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Motorola T720 / T721 (GSM)


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Awesome Phone


Mar 15, 2003 by Bryan Schwegler

This phone is by far the best GSM option with ATTWS. It has a great form factor and is easy to hold while talking, yet small enough to fit in your pocket easily. The signal strength is awesome, actually I think it outperforms the TDMA strength in Cleveland. The battery life is very good as well.

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This phone SUCKS!


Oct 7, 2003 by Elvia Rebolledo

I have had problems with this phone from day one! The only good thing about this phone is the fact that it has appealing screen saver and the color screen. The phone itself is not user friendly. You have to go through 5 buttons just to get to one feature. You can hardly hear the phone ring. My phones calls are constantly dropping no matter what area I am. Just to turn the phone on takes a while. I've already exchanged the phone under the warranty thinking it might be just a defect in the phone ... boy was I wrong! I'm pretty much stuck with this contraption they call a phone. I blew so much money on this piece of junk! The signal bars are always pretty high but the phone call itself is just broken English. I'm so desperate to get another phone I even asked if there was such a thing called "downgrading" since I can't upgrade. The ear piece on the phone is very small and you have to have that piece right over your ear in order to hear the conversation how awkward is that? There is nothing great about this phone.

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This Phone Sucks


Aug 7, 2003 by T W

I hate this phone. I work for a major wireless company in L.A. County an get loud enough this phone is returned on a regular basis, does not get loud enough, freezes, will not pick up signal well, and is overpriced!!!! Our particular system does more 1800, 1900 mhz and will be doing 800 later but for now this phone does not work at all!!!!!

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the worst phone ever brought from at&t


Jun 3, 2003 by john crisano

I cannot begin to describe the problems i had with this phone. I have warrenty exchanged my phone 3 times and each phone I have acquired had some sort of defect with it. Wheather it be the screen locking up, or the keypad locking up it was always something. The latest problem i have encountered with my phone is that my phone will ring when someone tries to call me but i will not be able to pick up the call and to make it worse my phone will not stop ringing, even after the person who's caling me hangs up the phone. And of course i won't know who the person is that called me because the caller id doesn't work on my phone. All in all I would say to stay away from at&t all together.

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Best I've had yet


Feb 8, 2003 by Kevin Reed

Nice and small, yet when opened, is large enough to hold.
Screen is very clear and colorfull indoors where I use it most.
Signal so far has been solid (AT&T Phoenix area)
Feature rich. Tons of stuff and lots of customization.

Couple minor problems. Email didn't seem to work. Turned out to be a bad SIMM card.
Would be nice if you could change the order of the Icons. Things like short cuts, should be the first thing you see when you enter that are. You shouldn't have to hunt down a list to get to short cuts...
Ability to directly save tones and pictures would be nice, I can do it via the website I setup, but would be a bit quicker and helpful to those without the data enabled.

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Not Recommended


Apr 28, 2004 by cell_phone_user

Under no circumstances would I recommend this phone. Whoever designed/wrote the software for Motorola did not perform any user field testing. In fact, I'm convinced Motorola in general, does not know how to write user interface software and just keeps recycling the same tired old software over & over again. The menu categories are not well summarized and it is very difficult to find the settings that you need from the main menu. Example, under 'Settings', discerning the difference between the categories 'Personalize', 'In Call Setup', 'Phone Status', and 'Initial Setup' is not very obvious and confusing until you memorize all the options underneath. I've seen much better and logical layouts with Nokia and Kyocera. With Kyocera 2235, I never opened the manual and was able to understand how to program it. With the T720, even the manual is of little help.
Many options provided are either rarely used or have no use whatsoever. Example: the "Quick Dial" feature (which they provide 3 - why 3?). Quick dial is not quick when you have to go through several menus to get to it. You might as well go to the address book and find the entry you need. You can set a shortcut to QuickDial, but if you do that, you defeat the whole purpose of using the "Speed Dial" feature where you push and hold a single number (1-9) or enter, say 42# to get to a particular entry.
Another irritating 'feature' is the graphical main menu. Example: when the calender is selected, you have to wait an extra second for the graphic animation to finish moving. While this only takes a second, it's annoying when in a hurry.
There is no field in the contact list for addresses or notes, so don't waste money on the sync software.
When using speed dial, you don't know the number being dialed - only the name. The graphic 'type' icon shows up, but if someone
has two cell phone numbers, you don't know which is being dialed.
Overall, the software for this phone is very poorly designed.

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Don't blame the phone for the Carrier


Mar 24, 2004 by waffletrip

Motorola T720 - Ya it's not the best phone in the world but it's not the worst either. I have had this phone for close to a year now with At&t. I did have to replace the LCD screen and exchange it due to the number pad stopped working. This was more my fault because I would have it in my pocket while I was working in a job with a lot of heavy lifting. Not as tough as my old Nokia 8260.

Cons: Battery Life isn't the best 3-4 days standby time up to 2.5 hours talk time, Color screen is only 4000+ colors.

Pros: in my opinion solid phone, hide caller ID, games and ringtones are cool, calls sound good, reception is good in most places I go.

All and all not a bad phone from my experience. At&t/Cingular is expensive when it comes to Internet and pics messaging.

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flimsy contruction, call quality good


Aug 22, 2003 by deelight10

The construction of this phone is poor. It feels like it will fall apart. Used it for two months and had to get something else. The color screen is good. The software is adequate. The sound quality of the calls mad and received were good. The ability to record voice message is a great feature. The software left something to be desired. The sound of the ring tones was poor. the polyphonic ring-tones were lousy. Web browsing was very nice and easier to use than V60.

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Not a good choice!


Aug 3, 2003 by Angie Short

I originally started out with the T720 last December. After warranty exchanging it 3 times, I finally went to the T721 this month. Bad choice again. Both phones did the exact same thing to me..VERY POOR battery life & stand by time. Very slow to power on. Browser locks up frequently if web page is too big. You can forget about downloading cool ring tones. You aren't able to make them loud enough to hear. Phone is very delicate. DO NOT drop it. I will go into a million pieces on you.Reception is ok as long as I stayed on a major freeway in the Dallas Ft.Worth metroplex. But get off the Frwy, and dead zones happen constantly which ALWAYS results in dropped calls. The color screen is superb, the games you can download are great too. I have tetris & solitare which I will miss extremely. I plan on upgrading to the Samsung V206 as soon as it is out. All in all, the 721 & the 720 just did not please me. They are both way to buggy. Motorola customer service is no help at all. So I guess my motorola days are gone!

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Good Job Motorola


Jul 2, 2003 by Kasey Kanka

I have recently purchased this phone, and personally I think it's a great phone!!
* Color Screen
* Changeable Faceplates
* User Friendly
* Stub Antenna
* Able to Download cool ringtones, graphics, backgrounds and games
* Small and Slim (tiny enough to stick in your pocket and forget about it)
* Great Signal (especially for GSM)
* Good Battery Life
* Cannot make main menu smaller, so choosing backgrounds is difficult
* Keypad can be a little better
All in all, I think this phone has great features, and is cool to show off!! "Good things come in small packages."

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