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Jan 4, 2003 by no2gates

Well, I've had the v70 for a little less than a week and have the following comments.

- Keyboard is nice. No problems with the buttons.
- Looks GREAT!!
- Sound volume could be a little louder.
- Menu system is good. (Like the v66)

My main problem is this irritating buzzing noise. It's not constant, it comes in and out, but it is noticable. I tried taking it back to the dealer today, but have to wait until they get another one back in stock. Hopefully I just got a defective one and this is not indicative of a design flaw. I used to have the v60t which had a buzzing noise whenever the backlight was on, that problem was noted by others as well, but I tried a google search for v70 buzzing and didn't turn up anything.

V70-A Cool, Stylish Phone


Nov 13, 2003 by TDLicious

I am the owner of a collection of various GSM phones I use with T-Mobile. I am guilty of being a "Nokia" guy but I have added various phones (Siemens SL56,Motorola A388, Panasonic GD55, etc.) to the managerie. The most recently added member is my lightly used Motorola V70. I have used my wife's old V60g and her T722i so I know plenty about the motorolas. The V70, as far as I can see, is simply a V60g with a different shape.

It has the EXACT SAME menus, options, features and so on. The only two ways I can see the v70 being different are:
1)It is shaped differently and opens with the swivel and NOT the standard motorola "flip"
2)It has a "reverse-contrast" screen - white letters on a black background.

OK, so, since we now see it as a slightly altered v60g, consider the v60g user reviews, combine those reviews with the shape and style of the v70, and there you have a perfect opinion.

The reason I like it is that it is VERY SMALL, VERY UNIQUE and as a Motorola has that Motorola Feel - Not quite Nokia level of user friendliness but close and VERY well-built. Like I said, I bought mine used. Compared to the latest phones coming out, the v70 has NOTHING TO OFFER. No camera. No color screen. No SmartPhone features. So, for $300 you can get a "better" phone. But, pay $125, like I did, and you get a fun little, simple GSM phone with the features that I look for in cell phones- the ability to call and get calls-and maybe draw some attention here and there in the process!

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V70 WHO?


Sep 9, 2002 by Trevco

I'm being somewhat generous with my review...but Motorola has put out some decent phones in the last 8-10 years.But with all the new fangled zillion color lcd phones blistering todays market,you can't help but wonder what the hell these guy's are thinking?!The new phones are getting better technology,more w ays of expressing themselves and somewhat cheaper in gold deblunes!BUT,motorola has something different in the "conception stage",and it is 3-1/4"L by 2-1/16"W by 1/16th"Thick. Pretty cool eh? It actually is the size of a credit card(actually smaller eh!).It looks like a car stereo credit card remote control,with the buttons rounded and raised.Shown in either light blue/grey/white.--Whatever we'll never see it!!!Getting back to the V70...not a bad phone,decent sound quality,neato reverse back-lighting(I guess),but should have just been a fil,just because it's awkward to operate with one hand while driving down the road,oh well.Still a neat design though.I'm still wondering why they couldn't include more features with a price tag of about $550.00?Overall,a pretty decent quality phone,but let's work on that price guys!

Its ok, rather had a v60i


Aug 5, 2002 by kara james

For what I paid for the phone I could of really spent my money on something less complicated. The swival casing is so nerve wrecking. Far as the features of the phone those are OK. but that swival will drive you crazy.. It was not worth the money!!

amazing bad little phone, for two years


Nov 6, 2010 by narn3049

I had always LOVED Motorola phones, and so I wanted to get one I was farmiliar with and this was amazing, and of great use.

all about style


Jan 23, 2005 by ag3nt_smith

This phone doen't have really any amazing features but its all about style. The menu system is easy enough to use and call quality is good. The inverted lcd is nice. The only thing I dont like is that the red and green buttons are switched compared to any other brand of phones and ive hung up a couple times instead of answering the call. Other than that its nice.

i love my v70


Jan 9, 2005 by munira

I've had my V70 for over 2 years now and never ever had a single problem with it. It's been dropped sooo many times, even from 3rd floor, even into hot water, and it still works perfectly fine. Of course after dropping it into water i had to get the rust inside of it cleaned, but that's it. Replaced battery about 4 months ago. Beside V70 i have Samsung E715, but rarely use it.
For me V70 turned out to be a great phone.

not bad at all


Jan 23, 2004 by Jae

Its a cool phone i live in richmond,VA and the phone works good in the area. its on gsm so it only covers 80 percent of the suncom area. i didnt pay halk as much as these other people paid i dont know where there from but its not worth 500.00-550.00 like they paid i only paid like 200.00 which is still alot for a phone with not much options at all. I do get the buzzing soung every once in a while and its very anoying. and the screen is very small and its hard to see when drivin. other than that its a n awsome phone. every one that sees my phone lioves it.

not a bad phone!


Oct 11, 2003 by idealrides

I've had this phone since the day it came out in Paris (before the US) After a year the softkeys became extremely hard to push, but they still work. And the antenna broke a few months after that. Got another one on ebay for $5. This phone has been submerged in saltwater twice, I cleaned it out and it kept working fine. Even fell from my pocket while driving a motorcycle, barely scratched it. Still one of if not THE smallest phones on the market, great for slipping in your pocket for a night out.



May 9, 2003 by jasondock

This phone is a great disappointment. Despite the horrible service of T Mobile the phone isn't all it was expected to be. The biggest turn off was that the V 70 had the same primitive menu's and features as the V 60 had. Couldn't they at least make it a little better?

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