multimedia. Something else which seems to be a Motorola trademark is its ridiculous phonebook in which you must scroll through every entry alphabetically. It drains the battery like there's no tomorrow and I really only use it for calling. And I don't even do an exorbitant amount of calling and yet the phone needs to be recharged within a day or two. It has also blacked out on several occasions. For no apparent reason. Additionally, the speaker is nothing short of dreadful. I keep the ringer on an actual phone-sounding ringer because polyphonic tones get so distorted and muffled that I can't bear to hear them. Motorola should give these phones away for free for all the trouble that comes with them because the price was unreasonable. Hopefully, they will be fixing these flaws or do away with the line completely.

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"Be aware" Terrible Phone


May 29, 2004 by Nene1213

This phone is a piece of crap. I upgraded my Nokia phone(Digital)with AT&T wireless and purchased the Motorola T721(GSM) and it's been the worst mistake ever. Initially I received a lot of dropped calls and static. I gave the phone another chance but, I then heard a noise that sounded like a fax was coming through the phone. AT&T was ever so nice and replaced my phone but, sent me another defective phone. This time the phone only lasted 1 week and while on a call the conversation dropped. The phone wouldn't come back on. I tried to charge it and it gave me a message "battery can't be charged". I spoke to an AT&T authorized dealer and he advised me these phones are cheap and that's why they were discontinued at AT&T. I guess I got caught up in the loop of bad phones. I've never had this much trouble with a cellular phone at all.

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Apr 1, 2004 by vixy

The phone may be small and cute and everyone loves a flip phone but the t720 and t721 are both just not worth the money at all. Regardless of carrier the phones have no signal strength, no clear reception when there is signal and has problems with the actual flip itself. I've had SOOO many returns on these too phones that i could scream and its all for the same problems. If you buy the phone because you think its "cute" then hopefully your just looking at it without any intention of using it!

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why did I buy another motorola?


Mar 22, 2004 by brinks58

I am not sure why I bought another Motorola after my V60 fiasco. My new phone has been replaced 2 times already so I am on number 3. The voice activation doesn't always work. The first outside display screen started bleeding after 3 weeks, they said it was due to abuse, not sure what they consider abuse since i never dropped it. This phone drops calls when it shows it has 3 bars signal strength, not sure if that is the phone or AT&T. I don't even get reception in my house anymore, my first Nokia in 1996 gave me the best reception to date. I do like the color display screen and the ability to reconfigure what icons are showing. However I don't think my next phone will be a Motorola, between the V60's antenna breakage and this new phone's not being reliable.

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Very bad phone.....


Mar 5, 2004 by 1FSTMAX

This is the second cell phone I have owned, and it's crap. Screen locks up, dropped calls, and hard to use. This is a bad phone. I had the phone replaced because the screen locked up, the replacement does the same thing. I used to have a Nokia 8260, and never gave me any problems. I'm not buying a Motorola cell phone again.

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My 1st Cell Phone


Feb 27, 2004 by Anxiovert

The Motorola T720 it's been my 1st and only cell phone I have never had any problems with it, I think other people are having problems with this cell phone because of their carriers , it is unfair to judge it for problems due to GSM carriers, it is know that GSM technology it not the greatest, I have a CDMA carier and I've never ever had any drop calls, I even use my cell in the lift, at work other people wonder who's my provider just because they're amazed because I use my cell in the lift and I can carry a conversation up or down the 10 stories of my building.
Pros: The keys are perfectly designed, no weird shapes or tiny buttons all clustered together.
Cons: The battery it doesnt last more than 2 hrs.

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