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Review: Samsung A900

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Jul 23, 2008, 8:37 PM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:

Samsung MM-A900 (Does it really have a Memory Card Slot?)

Why are people saying that the Samsung A900 does not have a memory card slot. I just got off the phone with Sprint and they said it supports up to 2GB of memory. I just bought it over the Internet, so I really haven't checked it out yet. But why would Samsung make a really cool camera phone and not put a memory card in it. Does it really not have a memory card? Somebody PLEASE help me! ☹️ I hate this phone if it doesn't have a memory card. 😡
The a900 does NOT have a memory card slot. I used this phone for two years so i positive that there is no way to add any memory to the phone. Its supposed to be a music phone, but with only 64mb of memory your cant put much of anything on this phone...

Jan 3, 2006, 2:13 AM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:

Do You Need Help With Samsung MM-A900

Anyone Need Help With The Blade (I try to know everthing)
This was mentioned earlier, but no real answer was found:

How do I get contact info on and/or off of the blade? I have 50-100 contacts which would take to ever to do manually on the phone. I did a pc connection w/ the usb cable but didnt see any fo...
I began with a Razr, and returned it. However a couple of Razr features, I cant figure out on the Blade if they exist (trust me, I have read my owners manual🙂

1. I cant figure out how to set my phone to auto answer when I flip the lid open. cur...
armstead101 said:
Anyone Need Help With The Blade (I try to know everthing)

Is it possible to transfer pictures, and or mp3's, to the a900 with the USB cable using my PC? if so, how? I've tried to transfer files o...
I am thinking of switching to the A900 and dropping my Treo. I have heard complaints about the T9 text input and was wondering if it can be turned off. It has been a long time since I have owned a regular phone and always had to turn it off before.
I've d/led Opera Mini and am very impressed at how superior it is to the built in WAP browser. But it is very annoying not to be able to link to it from the Launch Pad. Is there any way to make this work?
I just got my A900 and when I receive a text message I only get the number that it came from. I have that person listed in my phone book so why doesn't it show that name vs. the number?
can you tell me how to get the GPS working ..i cant even find it on my phone let alone get it running...also how do i get a picture from my album to show up when that person calls?? i tried to assign it but all i get is the pic i set as my background....
I have a lot of java games on my pc. For my 8200, I use a website that lets me upload and then it sends me a text message and I follow the link to get the game, How do I get the games on the a900?
I have paired the a900 with my TX but I am unable to use the dialer and SMS feature on the TX. The just says phone as modem and then nothing happens. The TX comes back with and error message asking me to check my settings.
I'm trying to figure out how to get small mp3 files from the standard FTP folder (or any folder) to set as ringtones. Is this possible, for one, and how can it be accomplished?
i need a detailed description of how to download mp3s to this phone step by step. i connected the usb port and it keeps making me open the program with ulead cd burner and not a drop and drag file to the phone. so, how do i actually get the songs from...
How do you find out how much TOTAL CALL TIME you've already used on your Samsung Blade? I've been through all the menus and can't figure this one out. 🙄
When Im on the phone wit someone and i try to send or respond to a text the person on the phone can here me textin... sounds like im dialing numbers... does anyone know how to turn this off?
Hello. How do you tpansfer ringtones to the A900? Thanks in advance.
Can you tell me why the display back light tunrs off whenever I make or receive a call. I have it set to "flip open" but for some reason this only happens when I am on a call? very annoying. If I just flip the phone open it stays on??
Bought this phone 3 weeks ago, no problems so far, until last night. It was around 10:40 PM and my phone is charging, when I notice the display shows the time is 7:45 PM. I rebooted and solved the issue thinking it was a one time thing. This morning, ...

I am facing problems downloading mp4 or 3GP files from the WAP, it says 1.5 MB is too large to download on phone,

Please help me , its urgent,


Apr 20, 2008, 5:01 PM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:

Need Help With The Memory Card

I understand how to get my music, pictures, and videos on and off of the phone. But my problem is when I try to take the pictures and videos off of my phone to save memory. I have been hooking my phone up to my computer and going into the media files and deleting them, but then when I look at the amount of memory left on the phone, it has not changed at all. And the pictures & videos are not in "My Album" and there not in the "file manager". How can i get my memory back?? Any help would be appreciated


Sep 7, 2007, 12:13 PM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:

Can a900 be used with Verizon

I have the option of buying a very nice Samsung MM-A900/SPH A900 from a friend. He is presently using it on Sprints network. I am on Verizon. Does anyone know if there is any feasible way for this to be used on Verizons network? Software changes, etc? Thanks for any input.
you would have to go to a verion store, have them send it in to the tekies and it would take 3 weeks for you to know if it will work or not.
brady pellet

Aug 18, 2007, 5:08 PM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:

i need help with the sph-a900

i have been having troubles with the music on this phone...do you really have to buy it...if so what is the point of the usb cord. i thought u could just copy the songs on the phone from the computer...this phone is disapointing to me☹️☹️ please help i need instructions 👿
Just convert the mp3's to mp4 and then...change the name and the .ext of the file...that's all

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Apr 18, 2007, 4:09 PM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:

It's Official

It's Official... The "Blade" has been discontinued...
Sprint has officially discontinued the A900 and removed it from their personal website as well as its employee discount sites.... overall... pretty good run for a pretty good phone...
sucks....i always thought it looked cool when i saw people with it
LOL! I know what you mean. I have a Samsung A920 and absolutely love it.

Aug 15, 2007, 4:10 PM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:

Bluetooth from computer to phone not working!! help

Trying to get some music onto my phone and I lost the USB cord.

I am using a bluetooth USB device to connect with my phone

My bluetooth is enabled on my phone and my comptuer and phone are already paired.

When I go to send MP3 files I get this message:

The file transfer was not successful.
An adress incomopatible with the requested protocol was used.

Anyone know!?!?

I also have never been able to receive bluetooth from friends either

Aug 24, 2006, 7:14 PM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:

The A900M is due in stores 9/3... So what's the difference?

The only thing that I can tell that makes the A900M different is the Customizable themes.
So why is there a new model number?
Couldn't this have been accomplished with a software update?
What if a store tech updated the A900M software into an A900 using ICSS?
I have tried updating the A900 with the A900M software and it doesn't work.

There are more differences then just the themes. Supposedly it has a memory card slot now. It has also been said that it will have some minor cosmetic differences.

We ca...

Sep 11, 2006, 7:31 AM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:

External display freezes!?

Bought this phone 3 weeks ago, no problems so far, until last night. It was around 10:40 PM and my phone is charging, when I notice the display shows the time is 7:45 PM. I rebooted and solved the issue thinking it was a one time thing. This morning, the damn display kept showing 7:05 AM when it was 8:00 AM. Because the phone was not charging, the display should have been on, but it stayed on, regardless--it was frozen. Even when making a call, after hanging up and closing, the elapsed time kept showing! Rebooting solves this, but I wonder if I should get a new phone. Is this a common ocurrence???

Bump (the thread "Do you need help..." is so friggin long that it takes all space in the first page, making other threads hard to spot).
Mack Truck

Mar 30, 2007, 8:37 AM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:

Sprint A900M or MOTORAZR V3M??

Help me pick! I heard that the A900 may have battery issues?

Mar 29, 2007, 2:16 PM

messaging review is wrong

i have recently purchased this phone, and after reading the review on this site in regards to messaging functionality, i was disappointed as i previously had the mm-a920, and was hoping for an upgrade in respects to the custom dictionary functionality. as seen below in the quoted review, phonescoop states that this phone does not have functionality of a custom dictionary. The custom dictionary is not only accessible separately (Settings->Display->Text Entry->Personal Dictionary), it also has 'smart' functionality, which is when you enter a word via the regular alpha function, that is currently not in the T9 dictionary, it is automatically added. This is a huge upgrade for me, as the a920 did not support this functionality. overall, i am ...
also, the exclamation point and question mark, ARE indeed available via the T9 option. simply hit the 1 key while in T9, a period will appear, and use the next button, to select a variety of punctuation marks, of which exclamation, and question mark ...

Mar 29, 2007, 9:00 AM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:


I am sure that my phone is capable of playing videos. but i havent found the format they need to be in for this to work!

if anybody knows this info, PLEASE SHARE!!

ps, i know for certain. mpeg do NOT work. trial and error on that one.

Mar 29, 2007, 8:54 AM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:


I Posted this in two other threads..but as i read other posts, i realized this question is asked repeatedly. So i decided to start a new thread so the answer can be easily found. here it is:

😁 I specifically signed up just to help every1 with mp3 as ringtones. As i have recently purchased this phone and did some researching to see if i could indeed get rid of that 15 dollar charge for the internet that I rarely use, unless it is to download the ringers i created.

http://www.a900upload.com/index.php?go=instructions »

follow the instructions on the screen to get the program to transfer files directly to your phone WITHOUT using the internet (on ur phone, that is). did i mention using this service is free of charge?? hmm..

Also, fo...

Sep 7, 2006, 11:05 AM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:

Samsung A900 Create ringtones without Internet?

Is there any way to create ringtones for the A900 without using the Internet? I had to pay $65 bucks for a couple tones I created on PC then uploade to phone via Xingtone. 😳

Are there any Sprint phones out there thjat will allow you to create your own tones o the PC, then upload to phone directly from PC?

i inserted an answer in the other post. two ways to get create ringers without using ur phones internet and FREE service charges.

Feb 1, 2007, 6:10 AM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:

A900M vs LGVX8600 needed URGENTLY!

🙄 I've been researching the Samsung A900M (not the A900) and the LGVX8600 for hours now because I have to choose a new phone and a new carrier. (I know one is Sprint and one is Verizon, I'll get back to that in a second)

I really prefer the A900M over Verizon's 8600 regardless of memory and am trying to find a way in justifying the purchase. A few things ARE very important to me though. Even after reviewing this forum I haven't found a concrete way of putting MY mp3's on this phone and using them both as songs AND ring tones. (as well as MY jpegs for caller id) Please forgive me, if I overlooked it. I HAVE found a solid lead for the 8600 by using BITPIM.

1.Can anyone tell me for sure if these things are possible?
2. If so, can y...
well ill be glad to help. No there is no way you can set MP3's as ringtones on the A900m it does not support it. And about that sprint VS. verizon deal i live in so cal. and verizons reception is ok but sprints is great i also have owned the A900m for...

Feb 5, 2007, 8:54 PM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:

Text Messages - Pls help!

I send/receive about 3,000 text messages a month so text functionality is super important and any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

*How many text messages can you save in your inbox and outbox?
* How many text messages can you select and send at the same time?
* Also, has anyone else ever gone from a blackberry or pda (keyboard) to this phone and how does it compare in terms of speed to type a message?
* Can you sync your phone to your computer so you won't lose your contacts if something happens to your phone?
I would not recommend this phone for heavy text usage. It sucks. the only way to sync is with special software. the only syncing it comes with is for pictures and videos.

Feb 1, 2007, 6:33 PM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:

check this out....

does anyone have the problem of the phone squeaking when you open it? it drives me nuts!

Jan 5, 2007, 8:39 PM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:

Media Player MP3 does not work ... Please Help!!!


I have purchased an SPH-A900 sprint's but the mp3 player does not work!! 😢

I put a mp3 file on the media folder in my phone, on the windows explorer the mp3 files appear inside the folder but when i access the mass storage on phone i can't see any file, appear the message "No Content", what can i do making wrong??

Thanks for all!!

Dec 14, 2006, 5:00 PM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:

Picture ID

Any A900M guys having trouble with the picture ID? when someone calls and you have a picture set to that number and a black screen just shows not the picture?
it is probably not ormatted to fit the screen properly.

also, there may be a glitch that carried over from the a900 where if you have a "1" in front of the area code on the contact, then it will mess up the picture.

May 9, 2006, 8:18 PM
over in the "Samsung MM-A900 / SPH-A900 / Ace" discussion:

New Extended Battery?

Hello I ran across this:

http://cgi.ebay.com/Sprint-Samsung-OEM-A900-Extended ... »

when looking for a second battery for my a900 (is it just me or does the original battery suck?) I in no way mean for this to be an advertisement or endorsement of this item... just an example. Is this the real Samsung extended battery? I thought that word was there would be no such release? I cannot find info about this on Sprint / Samsung's website. What do you all think? What will this battery equal in usage time as compared to the old one?
I was at the sprint store last tuesday, and they had the same exact extended battery for it for it was either 59.99 or 69.99, I forget, one of those two, but anyways I was told by the sales person its doubles the battery life, I am still pondering whe...
a900 extended battery is great ..battery problems are over.....out with the big dogs...shutup and buy one..
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