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May 18, 2006 by mac_p_book

If I had read these other reviews before I bought this one, I might have been scared off and unjustly so.

I've had the t509 for about a week and I love it more every day. I had a Moto v09

Ouststanding stability- never dropped a call even in my notoriously poor reception home neighborhood.

Fantatsic reception. Callers sound clear and loud.

Great screen- easy to see & read even in bright sunlight.

Fabulous form factor- steel case and buttons feel true and perfectly weighted.

Seamless bluetooth integration- connected to my Mac right away.

Easy navigation- superb Samsung UI- very intuitive like most Samsungs.

Camera quality is okay, but I needed a phone I could live with, not a camera. I have a DSLR if I need a quality pic of something.

Haven't tried syncing software yet, will report after I get unlocked and try it.

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so cute, but comes with flaws


Apr 13, 2007 by sara77

This phone is ultra-sleek and stylish, I love its appearance. I am also happy with most of the features, but the volume issue really bothers me. It is okay when I am in a completely silent room, but when you are driving... forget it, I can hardly hear anything, and I always have it on maximum volume.

Does anyone know if this issue was fixes by Samsung? Any patches? Please email me if you do.

Other than that, I don't like that you cannot use the headset and charge it at the same time (say, in a long conference call) because there's only one slot. But I guess that is the same for all thin phones.

It also bothers a little me that you cannot create text menus. I don't like the icon display, but I guess you could get used to that.

Oh, last but not least, the battery life is not very good. Definitely get a car charger if you are planning to use it a lot.

Like I said before, other than that I love the phone, and I got lots of 'ohs' and 'ahs' from my friends for it.

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T-509, Ok, but just got it


May 11, 2006 by pepsifreak

Picked up the T-509 last night and it seems ok, so far, but...

Pros: Looks, screen, size of buttons, volume, maneuverability, form factor

Cons: Reception - not sure about this yet, ringtones, screen savers are basically non-existent, no "tip" calculator, no indicator light to tell you when it's fully charged.

It does seem to have reception problems, when I set up my voicemail, some of the words dropped out. It doesn't seem to have as many features as I thought it would but will give it the two week try out and return it for something else.

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Thin and light as you can get


May 7, 2006 by sfo

I was looking forward to getting this Samsung T509, got it yesterday.
Initial impression was good sound quality, easy menu, good camera. However, it seemed almost too small and light for me. Never thought I'd say that.

I'm using it again today and it's starting to win me over.That 3.5 rating ccould go north.

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Save Yourself the Pain - Don't Do It!


Dec 9, 2006 by mjb

The Positives:
1.T-mobile salesboy LOVES this phone's simplicity. (because it's sooo PRETTY?!)

2.Haven't used all my minutes since purchase... because the battery is always dead/dying & poor sound quality has clients begging me to use a land line.

3. Company must be in the black - no $ spent on engineering saves a fortune!

The Negatives: Everything else.

1. Pretty, bright screen sucks the life out of the wimpy battery faster than anything else I've used, & with only one (very difficult to connect while driving) accessory connection, you can't use a head-set while you charge it. Please don't tell my insurance co!

2. That flat, thin design with beensy buttons means you can't let it come in contact with anything (pocket, purse, hand) without setting something off or inadvertently changing a setting.

3. Forget the Blue-tooth, & for better sound quality go directly to a tin can & string.

4. Manual is too basic to bother with. At 202 pgs you'd think it might have some good info. Nope. Website FAQ's no better. Availability of Samsung support? M-F, 9-5. Gee, thanks. Think their engineers are on the same schedule - off duty.

5. That one, very poorly engineered accessory connection doesn't work with any other brands, so good luck charging in a friends car or picking up a spare head set at the local Walgreens. You're SOL!

Really, don't mean to sound so disappointed & disillusioned after spending so much $$, but save yourself the experience - give it up & get something that cares less about form & more about function.

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Phone is terrible


Nov 3, 2006 by baylor45

I have been with t-mobile since 2002 and been very happy with my previous phones. My daughter talked me into this phone and I hate it.

First, it has broken twice. I keep paying t-mobile to ship me another one (since I have no option to do otherwise). They just replaced it for the third time and now they think the battery is bad.

The placement of the recharge area is bad, the speaker is weak and the sound is terrible.

I have my old razr phone and I am using it instead. This phone is completely unreliable in my book.

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this phone sucks


Oct 16, 2006 by wrench

got this phone from t-mobile and thought oh sweet i got a cool sleek slim phone. boy was i wrong. this thing is a piece of crap. the phone calls are all muffled and you get shitty service if your inside. and I'm having a great deal of trouble logging on to the messangers other than that the color screen is awsome and the pictures are really clear. i don't recommend it to anny one unless your in a bind and get it for free

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Not bad... but still sending back


Oct 7, 2006 by 2point0Tfan

My wife and I have been with T-mobile for a few years now, and I recently upgraded my phone a few months ago but my wife never found a phone she truly liked that warranted extending her contract another 2 years until we saw the t509s(purple) phone on Tmo's website. She thought it looked nice and not the average phone you see everyone else carrying around. So being the informed consumer I am, I decided to do some checking online about this phone and see what the general consensus was before ordering. Reading the mixed reviews we decided to give it a shot. Most of the reviews I read here on Phone scoop were saying it is a nice phone with alot of features, but really quiet.. both ringtone wise, and for the ppl on the other line you are talking to.
Well upon getting the phone a few days ago we were both pretty impressed with all the features that it has. The screen is quite bright, and my wife likes the color customization and sound options that it offers as well. And there are no complaints about the other person on the line not being able to hear you.
All in all its a pretty good phone, however, I don't think I would be writing a review if there wasn't a flaw with it.
The speaker placement on the phone is horrible. If the phone is in her purse, or is on the table, and you are in another room... there is a pretty good chance that you are going to have a missed call or two when you come back to it. There's not much use of a cell phone if you cant hear it ring, ya know?
So as cool of a little phone as this is, she is deciding to send it back. I don't blame her since its frustrating when you know someone has their cell phone next to them, yet cant hear it over the normal sounds of the car, or being in another room, etc.
In Summary, its a perfect phone if you plan on having it on Vibrate in your pocket at all times.

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"i can't hear you???"


Sep 6, 2006 by badtznikmaru

That's what most of the people are saying on the other end of the line. I'd have to repeat my self the second time, knowing the fact that they cannot hear me very well due to the small size of the microphone. I ended up selling this phone for the same amount i bought it for. The only drawback is that I am now stuck with tmobile for another year. I love Tmobile tho, so i ended up buying me a Nokia 6230 on ebay for the 100$ i sold this phone for.

+small compact size
+very fast scrolling thru menus
+very fast text messaging/picture messaging
+very nice built in IM

-too low of a volume
-microphone too tine of a hole, callers on the other end could not hear me. i left myself a voicemail several times and i sound like i was underneathe water or a tunnel.

I am sticking to nokia's. very user friendly and voice quality is awesome. You cannot have a cellphone to where the other callers could barely hear you. I would avoid purchasing this phone.

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Great Little Phone


Aug 14, 2006 by bonecrusher

This phone is awesome, I get great reception, great sounding tones and in such a tiny package. Awesome camera for a cell phone. Bottom line the phone does everything anyone needs. I do wish the phone had the ability to assign mp3s as text message tones but this is not a flaw we will just chalk it up to one of those things. Definitely a recommended buy.

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