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Solid Entry Level Phone


Jul 21, 2005 by AshDizzle

This phone was my second Motorola I had, and my first with ATTWS back in the day. I used it for over two years, and I was only on a one year contract. It did everything I needed it to do, and never failed me. Service was great.

It was until until I got into the mobile phone industry that I was turned on to the power phones of today, and as I was browsing through an ATTWS store (in the final days) I fell in love with the V600, and the GSM network. I still have my V120t in my glove compartment for those emergency analog calls.

Charger port on the phone is easily corrosive. On my second year with the phone, a green substance began appearing on the charger port'sm gold plating. Scratching it off prolonged the lifetime, but now it is almost impossible to charge the phone. You can buy new charger ports on ebay and easily install it yourself, I just never got around to it.

Long Battery Life (started to deteriorate near the end but by letting it run out completely and letting it charge for 24 hours reset the battery life)
Loud Ringers
Sweet Blackjack Game
Great Reception
Cheap Price
Easy to navigate (as always) menu system
Voice Dial reliable
Perfect Size for a non-flip

Love This Phone, It Never Fails Me


Aug 10, 2004 by lindened

I've had this phone for a year and love it. I use it all week, and charge it on the weekends, and never had a problem. I don't have dropped calls, power never fails. (Tracfone, Northern Virginia/Shenandoah Valley areas). Service is spotty for me in the mountains, but that's to be expected. I'd give it a 5, but it doesn't have GSM. But in every other way, I'm happy.

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This is a grate Phone


Oct 27, 2003 by Motoman

This is a relly relly good phone for the money With my Provider you can get this phone for Free
Battery life
Voice Dialing Voice Memo
500 phone book
Antenna brakes off relly Easy

Motorola's smart move


Jul 24, 2003 by Cingular0803

In my two years working in wireless sales....this phone is the one I am constantly pushing. I think in that in the past year (with my carrier, we have only had it for one year), I have only returned one. It provides excellent reception, great battery life (approx. 4 hours of talktime and 3 days on standby)...and the menu features are quite simple to use. I used this phone as a demo, and I quite enjoyed it. It was lightweight, and driving through the Harbor Tunnel here in Baltimore (which most of you know is underwater), I still had excellent reception and did not drop a call. If you are concerned with reception, battery life, and clarity, and not all the bling bling features of Sprint phones, then this is the phone for you!

I miss my little baby... GREAT PHONE!!!


Jan 24, 2005 by ChrissyLove123

CONS: Ugly green backlight, can't DL ringtones, charger is flimsy, difficult to change face plates, can't talk while charging.

PROS: Cute, ergonomical shape great for "shoulder holders", takes any 2.5 headset, you can create your own ringtones (tricky, but fun), can make a select ringtone for every entry in phonebook, easy ring volume and talking volume selector buttons, voice recorder/voice function button, sturdy antenna, great little phone, drops calls rarely if ever, clear sound, etc....

I LOVED this phone. I got rid of it when my husband got me a Nokia 3560 *BIG MISTAKE*. I tried to get another one, but my company never had them in stock and they aren't getting them anymore. I LOVED this phone, I would recommend it to ANYONE.

Almost good


Aug 20, 2004 by macaddiict

I used this as my main phone with Cingular wireless for about 3 months. The phone did a good job of holding onto a signal and was very comfortable to hold and fit comfortably against my ear. The battery life was good and I found lots of accessories online and in stores for this model. I would recommend this phone to most people looking for something cheap, but it is by no means the best phone out there.

The font on the screen is a bit small and I didn't like the menu layout, but you can make the font bigger and get used to the menus. I hated that the phone uses iTap text entry instead of T9 for text messaging, and the ringers on the phone sound pretty silly for the most part and are hard to customize. The buttons are also rubber and are pretty hard to press. It also has a hard antenna that sticks out from the phone -- don't expect to fit this phone in your pocket.

This is now an extra phone around the office used when going on a service run and I'll say it has held up well considering the beating everyone gives it. The phone doesn't seem to hold onto calls as well as other Nokia's on our account, causing it to cut out fairly often. Usually, I can hear the person I'm calling but they say I cut out alot. Overall though, I think I ended up paying maybe $9 for the phone so I definitely have nothing to complain about.

Ode to a Phone


Apr 8, 2004 by karotladee

This is my 1st Motorola phone & I've used it for 19 months now. The menu was new to me since I had used a Nokia before but after applying myself, I was glad I traded up. I wear hearing aids so it was a pleasant suprise to find there wasn't a feedback problem. I've never lost a call (East Coast/Cingular) except during a snowstorm when circuits were busy anyway. My favorite features are assigning ringtones to different #s (more than 30 to choose from)and the easy-to-set voice activation. I bought the speaker & used it heavily in the car. If you use the headset, you can take calls, listen to the radio & re-play your voice memos. I added the vibrating battery & it still would take more than a week to wind down. Standby was an easy 10 days though I did turn it off when I was at work. I never had a problem with the antenna & I have dropped it hard enough for the battery to detach but it never affected it or the phone. The viewscreen is easy to read but not so once it is in a phonecase. The phone cover can be changed but not easily for it involves dis-assembly of the phone. Alas, I have to trade it in because my 40+ eyes have detected a color screen is easier to read. I'm staying with a Moto though!

Good phone for lite user


Mar 27, 2004 by mikethaler

I use this w. ATT. Altho based in Bay Area, only use this phone as a back up when traveling outside of Ca. (My regular phone is an SE r520m which gets heavy use on T-M.)

The voice quality is quite good. Caveat, ATT doesn't always provide good voice quality. This phone is NOT for a heavy user as the buttons are somewhat small and very hard to use. It came free w. my 29.95 300 min. national plan. I didn't really care what i got as long as it would work when i needed it to.
Battery life is quite good - virtually as good as my GSM phone. RF seems to be very good as well.

Since this phone averages less than 300 min. a month, i haven't done much in the way of using features like voice dialing etc. I have made use of 3-way calling which is easy to impliment.

good phone


Dec 31, 2003 by carlbeaty33

i liked it alot like my v60t i would tell anyone to buy it.

The Most Underated Phone on the Market


Aug 22, 2003 by Mr T

This is the phone to get if you're not one of "those" people who has to have a flip phone. The phone has an external antenna and gets great reception, it has voice activated dialing, a large phonebook, calender, GREAT battery life with a lithium battery. I think this is the best TDMA phone ATT carries. There's never complaints about this model. The only reason I give it a 4 is b/c how hard it is to program once you first get it, after that though it's all good.

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