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Sprint Cancels Difficult Customers' Contracts

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Jul 9, 2007, 12:09 AM   by (staff)

At the end of June Sprint sent letters to customers who made an unusual number of calls to customer service, giving them a month to find a new carrier. These customers were making an average of 25 calls per month to customer service, where as the typical Sprint customer calls once every 2 months. The letter went out to approximately 1000 subscribers, though earlier reports estimated the number was much higher. This is still an unusual move as no carrier has ever canceled subscribers in bulk like this before. No other national carrier has canceled accounts because of the number of customer service calls subscribers made, however Verizon admits to canceling the accounts of individuals who were extremely abusive to customer service reps in rare cases.

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This forum is closed.

This forum is closed.


Aug 2, 2007, 10:12 AM

i work for sprint care THANK GOD!

I work for sprint care and I'm so excited that they are doing away w/the frequent callers. this was the best thing that ever could of happened! and let me tell you why the calls we take are terrible at times. i will get customers that will call in like 7 times in a row in less than an hr. Its a joke what these people ask for well they don't ask they demand! Let me be frank sprint takes customers that other providers don't want, i talk to some ghetto ass people at times, my whole thought is don't complain about your phone bill it's a privilege to have a cell phone not a right! so shut up and pay the damn phone bill already!

Jul 9, 2007, 6:55 PM

Putting a wounded animal out of it's misery...

A question:

Why would you WANT to keep a phone service with a company that you had to call 25 times a month over an extended period of time? Wouldn't you just move to another service? Are people really that lonely?

Seems to me Sprint is doing these people a favor. Why prolong the needless suffering on the part of both parties?
Seriously, and how do these people find the time to call in so much? It's blows me away.

Jul 9, 2007, 12:22 AM

what about etf?

who's responsible for it?
it has been waived, as well as the last bill, what i would do if i had service would be to download alot of stuff before i was canceled then bluetooth it somewhere and there ya go free ****! lol, its kinda crazy but i work for sprint customer service ...
Im sure the customers who are cancelled are not responsible for the ETF. With that being said a customer who really wants to get out of their contract without paying a penalty just has to keep calling customer service to complain about stuff and Sprin...

Jul 13, 2007, 11:46 PM

I Guess I'm Not Done: CUSTOMER SERVICE 101

I've been in Customer Care for 10 years, over 4 in the wireless industry, and I can't believe some of the crap people are saying here. Let me give some of you a clue.

1 I'm sorry but the customer in NOT always right. Especially in the cellular biz, but just in general in the world we live in today. Maybe at one point in time (like maybe the 50's) that motto worked, but not today when companies and customers alike just want to take advantage of people and look out for themselves. People think that cell phone companies are so evil that they feel they deserve free phones any time they want, free accessories, free extra minutes, and oh yeah a credit on their bill every month.

2 You can give good and even great customer service WITHOUT brea...
The bad thing here is somebody probably WILL post something, if they haven't already, about how Sprint cut them, and they only called a few times, or they only used the roaming option on their phones very little, and still got cancelled.

The worst ...

Jul 11, 2007, 2:16 PM

I got a Sprint Letter last year

Last year Sprint notified me by letter that I had 30 days to find a new provider. It was a real inconvenience for us and we did not have a land line and had four lines on the family plan. We had a line for each family member. As a result, we had to get four new phone numbers. The reason they cancelled us was not because we weren't paying our bill. The full amount was always paid on time. We were cancelled because we roamed too much! We had two boys in college and my husband traveled frequently for business. They sold us free roaming and we had a large package, but free roaming isn't really free roaming if you roam alot.
It's free because you didn't get charged for it. Doesn't mean they have to keep letting you do it! And how come you couldn't port the numbers?
This is unfortunate, I agree. But you would be surprised at how common this is in the industry. It's marketed as free roaming to customers, but the company still has agreements with the other carriers that you end up using. This is actually very lu...
like a really nice person so I won't say it.
Hey T-Zag, a question. I always found the sprint phone easy to use and the bill understandable. I was terminated for roaming too much, not calling customer service. I don't believe I ever called customer service. If I had found the common sense to...
who did you switch to?

Jul 11, 2007, 3:55 PM

Top Ten Complaints by Those Former Sprint Customers

#1) The guy at the store told me my ReadyLink phone could walkie-talkie a Nextel. 不

#2) I couldn't use my voice activated dialing while tied up like the guy in the (old) commercial. 不

#3) Why did they have to go with yellow and black? 不

#4) Sanyo and Samsung. What's the difference? I get so confused and upset just trying to sort it all out! 不

#5) How do I hook up my rabbit ears to my Sprint t.v. phone anyway? 不

#6) I can't use my phone in the shower and I'm afraid I'll miss an important call from work. 不

#7) How come my daytime minutes are getting charged when I always use my phone after dark? 不

# I shouldn't have to pay taxes on my phone because I don't live THERE, I live in Missouri...
I think I'll re-post this at least 25 more times this month, just in case I'm getting ignored by Sprint!
...My "free phone" is costing me 50 bucks a month! 不

...I was in a restaurant when the "searching for service" message appeared on my phone, and nobody ever came and waited on me! 不

...Those new razr phones don't work at all. I've trie...

Jul 9, 2007, 7:45 PM

Sprint's Internal Response:

"Subject: Sprint customer termination letters
Issue: Various online message boards are carrying reports from Sprint customers that
their service had been cancelled because they contacted Care too often. The online
reports state that Sprints solution to service issues is to terminate service to
troublesome customers who complain too much.
Summary: Ongoing audits of our Customer Care operations revealed that a very small
percentage (approximately 2/1,000th of 1 percent) of our customer base had issues that
they felt Sprint could not resolve to their satisfaction and therefore continued to call an
excessive number of times, in some cases hundreds of times each month. From the
companys perspective, we had resolved their issues. So rat...
sprintchick99 said:
The customer is definitely not always right, and true, the customer service is not above reproach, but but termination due to dissatisfaction makes my blood boil. There have been people that I never want to deal wi
As an employee of Sprint, you should understand their point of view. I'm confused why you as an employee of Sprint don't understand why it is in your companies best interest and the best interest of the customer to sever ties. It's very clearly stated...
I don't understand why you have a problem with this. Your call volume, which is directly related to how hard you work, is higher because of customers like these. If you take these 1200 customers, at 50 calls each, that's 60,000 phone calls a month c...
sprintchick99 said:
"Subject: Sprint customer termination letters
Issue: Various online message boards are carrying reports from Sprint customers that
their service had been cancelled because they contacted Care too often. The on
Your better off! Now you can go find a real carrier.
OMFG! I just don't beleive what I'm seeing. I wish Sprint would do the same for the IDIOTS in the company who don't back them on obvious GOOD customer service like this.

Oh yeah, and I hope someone sees you posted our internal email and cans yo...

Jul 13, 2007, 12:59 PM

What the letter actually says.

I didn't actually receive the letter but I got a copy of what one says.

Dear (customer's name),

Our records indicate that over the past year, we have received frequent calls from you regarding your billing or other general account information. While we have worked to resolve your issues and questions the the best of our ability, the number of inquires you have made to us during this time has led us to determine that we are unable to meet your current wireless needs.

Therefore, after careful consideration, the decision has been made to terminate your wireless service agreement effective July 30th, 2007. This will allow you to pursue to engage with another wireless carrier.

We understand that having to switch to another wireless ...
That is F'n hilarious. Call customer service funny stuff.

Jul 9, 2007, 3:30 PM


I have never had a lot of good things to say about Sprint from a business standpoint, but I have to applaud this.

Anyone who has ever worked in a service industry of any sort knows that there is a small percentage of the customer/clientele base that can never be pleased and just loves to cause trouble by constantly trying to figure out ways to get all kinds of perks without having to pay for them. You can justifiably criticize Sprint for many things, customer service among them. That being said, it is very unfair for them (or any corporation) to have to always be the bad guy.

One thing to note is that Sprint didn't target just anyone who calls in a lot. Nor did they seem to go after customers who may have had legitimate grip...

Couldn't have said it better myself... this is only 1000 out 53,000,000 accounts. You KNOW these people were complete jerks who just wanted to work over the system for their own good. They said some of these people were calling hundreds of t...
thank you! couldn't have said it better myself.

remember folks, customer service is a two way street...
Another thing...

Like it's been mentioned a few times already, we're talking about 1000 customers out of 53 million. That comes down to approximately 0.0001 percent of Sprint's customer base.

So look at it this way: what if nine of us were at t...

Jul 10, 2007, 3:36 PM

Jayshmay, I'm calling you out

I would like to know your opinion on how Sprint SHOULD have handled these customers.
He's going to say keep them even though they're costing Sprint hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. It's easy to judge others when you have no concept of what it's like to make these kind of decisions.
I have had two terrible experiences with Sprint, having their service and working in a Sprint call center. I STILL think they had every right to cut these losers loose.
I really don't think it should have been publicized like this though.
... where'd Jayshmay go? 不

Jul 9, 2007, 3:57 PM

I'de be pissed...

when I had Sprint, the guy who sold me said call customer care ANYTIME with ANY QUESTION! I'm glad they feel 25+ calls a month is too much! "How to kill a company" starring Sprint...
Dude, 25 calls in one month is already too much. When that's your AVERAGE for a period of six months or longer, that's just ludicrous. That's literally calling customer service every single day (except on Sundays when I'm sure they're in chur...
Precisely, I hope this causes Sprints stock to plung, today is only Monday, it's early in the week, we'll have to see what Sprint's stock is like come Wednesday or Thursday.

See if they are CAPABLE of learning a lesson!!!
It is not clear to me that they were canceled because of the average number of calls, or all those customers were flagged as total bastards for more specific reasons and Sprint merely noted the average number of calls in the press release as the simpl...
TradeMark_310 said:
when I had Sprint, the guy who sold me said call customer care ANYTIME with ANY QUESTION! I'm glad they feel 25+ calls a month is too much! "How to kill a company" starring Sprint...

I've a feeli...
You are obviously an uninformed and naive individual. Yes, 25 calls a month is ridiculous. Obviously these people getting drop-kicked have nothing better to do then abuse the system. Good riddance! 不 BTW, the company won't be out of business b...
i don't understand the big problem. If i had a contract with a company that i was so unhappy with that i had to call on average 25 times a month i would be singing and dancing to learn that not only are they letting me break my contract but they are ...

There's only one word for this kind of ignorance people... drum roll please...............


Jul 13, 2007, 9:28 AM

You're an IDIOT!

For the most part I'm glad to hear most of the opinions on this, in these forums, but my co-worker the other day started b/+ching saying that this was "such horrible customer service" and she "couldn't believe we did this" and "didn't even give them a choice."

You know what lady! SCREW YOU! You are a friggin IDIOT! And anyone else who wants to bash Sprint for this is suffering from error I-D-10-T too.

For the first time in a long time Sprint used some unconventional thinking to make a great business move. It actually makes us look a lot better if you ask me... think about it...
"Um yeah, you know what, idiots like you don't deserve our service, in fact we're just going to give you a free month of service to find someone else and cance...
And another thing!
This was OUTSTANDING customer service! This accomplished two things, (1) It said we don't need you idiots, and (2) it freed those stupid but clearly unhappy customers.
And frankly this took huge, massive, hairy balls if you ask m...

Jul 12, 2007, 3:54 AM


Finally a company that is sending a message to those cowardly jerks that call in and hide behind customer service etiquette and scream for a manager the second someone shows a backbone to their ridiculous demands.

If you've ever done this you should be ashamed of yourselves. I don't know how I ever did customer service jobs but I will try VERY hard never to have to do them again. At least not for the general public.

People are just absurd sometimes.

My girlfriend and I worked in the cell phone biz for a combined 8 years, and we personally never want to go back.

Cingular/at&t Wireless has an employee turnover rate of something like 110%. They simply don't care about their employees. They have this shady method of getting their em...
I hear ya, that's why I'm glad I don't deal directly with customers anymore in the wireless industry! lol.
Damn it why couldn't i have read this post before i accepted my job at Cingular...well now im on my way out and i couldn't be happier. seriously dont ever work for AT&T.

Jul 12, 2007, 2:42 PM

Look At The Brightside...

At least you know how to get out of a contract early!!!!!!!!!

Jul 9, 2007, 9:03 AM

A Typical Sprint customer calls once every 2 months

WTF even this seems ridiculous why would their customers need to call this often? I might call my carrier once a year (verizon) maybe, but they never mess up my bill etc
I wonder if thats factoring the people who make most of those calls. I have called customer service three times, twice when I was just increasing my plans and another to get my discount. I've had no other problems since and I've had them for 3 years. ...
Ok ok...it's not like Verizon customers never need to call into customer service. There is so much conflicting information given by Verizon reps that causes repeat callers. Also, I used to work for Verizon. Bills at Verizon get screwed up as many time...
That's the first thing I noticed. 1/40th of 25/month works out to one call every 1.6 months. That sounds like a horrible "average" experience, although if that includes a large number of people paying bills by phone then it all makes sense.
i call in on average every 2-3 months. and only once has it ever been to complain about a billing issue. it's usually to change some aspect of my plan. of course my carrier doesn't re-sign me up for a new contract every time i make a change to my plan...
I work for T-mo and they say our average cust calls once every six months and they also tell us that the company average for those other carriers is once every 2-3 months. I guess thats why T-mo has won the best cust service award for 5 years in a r...

Jul 9, 2007, 5:41 PM

Customer Service Lacking in USA.

Corporations have forgot that they need consumers and we don't need them, there are plenty of cell providers to go to. Be it cell service or a game system, computer, if I'm not treated right by the company and their customer service, I WILL NEVER BUY THEIR PRODUCT AGAIN.

The other thing they have forgotten?


Then again, the CEO's have to watch their bottom line, they might not make the %450 million a year if they don't. I personally don't think a CEO is worth anywhere near the amounts they are getting.

Just to show you I say as I do. I had nothing but trouble with Microsoft and Microsoft products and their customer service. Hence all the computers in this house and at my work were converted to Lin...
I so, so, so much agree with you!!! The customer outrangks the CEO! ! !

The greedy CEOs have what they have BECAUSE of the customers, the employees exist BECAUSE of the customers.

Another thing about customer service now-a-days, is "policy this...
I completely understand this move, because most of those who are driven to call their customer service lines so many times are so unhappy with their service that the best thing Sprint could do would be to offer those customers a way out. That, and mo...
Sadly, you must not have ever worked in retail or customer service, because the customer is most definately not always right. There are so many people out there who will lie and say anything to twist things around in their favor... customer service i...
It's pretty simple. Customers used to take customer service as something to affect their decision on what company to go for.

Nowadays, the strongest driver is price, not customer service. Good customer service is also becoming something that cust...
Guy Montag

Jul 9, 2007, 11:35 AM

Fear tactics

Does anyone think this will result in other customers calling in less out of fear of cancellation? Or as someone else posted, calling in excessively in an attempt to get canceled?
Yeah. They might live w/ their phone issues, or buy them outright. Sprint charges up the butt for outright phones!
yep thats exactly whats going to happen, ive seen it be suggested on this board already, "if you want out of your contract just call alot" k while that MAY work, chances are sprints not going to do this sort of thing for quite a while longer. Also the...
I was telling my neighbor about Sprints actions, he wants out of his Sprint contract, I think he started calling customer service last night, said he was going to put them on speed dial. I think Sprint opened a can of worms worst that they had.

Jul 9, 2007, 7:26 AM


This means I might come in contact with one less whiny customer!

Besides that, I would bet Sprint loses money on some of these people.
This is the move that all national carriers should make.
Your bet saying that they lose money on these people would have to be correct otherwise they would keep them. YOu can't just take into consideration how much you are crediting these customers ...
I believe that those so called whiny customers are the reason you have a job, look at it like this, no customer complaint, no need for customer service rep. And customer service reps like you are the one's that usually get cursed out because of your a...

Jul 10, 2007, 8:06 AM

So who wants these customers?

Without getting into a flaming match about which network sucks the most, who wants these customers? There are lots of people on these boards who work for just about every carrier, and I'm curious if anybody wants to take a customer who is going to call in anywhere from once to ten times a day. For those of us who work at a corporate or retail store, imagine how it would affect your commission if the same customer came in every day to ask questions or complain.

So, anybody out there want these ex-sprinters?
jayshmay does. Apparently these customers are always right!
No thanks! As I said in another reply of mine, most of these customers probably have no idea how cell phone service works, let alone how to use one without absuing it. It's the typical consumer's mindset; if it's not free, it should be!

Jul 9, 2007, 9:26 AM

This, although quite rude, is some hilarious ****!!

不 不
I'm hoping other cariers start doing this now. Serious, what kind of r-tard has to call CS every 1.2 days? They're just whiners who wanted something free and now they're being cut loose.
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