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A few questions about MetroPCS's RAZR V3c - please help!


May 24, 2006, 8:30 PM
Hello! I have a few q's about the new beautiful addition to MetroPCS's lineup. Hopefully someone from MetroPCS or a new owner of this phone can answer.

1. Most critical question - can the phone be charged (with car charger OR house charger) while being used?
[This may seem like a silly question but I've been SUFFERING with my Kyocera Slider since day 1...for 2.5 years - the battery is DRAINED when talking on the phone even when it's plugged to the A/C charger.]

2. Can I upload some custom-made MP3's from my PC to the phone (via bluetooth/USB) and then assign different MP3's as ringtones for different people? So when Dad calls, it'll say in his voice "hello son", when friend calls it'll say "WASSUPPPP" etc? Possible? My worry is that ...

May 26, 2006, 1:52 AM
Hi Fictia, I'd be glad to answer your questions on this great new addition to Metro PCS 😁

1. I reccommend that you do not charge and talk on your phone. I don't know if this is possible or not with the Razr, I just know that it's not supposed to be good for any battery to charge it unless it's needed. I personally just talk until it needs to be charged, but I'm sure you can talk and charge if you want 😉

2. You can make/create your own ringtones using a program called "Motorola Phone Tools".
It takes any songs you have on your PC/CD's and crops them any way you want 😁
You can also make wallpapers and other customizations. You can purchase it on Motorola.com or any other cell accesories site.

3. I have no complaints abo...

May 27, 2006, 1:01 PM
Thanks man!!

1. I don't think batteries have that problem you mentioned any more. They USED to have "memory" but now you can safely charge your phone/camera/laptop after using just 10% of the battery without worry. All batteries start messing up after a year or two from my experience, so the plan is to get an additional battery with the phone for backup and for extending that time until they die. I really hope the phone does charge while being used or else it'd be a deal breaker for me ☚ī¸

2. Beautiful. I see some nice Motorola Phone Tools offerings on eMule to check out hehehe. Is the mini-USB the standard tiny plug in digital cameras or do you need a special USB cable for this phone?

3. It's gotta last 2 hours minimum for me. We'll...

May 27, 2006, 4:14 PM
true that batteries dont build a memory anymore but they still have cycles. It wont directly hurt your battery to talk while its charging but when you make a call it will stop charging temporarily and once you hang up it will start charing again automatically, you just used two charging cycles. As far as the cable if you have one that fits it will most likely work, the mini usb is "supposed" to be a push for a universal industry standard, and the moto phone tools will have the drivers you need.

May 28, 2006, 7:21 AM
I don't understand. Why would it use a full cycle if it stops touching the battery and give the power straight to the phone? What if the phone is 95% full and I plug it into the wall and make a 2 hour phone call? If I understand correctly you say it'll stay at 95% at the end of that 2 hour call and it has used a battery cycle? Doesn't add up. If battery level stays constant, my logic tells me the battery isn't touched/getting worn out.

My logic also tells me that if I only use 10% of battery, charge it to 100%, then again same thing like 50 times, the battery will be in a better condition than if I used 90% and charged to 100% for 50 times.

Unless I'm dead wrong in my understanding of how modern batteries work!

Jun 9, 2006, 6:33 AM
Its more on how the charging system works, with some phones, for example the motorola 266 and 262, when you place a call it halts charging, the phone is working of the battery alone and not straight of power, as soon as you end the call the charging kicks back on and begins charging the battery again, in some cases like perhaps a very short call it will not use a cycle in other cases it will. As far as the logic above, it is the same difference, conditioning doesnt really matter with the new batteries, its more the effect on recharging of the lithium, it can only tolerate being recharged so many times before it neutralizes permantly and stops giving electrons (this process is known as cycles). And with the nature of lithium, charging it 10...

Jun 16, 2006, 11:56 AM
True. Most Li-ion batteries have 100k cycles though so it'll take 203 years to blow out under normal use.

Jun 17, 2006, 4:39 PM
acutally its more like 300 to 500 cycles....

May 30, 2006, 6:44 PM
i had one for less than 24 hours.

i used it while it was chargingthe phone's status "Charge Complete" appeared on the screen and failed to disapear when i dcd the charger.

I took it back to Metro PCS They told me that my phone was defective.

So yes it is usable while being charged. Was my phone's defect a fluke, or rather yet another common bug?

I'd rather not allocate more resources to finding out.

Hope this helps.

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