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Review: Samsung A900

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Is It Your Type Body Three S's  

Mar 19, 2006, 11:34 PM   by Eric Lin

In-depth review of the razor-thin Samsung A900 for Sprint.
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While many businessmen (and women!) can't live without their Blackberries, there is definitely a population of suit-wearing, office-working professionals who prefer something more phone-like. The A900, with its simple, thin, black profile and familiar phone interface may be just the phone for those people - people for whom a simple keypad, clean interface and access to advanced features are important. While it is loaded with features, it is definitely a phone for those more likely to brag about them then use them. The A900's storage is too limited to take full advantage of Sprint's 3G services like their music store.

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This forum is closed.


Mar 29, 2007, 2:16 PM

messaging review is wrong

i have recently purchased this phone, and after reading the review on this site in regards to messaging functionality, i was disappointed as i previously had the mm-a920, and was hoping for an upgrade in respects to the custom dictionary functionality. as seen below in the quoted review, phonescoop states that this phone does not have functionality of a custom dictionary. The custom dictionary is not only accessible separately (Settings->Display->Text Entry->Personal Dictionary), it also has 'smart' functionality, which is when you enter a word via the regular alpha function, that is currently not in the T9 dictionary, it is automatically added. This is a huge upgrade for me, as the a920 did not support this functionality. overall, i am ...
also, the exclamation point and question mark, ARE indeed available via the T9 option. simply hit the 1 key while in T9, a period will appear, and use the next button, to select a variety of punctuation marks, of which exclamation, and question mark ...

Mar 20, 2006, 12:42 PM

A900 for Verizon?

Any chance Samsung will be releasing a similar phone for Verizon? I would easily buy this over the Verizon Razr. Any insight would be appreciated.
samsung has shown off the a930 for verizon. although it's not metal and not as slim, it is still pretty thin and light and it looks smooth. if you're talking looks only, it's not the same, but if you're talking features, check it out in our CES featur...

Mar 20, 2006, 3:30 PM

MP3/AAC Over Bluetooth Possible

You can add music to the handsets onboard memory via Bluetooth. AAC+ files are the best files to use as space is limited.

Furthermore, purchased ringtones do not expire after 90 days; rather after that time, they are not available on your online Sprint Content Manager...meaning that if you delete the ringer from your handset after 90 days, you cannot re-download it for free. Within the 90 days you can. The 90 day limit is in effect for users of new handsets (so they are not able to just re-download all of their previously purchased content).
thanks for pointing that out, the other mistake is that voicemails are logged in the missed events list.
... The 90 day limit is in effect for users of new handsets (so they are not able to just re-download all of their previously purchased content).

Well, then it sounds to me like the review is pretty much correct. If you spend...

Apr 11, 2006, 4:02 PM

how can use mp3 song as a ringtone

ive been reading and searching through the web, i dont see anyone talk about how to change mp3 songs into ringtones. i know there's a program that can change that, but if i download the program and converts them into ringtones, how do i download them to the phone through the usb cable? please give me some tips, guys.
Best thing we have found so far is a website that allows you to send the ringers to the phone. The cheapest one we have found so far is www.freeringers.net, a misnomer as the website is not free, it is $7.99 for a lifetime membership. Still this was...

Jun 20, 2006, 9:14 PM

what about macs?

What to do if you want to download stuff from a mac? Got all my stuff on my iBook and so far I haven't found any downloads for the transfers.

Mar 20, 2006, 2:10 AM

Battery Life

Love the phone can not wait for and extended life battery to come out for the phone. I am a heavy end user on voice and data. Does any one know if and when an extended life battery is coming out for this phone?

According to Sprint, due to the size and design of the phone there will not be an extended battery released. In stores the standard replacement battery is the same price as most extended batteries. The best thing to do is to try some of the tips and...
I would have to say that you chose this form factor for looks so you will have to live with it's one major downside, battery life.

Leave the display timings at 8 secs, 8 secs, turn brightness down to 1, and turn off Bluetooth to start with.

If y...

May 29, 2006, 6:49 PM

cant send mms to metropcs


I have been trying to send mms to metro...they dont get a msg at all...I can only text msg..them...but they recieve mms from cingular!!!
i tried it different ways...the best i can get is a link to get the pic...but they dont have the option to get the pic...why cant they just get the pic?

Apr 27, 2006, 11:40 PM

Any way to add contact information via a computer connection

I want the ability to use my PC to send contact information to the phone so I don't have to type them all in. It would be nice to manage the phone contact listing via a computer.
I used a bluetooth dongle & Outlook 2003 to send all of my contacts to my phone. With this setup you can also send contacts from the phone back to Outlook (one at a time).

Mar 27, 2006, 12:58 PM

text messages & pictures now showing up correct

I've had my a900 a week after it was released, and since then I've had some issues with it. For one when I receive text messages, it doesn’t show the persons name if I have it stored in my phonebook, but sometimes it does.

Example, when i get a message from Joe Smo it shows Joe Smo’s name, but when I get one from my wife it shows her cell number and not a name. So half the time I need to hit SEND to dial the number to show who it's from with out going through my phonebook to find it.

Second, when I select a picture for a contact to show up on either screen (outside/inside) either it doesn’t work and shows half black half static, or it shows the wrong picture, or it shows no picture at all. But, then again, sometimes it works. I'd say ...
Topic of the thread was ment to say "NOT showing up correct" instead of "NOW"

Sorry about that, apparently you cannot edit any posts on this type of board. . .
The problem you are having with only the number showing up and not the name when you get text messages was a problem that I had initially. There is nothing wrong with the phone other than poor software design. You have to edit all your contacts and ...

Mar 23, 2006, 7:07 PM


nice good on the video 🙂
that video was a big crap of bull! first of the on demand doesnt take a WHILE or any time to load, second. the moron on the video said to play mp3s you HAVE to go to the music store. NO YOU DO NOT! another lie! JUST put the MP3S in the MEDIA folder on...

Mar 26, 2006, 11:35 PM

Play MP3's WITHOUT Sprint Music Store?

Is there a way to play MP3's without going through the Sprint Music Store on the phone?

I can't find a way and if there is not, this raises some issues:

-If you don't subscribe to EVDO Vision, are you charged for Vision usage?

-If you are roaming and can't connect to Vision, how do you listen to music?

Is there an application you can use to listen to music?
i wanna know this too...anyone....
Yes, you can play Mp3s without going through the MusicStore - Download the A900 software from Samsung (the link is on a paper in the box) and when you save your files (AAC would be best over Mp3) save them in the Media folder - not the music folder.

Apr 2, 2006, 5:39 AM

you can transfer pics and music files mp3 formatted

put the device in mass storage mode

1. menu, tools, mass storage
2. connect phone to pc
3. click cancel on hardware wizard *note windows should use the default usb mass storage driver.
4. go to my computer, look for a removable media drive like e,f,g etc...
5. once you open the drive up mp3's go into the media folder for playing from the media player, pics go into the dcim folder.

Apr 1, 2006, 4:01 PM

Incorrect information about T9

Just wanted to correct some info about T9 text input. You actually can change words that come up wrong after you've proceeded to the next word. All you have to do is use the d-pad to scroll back to the word, then make sure the cursor is right at the end of the culprit word, then press the 0/next key twice to start scrolling through other word options. Just thought anyone who didn't know that should know that! The T9 is still not the best since you can't teach it new words, but it works just fine with some practice.

Apr 1, 2006, 2:21 PM

what format is ringtones?

what format is ringtones and can you transfer them from you computer using the usb cord and assign them to contact? are they wavs????

Mar 20, 2006, 10:50 AM

You can put jpegs on the phone

Plug the phone up to the computer using the supplied cable, then go to tools>mass storage>connect to pc, then the phone will act like a mass storage device and you have access to your picture folder(dcim) and your media and music folder. You can then send what ever jpeg you want into the dcim folder, then on the phone find it and set it as a screen saver. I have a picture of MeetWad on mine right now.
That's right. And, I can send pictures from my A900, to the computer.....via Bluetooth.

However, the A900 does have trouble transferring pictures between other phones. I have received a picture from a Nokia N90 and Samsung T809, via Bluetooth.......

Mar 21, 2006, 1:00 PM

Incorrect information on ringtones

When stated that you only "rent" ringtones, that is incorrect. You do purchase the ringtone, and you have it forever on that handset. When Sprint states that you have it for 90 days, it means that you can re-download anytime, as many times as you want, in the next 90 days. How do I know this?? 5 year Sprint customer, and I used to work for Sprint in the retail stores.

This is much better than what Cingular does as the only allow you 24 hours to download the ringtone, and if you don't, you have to repurchase it. How do I know this?? I currently work for Cingular.

When writing a review for a phone, I would be sure to have all the correct information before stating something that you have assumed.
Oops, I just read in another message that someone already pointed this out, they just didn't have it in the title.
The review also incorrectly states that you can't add MP3's and JPEG's from your computer to the phone. I do this all the time via the included USB cable.

Mar 23, 2006, 6:19 PM

900 battery cover...

when this phone was first released, the battery cover was metal.. now, the versions were are getting in-store have a plastic battery cover...
does anyone know why they changed this/

Mar 20, 2006, 5:28 PM


How do you put songs on there?
Dude I have no idea what Rich is talking about. I've put a lot of mp3's and jpegs on my A900 through the usb cable. As a matter of fact I've got 2 episodes of the Boondocks on my phone as well.
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