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LG enV VX-9900


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Dec 4, 2007 by phonefreak69

I'm very impressed with this phone, it is amazing!

After having a bad experience with the LG chocolate 8550, i was in desperate need of a cool yet reliable phone. Well the LG enV was a breath of fresh air.


-perfect size and spacing on the qwerty keys
-big bright main screen
-super duper fast texting great picture taking
- nice loud speakers for music
-nice for checking email
- overall great phone!


-kinda big, but still feels good in your pockets
-can only use speaker phone when flipped open
-camera sticks out of phone

Overall this phone is amazing the cons are not at all a burden, and i would highly recommend this phone to the texting aficionado or just anyone looking for a reliable cool phone.

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crème de la crème


Dec 1, 2007 by HelloMotto

In the world of cell phones "it gets no betta"

This phone is about as near to perfection as it get. It also has the highest rating of any Verizon phone so far.

* Sturdy solid build and feel, no cheap feeling creaking plastic.

* Sharp screen resolution

* Loud ringers

* Strong vibrate

* Amazing picture quality

* Battery life incredible

* QWERTY keyboard is spacious


* No ability to use speaker phone with clam shell closed

* With the clam shell open the phone does not sit flat

* Preloaded wallpapers suck (get a memory card)

* Slim variety of standard ringers (too many music ringers)

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Not So Great


Nov 30, 2007 by jumpit

For a text machine I love it. I differ from most reviews in that I love the keyboard with the exception of the sym key. reception is good and battery life is fine for me. but I hate talking on the phone when it is closed, the speakers are on the inside muffling the sound which makes it hard to hear. Also the programing is cumbersome, too many keystrokes to do simple functions. It is easy to fat finger the ok button while trying to use the arrow keys sending messages before they are complete. The speaker phone is very weak. This phone has some nice feature but lets face it I own a phone to make phone calls with and the clarity of the audio on this phone is terrible.

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Its a Cliche.... but sometimes Cliches are good!


Oct 8, 2007 by veriZon123

Drop kick you in the face best phone hands down! I will be using this phone till 2100! Its amazing! I recently bought it used to replace my slvr (ok phone but started going wacko!) Boy was i surprised! LG's and VErizon UI just go hand in hand. When i think of the meare 250 bucks i paid for it WO a contract I scream! Anyways:

-duh full keyboard
-super easy to text on
-if you type a word inside, the predictive on the outside learns it
-the inside screen is huge
-dual speakers
-tons of memory
-camera rocks
orange is pretty flashy
-superb reception
-super long battery life
-lense cover
- NEW LG ringtones
- not that stupid red bar UI

Cons (very minimal)
- front screen small
-paint is flaking off in places
-not many options to set as shortcuts
-vibrate is too strong
- a little big

obviously i knew the cons when i bought it... but still get in no matter what!

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moto e815 is NOT green with EnV


Sep 27, 2007 by sjr14221

I have a motoE815, but was due for new free phone with Verizon.

So, based on the reviews here and by professionals, I chose the EnV.

-overall, the phone is pretty decent,
-has good gadgets
-most importantly, has good sound quality for talking and speakerphone

Minor complaints:
- Must open the phone to use speakerphone
- Manual iris on camera

- battery life. Most reviews said it was great. Specs said it was great. I get, at most, 2 days of standby with NO calls! My free second phone was the MotoW385. It has only been charged once in over a week and it wasn't even dead. My previous MotoE815 only got charged about 1x a week. 460 hours of standby? I don't think so. Try 1/10th of that 48 hours!

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love it.


Jul 13, 2007 by julayx22

simply the best phone

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Jun 29, 2007 by 3fingerjack

Awesome for texting, camera is ok, then it gets bad after that. At first I was excited to be able to stream stereo audio through my bluetooth head set, but the more I used it the more I wanted send this phone sailing into a heard of raging bulls so it could be trampled and smashed in to a million billion pieces! About half the time during listening to the mp3 player when someone would call I would click the answer button and no one would be on the other end. If for some reason I had the music player on pause and someone would call it would never work. Oh but it doesn't stop there. This may have nothing to do with the phone but the software for the music player kind of....um blows chimp. You can't pause a track, exit the player to make a call or text, and then re-enter the music player where you paused, huge annoyance if your track is like 40 minutes long and you have to then fast forward and try to find where you left off. Also alot of the time you transfer songs to the memory card, number them organize them just the way you want, for some reason the phone will randomly not recognize half of the tracks. If you just want a phone with an average camera thats texts easily its fine, but don't expect your blood pressure to stay low and a full head a grey free hair if you want to listen to music on your phone. If you insist on buying this phone for the music player, keep all sharp objects and weapons far away from your person, or you might want to thrust yourself down a flight of stairs onto 2 tons of broken glass.

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This is a great phone


Apr 4, 2007 by sfdtim

OK, I have had this phone fro one month now and it is wonderful. I first questioned the size because I was use to standard clamshell phones. I only give it a 4.5 because I wish I could add txt msg ID alerts.
-excellent clarity
- qwerty keyboard is the perfect size
-camera and video are great
-screen sizes are good
OK OK I love this darn phone........everything about it is great.

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EnV Getting on everybody's hands!


Mar 26, 2007 by elmer469

EnV Getting on everybody's hands!
(especially verizon employees)
which was the reason that i sold it out!
I currently own a LG-vx 9400...
but I had an enV
cant send 2mp picture
I dont know if anybody has notice it on this site but save options change when u turn off the phone, when you program the phone so that the pics can be save to the memory card and turn off the phone, when turn back on, will go back to save to phone

so defenetly it needs a new software maybe it will fix these 2 problems

for the rest the phone is perfect!
too bad everybody is getting it!!!

and for those who wants their sounds as a ringtone n u have them in ur phone. " just send the sound to your self(type ur number in the to box) and if u have them in your computer downloaded them from a web site(as mp3s) write an email n attach the sound and send it to yournumber@vzwpix.com
i know somebody is going to be thankful!!!

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Not for me


Mar 18, 2007 by miel

I give this phone such a poor review for the fact that everyone hyped this phone to the point where I was expecting much more.

-The phone is huge. It is far too large for me especially since I don't text nearly as much as I make calls.
-It is an lg so the battery life needs improvement. I must charge the phone twice a day.
-keys are too small for my male hands.
-Speakerphone only works when the phone is open.
-External display could have been far larger. There is a lot of bare space on the front of the phone.
-Verizon U.I. severly limits pc syncing and even customization of the phone itself, as well as being very slow because of the U.I.
Pro: I can return it to try a 8600.

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