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Motorola v.120t ("t" for terrific)


Jul 22, 2002 by sunilsonia

Having encountered a miserable experience with Sprint PCS and then demoing out a Motorola v.60t phone, I had lost hope on both Sprint PCS (altogether) and Cingular Wireless. But then came this Motorola v.120t phone to the rescue. I demoed this phone all weekend long from Friday till Today through my corporate reps on site. Would you believe not even a single dropped call over the weekend. This was a particularly good exercise carried out as the weekends are when cell freaks like to use their phones the most. And considering traffic conditions, these were some exception results. So I have decided (BOLDLY in the light of all billing fiasco stories that I have read about with Cingular) to go for the credit check for Cingular Wireless and should it come back approved, then I am going to welcome my new Motorola v.120t phone in open arms. I will pray as well that no nuisances will happen (ala, with Sprint PCS's dropped calls).

V.120t "T" is for tough.


Apr 9, 2003 by Test Ing

This is a solid little phone. I have had the phone now for about a year and it has never let me down. To bad Moto may discontinue it.

1, Takes a beating. I’m not easy on cells.
2, Reception is great. (AT&T SF Bay Area and beyond.)
3, Voice Dialing. Its great and it works.
4, Easy ringer shut off.
5, Sturdy antenna. Phone spends 97% time in my back pocket.
6, Price. I paid $19.95 new.
7, Just about the same phone as the V60i, minus the cool and the troubles.

1, Screen to small and poorly lit.
2, Shows time but not date.

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Great phone


Aug 7, 2002 by Mitszey Sanders

I just got this phone Monday. This is my first digital phone. I have the Motorola Startac and it was a good phone but didn't have messaging. That is a service I really need because my daughter is deaf and I work with several deaf people. Now they can talk to me anytime. That was a very important feature for me. The clarity is very good and I like the fact that you don't have any dropped calls or I haven't so far. The only thing I don't like about this is that you can't download ring tones or I have yet found out were to download them. Everyone that I have called said that they can hear me alot better on this one. I was very indecisive about whether to get a Nokia or Motorola and since I had a Motorola before I decided to get this one. The battery seem good on it, but I haven't charged it yet. The store had it charged for me when I got it. I love the voice activation. It makes it easier while driving. I will probably get my husband the same one or try a Nokia for him. I really like the phone it has everything I need although an alarm clock would be nice,lol.

I'm never using anything but a motorola!


Jul 12, 2002 by Amanda Biggs

I have been through many cell phones, I've had a startac, 2 nokias, 2 samsungs and currently im using this motorola. This is the best phone I have ever used. Great features, nice ringers and AMAZING durability, I mean I have put this phone through hell and back and it still works like a dream, i drop the thing about twice a day and its even taken a bath and survived. I have absolutely no problems, but i am replacing it soon as i like new phones, i have the Motorola v120x coming for me. The same just a little better:) MOST IMPRESSIVE!!!!!

first fone i ever owned


May 9, 2007 by rigmus

So I guess I'm a bit jaded when it comes to this fone. I didn't have to buy it or pay a monthly bill for it, and the signal reception was through the roof. In my opinion only a few things were missing.

-Outstanding signal - even in Western Nebraska
-Pre-loaded FREE games
**these are things that come standard on most fones now, but the t120 had them back in the day**
-voice dialing
-customizable menus
-order your phonebook by groups of contacts
-web browser

-no application catalogue to download ringtones or wallpapers
-no camera
-no speakerfone

The only reason i don't have my original t120 activated right now is because i left it in a gas station on I-20 and my parents made me buy a v262

Good phoe but old


Dec 3, 2006 by viejodave

This was a good phone at that time, I have it for almost a year and it function at 100% all the time, just till the GSM technology came out.

Good phoe for areas that still uses TDMA tech.

Great starter phone!


Oct 30, 2005 by spunkyscraps

This is the first phone I've ever owned. I use tracfone because I don't use it too much. I travel to the boonies a lot and ALWAYS get great service- much better than anyone else out there. Have used several family Sprint phones(which are totally rotten for anywhere on the face of the earth)and there is just no comparison. Yeah, I get get a lot of jokes about my "dinosaur" phone, but it works, so I'm not too concerned with the size. Have dropped it many times, gotten it wet, etc. and it just keeps going. The only thing that I don't like is that figuring out the voicemail is a pain.
Great battery life
Very durable
Good reception
Voicemail setup and use

Great old-school phone:)

Very Good


Jan 22, 2003 by ralph read

This Motorola is very good. It has a pretty decent battery and it size and weight is very reasonable. The menu and screen is not very friendly but is ok. Good reception. Keypad is terrific. No alarm. Overall a solid B.

Great Phone Great Sound, Battery Life,


Dec 12, 2002 by Michael Jasinski

Battery life and sound quality are really great with this phone. The phone works well in areas of poor signal strength without dropping calls. Sound quality and maintaining signal strength is much better than my old Startec phone.

The user manual doesn't match the menu navigation of the telephone and Motorola doesn't bother to issue updates to the manual.

I called AT&T tech support twice to get help programming the phone to access the voice mail box by pushing and holding the #1 key. Two support reps and two hours later they couldn't figure it out. It took my 3.5 hours on my own to finally figure it out.

I love this phone


Jul 7, 2003 by charlotte

I throw my phone in the water and it still works , I also got my dog to swollow it which was pretty hard and after it came out it still worked .I would no use anthing else but this phone.

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