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Nokia 2610


Jun 17, 2008 by The New ATnT Wireless

The Nokia 2610 is a basic phone that comes with a lot of features and is available with major GSM carriers such as AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile.


The Nokia 2610 ranks 5/5 for durability, signal strength, call quality, length of battery life, and a simple user friendly menu. The keypad is very decent, the only trouble is the arrow keys, sometimes I hit a wrong button.


Features include MMS, MP3 ringer capabilities, voice recorder, high resolution screen (for a basic), games, graphics, themes, ringers, and Internet capabilities.

The phone provides solid service for customers looking for a device without spending too much. Granted, this phone does not have bluetooth, but you can acquire an earpiece set for the phone.

For users who desire a simple wireless device, the Nokia 2610 is a smart choice.

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Nokia 2610 is an excellent phone.


Jun 8, 2008 by MotoV3RAZR2008

The 2610 model is a good phone for people who just need a basic solid performer.

The phone comes with good battery life, decent signal strength, reception is good, and it comes packed with many features for a basic candy bar style phone.

Some of your pros include easy to use menu, keypad is also simple and easy, and the phone has fairly loud ringing volume.

Some of the cons are that the menu is a little bit slow, and you can't change the color of the signal/battery level bars in stand by mode.

The phone does have a beautiful screen, and it is capable of MP3 ringers. Also, the memory for this basic phone is generous, and you can download some fun games, like Tetris and Bowling!

Texting with this phone is fairly simple too.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a good, basic phone for a low price, you have found the right hand set. The Nokia 2610 will provide you with a reliable wireless device for years to come.

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How can I complain?


Aug 18, 2007 by kjkulp

4.5/5.0 for it's market segment.

i bought this as a back-up phone so i wouldn't have to worry about trashing my "regular" phone. i really do like this phone a lot and i suspect i'll be using it not only on the beach, but also anytime i don't feel like lugging my N75 around. it's quite small and is very attractive. it looks like a much more expensive phone. as mentioned by others, it does have a very good keypad layout with easily located buttons and good tactile feedback. also mentioned is the fact that it is, disappointingly, not easily unlocked - four failed attempts, i'm not going for the dreaded fifth. as good as it looks, it does feel very cheap - with less than solid button "feel". also, the display is fairly poor. not poor for a 65k screen, but so many phones now have 262k screens these days (and i've been spoiled by my 16m color display) that it is a let down. i would rather have a monochrome screen that i can read in direct light rather than a color screen that isn't up to the task. but, i have to keep reminding myself, i paid $9.99 for this phone, so how can i complain about a 65k screen? in addition to the display resolution, the plastic face of the phone a) makes the screen look so much larger than it really is, leaving you disappointed when the tiny screen does fire up, and b) has awful glare problems. finally, there are no side keys so if you customize your D-pad with shortcuts, don't change "up" and "down", otherwise you won't be able to adjust the volume of your earpiece/ring/speaker phone.

- looks great - a sharp, elegant looking phone
- small
- nice feel to the case, with well placed keys
- LOUD speaker phone
- great battery life
- great RF
- super cheap

- disappointing screen size and resolution (but average for this price range)
- not easily unlocked via unlock calculator
- keypad feels much cheaper than it looks, wobbly buttons, etc.
- uses older nokia accessories
- no external volume control

i do really like this phone!

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This is a decent phone!


Jul 8, 2007 by iloveMOTOV300

Hello everyone,

Are you thinking about going with the Nokia 2610? If you are, then read this review before you make a decision.

Here's what I like about this phone:

-It is a compact, cunningly designed phone with a nice keypad.

-The screen is high quality, and the graphics look very good on the phone.

-I use AT&T Wireless and this phone gets a decent signal.

-I like the way my ring-tones sound, and I like the quality of the screen when I play my games.

-Fast mobile internet

-Great for MMS and regular Texting.

-You get all of your IM functions on this phone.

-Very easy to use, long battery life.

Things I don't care for:

-You can't change the signal bar color schemes like with other Nokias. (AT&T blocked out this feature, so you're stuck with blue.)

-This phone is not easily unlocked (I actually failed, so I am stuck, but I like my service so this isn't a biggie)

-It is very very hard to see the screen outside, especially when you want to check the time, and on other phone models if you push a number key, the screen will turn white so that you can see the time. But on this model when I try that, it does not show the time, so I have to turn off my wallpapers when I go outdoors.

-You can't change the menu view from grid to list, they deleted the list option, which is what I like over the grid.

None of these cons are huge, I'm honestly glad to have this phone. So many people around the world have it much worse, so I think it is silly to complain too much about a cellular phone.

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Great phone


Jan 20, 2008 by titanium12

I love this phone for several reasons:

1. It is basic and exactly what I was looking for.
2. It was cheap (bought new for $39.99).
3. It is small.
4. Epic battery life.
5. Great, reliable signal.
6. Messages send extremely quickly.
7. Nokia dependability.

At first, the screen was hard to see, but after changing the contrast it was fine.


None really. Maybe a side key for volume. That would be kind of cool, though it hasn't made a difference yet.

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Excellent no-frills phone


Jul 23, 2008 by eric_cartman

This phone is perfect for those who JUST want a phone. It doesnt have the fancy bluetooth stereo (or bluetooth for that matter), microSD, camera or video or nothing. It's a basic phone that lets you talk, text message and web browsing (at GPRS Speed, which limits it to basic wap sites). Also, since its not fancy and stuff, the battery lasts longer (upto 10 days standby), and it also has profiles and stuff. The only problem is that the buttons feel clumsy, especially the navigation pad.

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Great phone for $30!!!


Apr 10, 2008 by ejb11235

The primary purpose of a $30 cell phone is to allow you to make cell phone calls. This phone does exactly that and does it well.

The Nokia 2610 is available from TMobile as a pre-paid "To-Go" phone for $30. The rep at the TMobile store told me activate the phone with the included SIM card and use up the free 10 minutes before I put in my own SIM. Apparently there can be some warranty problems or improper activation issues if you don't.

This phone has no bluetooth, no camera, doesn't come with a USB cable, and isn't (from what I've read) supported by Nokia's sync software. Sure, I'd love to have some of these features, but then it wouldn't be a $30 phone.

PROS--This phone provides way better signal coverage than my old phone (T610), both in my home and on a highway I drive a lot. Actually, I'm stunned on how much more coverage I'm getting. Call quality is excellent.

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works great for me


Feb 29, 2008 by phonesrus

i recently purchased this little jewel when my 13 month old k1 died.have been a loyale moto fan for years ,but now after using this phone makes me want to check into nokia's higher end phones.

-great battery
-great rf(AT&T)
-sound quality is very good
-profiles of ringing options
-ringtones are nice and loud
-media net has acceptable speed for a basic device

-sometimes interface can be a little sluggish and slow to respond to keys being pressed ,which if not careful ,can result in a ringtone being blasted in your ear
-easy to hit wrong direction on d-pad

in all the phone does what it should do,make and recieve calls.i will keep it for back up even if i do get another advanced phone.

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Nokia 2610 Real Deal Review


Jan 18, 2008 by therealdeal66

1. The screen is darkly tinted and has a reflective type effect which makes it hard to see at times.

2. Basic Phone, no camera, bluethooth, MP3 blah blah blah - but you don't buy this phone for the extras!!

1. Price!! This phone can be purchased for around $39.99 sometimes less and is available through many sources.

2. Has your standard Nokia functions
Reception and internet browsing work well
Volume on earpiece and speaker are pretty good. Receives text and picture messages quickly.

The Nokia 2610 is a great entry level phone for the U.S. - A nice phone to use as prepaid for yourself, the kids or a secondary or backup handset.

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I love my phone!! Great Buy


Feb 1, 2008 by MszLiyah04

This phone is GREAT! I got this phone like 3 weeks ago when I dropped my Samsung A437 in a cup of orange juice on December 25 ,2007!

Great Battery life
Was Only $9..lol
Great Messaging
Can download MP3 music files onto phone LOVE IT
I love they way you can change the color of your words
Charges REALLY QUICKLY IN LIKE 20 MINS and stays charged for like 3 to 4 days.
Can talk on it for a long time and battery wont go down a bit!

Dont have Camera
Dont have bluetooth
Mines only came with games you can only play 3 times! THAT SUCKS
Have boring Screensavers

Overall Im in love with this phone Im 13 and this is my 7th phone in a year!

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