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LG AX-490


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Great Reception


Dec 3, 2006 by dwight

There is nothing I don't like about this phone. I have had it almost two months and have yet to find a bad thing about it. I didn't get it to take pictures with, I have a camera, but from what I have seen, the pics are decent. Mostly I wanted a phone that would get great reception. I live in the Texas panhandle and reception isn't always there with Alltel. I have yet to find a place where I can't use it. Even in the remotest parts where others won't work, my phone comes through. I am getting the hang of the different typing for text messages too. It takes a while, but now I am as fast as with the other style. This phone is also loud. I am hearing impaired and I can use this phone without hearing aids.

it fits perfect in my hand
very loud(in a good way)
RECEPTION, this phone works everywhere

I have yet to find anything I don't like

Bottom line, if you need a phone that works great as a phone, and not a video game or great camera, this is definitely worth it.

Love It!!


Sep 9, 2006 by brenda2724

I have been using the LG AX490 for about a week. So far, I LOVE IT. I have always stayed away from LG phones because they seemed cheap and flimsy. This one feels very sturdy and fits nicely to the face and ear.

After the first day, I couldn't take it anymore... I had to turn off all the racing sounds and visuals. Now the phone is back to "normal" and I REALLY like it.

The FasTap is a lot better than I figured it would be. In my opinion, it's as quick and easy as a qwerty.

Clarity and volume (ringer, ear, and speaker) are GREAT. Display is very nice. No complaints on battery life.

I haven't found one thing about the phone that I don't like. I took a few pictures just to try it out. They were typical cell phone pics... nothing to brag about. No worse than my last 2 camera phones. It's not a feature that matters to me.

All in all, I think the 490 is a great little phone. I couldn't be happier with it.

Excellent phone..Go get you one


Oct 25, 2006 by EricP

I have had alot of phones and up until this one all my phones were getting boring. But i really love this phone. The first batch of these had a problem with the phone restarting on its on. I called alltel and they said to return it. I didn't want to return it cause i really like this one and i didn't want a different phone. But alltel has got the kinks out now. This is the first time i have really felt like that.

It is a different phone that is easy to type texts on and is packed with tons of ringers and images and sounds. The main lcd is plenty large and the front lcd comes in handy and is easy to read.

I have no complaints on this phone. So i can't give it anything but a 5. Cause it is the best phone i have had. If you don't need a "mini computer" in your hand then get this phone. It is really nice. Especially if you want something different from the ordinary. Go by you local alltel store and check it out on display. I am happy with my purchase.

Like it, recommend it, but here are some cautions


Jun 19, 2007 by mynameisbren

I purchased the LG 490 after having lost my LG 6190, the previous FastTap model from LG (which I absolutely loved). I've now had the 490 for about two weeks.

This phone is an improvement for a couple of reasons. I find the numbers easier to press on this phone than the 6190, where the FastTap got in the way a bit. This could have to do with the really excellent fitted case you can get with the 490 (which I am using), which makes it easy to dial or use the letters.

There's Bluetooth, which is an excellent feature. Haven't connected with it yet, but my new headset is on its way. I hear this phone's Bluetooth works great.

Neat looking phone. All black is a sleek look .. it may or may not actually be thinner, but it seems it.

Some of the contacts sorting features are nicely laid out for easy adding, editing and working with contacts.

Outgoing voice clarity seems to be very, very good.

There are however a couple of things I don't like about this phone which differs from the 6190. First, the front display cannot be set to always on, as the 6190 was. I find it annoying to have to press a side button to turn the front display on to see the time or if you missed a call/have a text. To me it sort of defeats part of the purpose of a front display.

I don't find the audio to be as clear in normal phone mode (not on speaker and not on headset) as the 6190 was. I find it a tad bit muffled compared to my old phone on the same network.

I don't like having to hold the camera button on the side for 3 seconds to activate the camera. On-touch was a much handier feature on the 6190.

No Vibrate+High ring feature! Man I miss that.

The phone freezes on me when I try to open a picture message. Mind you, this is only the first picture message that was sent to me since having the phone, so this could be a bad file or something. However, I received this same file from my 6190 a while ago and it worked fine. This may be a warranty issue.




Aug 4, 2006 by mjs6064

4.5 only because it's completely branded with Alltel Racing. The phone is actually really cool. The Fast Tap is excellent. It's easy to use, but takes getting use to...especially if you are used to qwerty or Itap on regular handsets. The phone turns on with a roaring engine and turns off with a speeding car sound. The phone is very comfortable in the hand and against the ear, although the cellular enthusiast would take advantage of the blue tooth compatability and use a headset instead. Moto h500 synced real well with the phone and did the job. Other nice features includes 30 race inspired ringtones, which sound more like old tunes off of Out Run from Sega back in the day. The speaker on the outside is very loud and easy to hear. VERY nice display inside. Scrolling caller id display. Easy to use menue. All around really nice phone. If you love nascar and/or Ryan Newman, this phone is awesome for you. If you're not a big fan, then if you can ignore the afforementioned, then this phone will do you well.

it's worth a look


Aug 5, 2006 by celldawgg

Recently had the Nokia's from Alltel. Good phones but not durable. Tried the E815 for the past 14 days and really wasn't happy with the call clarity. Seemed to had an echo and static at times. To bulky for me and just didnt appeal. Decided to try the new LG and see what it's all about. i have 15 days to use! Thus far:
Pro's- user freindly, nice sound, LOUD in a good way! Seems to have good signal in VA. Love the black color and sleek looks. TEXT Messaging is FUN & NEAT!

Con's- I have not found anything close to a con yet!

The phone seems lighweight and very appealing to the eye and it sets up to your ear and mouth nice! I love some of the sound effects as well. They are different and useful! It's worth a TRY! I bought mine outright with no contract discounts for $209. I am very picky and serious abount my cell phones!

Not for experienced itappers


Nov 7, 2006 by nippy316

There are alot of pros about the phone, such as being able to record your ringtones right onto your phone and the sleek racecar looking design.
The best feature is that you can type phone numbers that are given to you with numbers (such as 1-800-ALLTEL) using the alphabet.
However, I would NOT recommend this phone for anyone who is an experienced texter. I am pretty fast at iTap, and this phone slowed me down so much. Its not very easy to learn and is really frustrating if you text alot. I bought it because I thought it would speed me up, but it just drove me crazy. Also, the screen is really small considering how large the phone is and the shiny black outside makes all scratches very visible.
I sent it back after 7 days.

Pretty good phone


Aug 30, 2006 by dukedeh

The phone works great. Has pretty good reception and clarity. I'm not sure about the battery. I am using it with a bluetooth - one of the main reasons I decided on this phone - and the battery seems to deplete after about one full day - talking throughout the day. The phone has lots of very cute features, bells and whistles.

Also, I stated earlier, I decided on this phone because I really wanted to try bluetooth. I have tried 2 different headsets, and they both result in the receiver hearing a somewhat annoying echo of themselves when they speak. The person using the blue tooth has no problems.

Pretty Sweet


Jun 21, 2007 by heinzitup99

this phone is the best phone i've ever had. It texts like never before and it has a great camera and it comes with a lot of ringtones and pictures. The fast tap keypad is excellent. I have had one problem with this phone though...i'll be doing nothing with the phone then i go to do something then austomatically the screen will turn red and white and you cant do anything (AKA: Downlaod Mode) and i end up having to go to the back of the phone and take out the battery...this has happened to me about 11 times since i got it...this is very annoying and i dont know what to do when this happens...but other than that its a "Pretty Sweet" phone. I would reccomend this to anyone who like txt messaging.

Race car- liike design, and amazing features, a 5.0


Nov 14, 2010 by narn3049

This phone combined what I liked at the time, cars and have a lot of features on my phone. I loved when I owned this phone, and I'd probably get it again.

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