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Nov 12, 2003, 10:08 AM

Re: Emurillojr

As a reader of this forum daily, I try to glean as much new information as I can on cellular technology. I am really impressed at the interest and intellegence of many of the questions and answers in this forum. I believe I am witness to the cutting edge of history in the making. As a layman, not an expert, it is fun to watch the wheel turn.

However, when I read statements, comments and responses especially from people like Emurillojr it takes the fun out of all of it. The profanity and knee jerk reactions he/she has makes me question ATTWS hiring practices. Don't they do psychological testing before they hire people who deal with their life blood, the customer? I wish Emu would deal with his/her personal issues OUTSIDE of this foru...
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Nov 13, 2003, 9:19 PM

Hey Mightymouse

Do you think ATTWS will buy/or merge w/T-Mobile and /or with Cingular to compete with Vrz and Sprint?
What do you thing of Nextal for everyday use?(Non business stuff)
See Ya! and thanks
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Nov 4, 2003, 1:56 AM

text message with sound

I just purchased the new motorola v60 color and the manual says that i can download new ring tones by text message.

I was wondering how i would do that so i could get more rings instead of the 32 ones.

Thank you
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Nov 11, 2003, 7:39 PM

Any New Plans for Texas?

Will there be any new plans in Texas before the year is over?

Nov 9, 2003, 9:09 PM

Attn:ATTWS here we go again

I just went on ATTWS website, and they changed again! For the last month, whenever I punched in my zipcode 32614 it took it.(Gainesville, Fl.) I guess they finally figured out they goofed! Even though I have great TDMA service here, this still is an extended area for them. For the last 6 weeks, their website took my zip. Somebody there finally woke up, and realized why is this guy from Gainesville (me) always calling them up?
I found out that USCellular swapped out some areas here with ATTWS. But I can't get any info from USCelluar whether ATTWS will now take USCelluar home area as their own. Why the big mystery? Why doesn't USCelluar just come out and say ATTWS bought them out in this area and get with the program!
I have 50,000 co...
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Nov 10, 2003, 7:00 PM

Nokia 7650 and Motorolla V600

Hey there,
Do you guys know if the Nokia 7650 is going to be available for At&t? If so when and what do you think the price will be?

Also, any of you guys know when the Motorolla V600 is going to be released? I have a Nokia 3650...how do you think it will compare? I love the 3650 but its just a little bit too big.

Nov 8, 2003, 3:13 PM

ATTWS - TDMA or GSM for Western Oregon?

Since Cellular One (Rural Cellular) is swapping our area here in Oregon to ATTWS for another area in Alabama, we will be switching carriers soon, like it or not.

Since I'm ready for new phone anyway, I'm looking for input on current GSM coverage versus TDMA by ATTWS in the Northwest, especially in Oregon.

Should we go with TDMA phone or GMS or a combo if we go with ATTWS?

My current phone is old - TDMA/AMPS. I hate to give up the analog mode since I still seem to run into analog service when traveling around the state.

We'll be looking at Verizon as well, but their plans don't look as attractive as ATTWS, for what we need.

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Nov 4, 2003, 9:14 AM

The future of CDMA

Does anyone know the future of CDMA and GSM technology? My ATT rep tells me that CDMA will be obsolete and GSM will be the wave of the future. Since I have a choice to get a Treo 600 CDMA from Sprint or a GSM version from ATT and 2 other carriers, which version should I be looking into? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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Nov 6, 2003, 5:28 PM

new phones comming out?

anyone know when the nokia 7250i is ever gonna come out had a call from a cust said a rep told her anytime now but.. i nor anyone here has gotten any info... lot of people waiting for the motorola v600 no news yet on that either... i know how LONG it took for us to get the p800 even the samsung v206
why is it that cingular or tmobile will get these phone out way before us??? more insight or thoughts please
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Nov 6, 2003, 11:11 PM

Attn: ATTWS Reps.

Can anyone suggest what are the best new phones coming down the pipe, that will have/or get the srongest signal?
It will replace my landline, so it will have to be just short of a "dream phone". I know it's a tough question. But I know you ATTWS Reps have more knowledge(info) on such matters. I'm not impressed with the phones that are available now.
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Oct 24, 2003, 6:36 PM

ATTWS Customer Care Reps.

Hey so who out of all of us are Customer Care?
I knwo besides me there are a couple.
What call center do you work for?

I work for the Edmonton center.
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Nov 9, 2003, 12:07 AM

AT&T Upgrade

I'm surprised I haven't heard more about ATTs issues with their new GSM activation center, anyone have any info on that?
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Nov 8, 2003, 11:48 AM


Do you have any idea when phone number portability will available in place, after the top 100 metro areas are done?
If ATTWS were to but out T-Mobile or Cingular how look wiould it take for their new "foot print" to kick in?
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Nov 8, 2003, 4:23 PM

just transfered a cust over to WEX

just transfered a cust who bought a nokia 3560 1 month and 1/2 ago defective phone (keeps shutting off not battery because cust went to store to test it and buy another battery ) paid full price for the phone needs to go to wex you think she is going to be happy to pay the wex fee.... ohh she gonna be pissed off but i didnt tell her about it at all because RAVEN said so... so you tell her Raven and have a nice day Very Happy Twisted Evil Laughing
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Nov 8, 2003, 1:19 AM


I have to say one thing about you. I have seen some of your responses on different forums, and you seem to know your "stuff".
You are one of the very few people I can ask you a question, and even if at the moment you don't have an answer. You'll search for it in a logical sense. So all you people out there, "ATTWS_H8TR" is "The Bomb".
Would you hazard a guess on any of the GSM carriers buying out one another?
I still think, that N. America still has three to many cell carriers. What do you think?
Can you recommend me a GSM phone that can pick up the weakest signal strenght?
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Nov 4, 2003, 1:22 PM


Has anyone else heard the rumor that ATTW is going to be purchasing SunCom (Triton PCS) to get the Mid-Atlantic presence they are desperately needing? I am a manager for SunCom and this could spell disaster. Triton was the only company with the brand name "SunCom" that lasted through ATTW purchase of Tricorp, but a lot of things are pointing to the fact that it is happening any time now. Surprised
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Nov 6, 2003, 4:36 PM

AT&T Wireless activation down four days +

Anyone know why the system has been down for the last four days and counting? New customers are unable to active their phones. Is it because AT&T is outsourcing all Engineering and IT?
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Nov 5, 2003, 7:26 PM

From Chapperal to Attw_H8tr and Emurillojr

I wanted to thank the both of you going back and reading some threads that I had posted. I did want to shake things up on this forum.
It was not my intent to "piss" anyone off with the problem I have/(had) with Attws policy.
I do like reading the threads you both post, and so please everyone calm down. You both help a lot of people.
I am still a ATTWS customer, and as long as I don't have to fly to NY for my father(he's 80 and not the best of health) I will stay with ATTWS.
So please hang in there the both of you, and stay "cool", okay?
Thank you both and everyone else who found the time to read my past threads.

(of Gainesville,...

Nov 5, 2003, 1:16 PM

Attn: Saintjwf

If I wanted to "bait" an Attws Rep, I would of done a much better job of it. That was not and is not my intent.
I thought forums were here to help and inform the public. As far as I know, this is still a publc forum where you and I can speak our peace, whether you agree with that or not.
Some people don't know which questions to ask, I think when people read these forums, it helps them a great deal.
I do not work in the wireless industries, so whatever info I get from these forums help and anyone else.
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Nov 5, 2003, 5:59 PM

emurillojr Mc Donald's is Hiring!!

Its OK pal. if working at ATTWS is too complicated for you then there are other option you may want to pursue. It will be ok you just need something a little bit simpler, "Do you want fries with that?"

k that was the last one I swear!
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