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Solid phone


Jun 10, 2006 by ericande

Great reception.

Earpiece sounds better then my previous phone which was a V3.

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May 26, 2006 by silk5

I've had this phone for 2 weeks now and it is great! I bought both the Razr and the T509 and I prefer the thinner Samsung. It has a great clear screen, sound is nice and clear. I don't care about the pictures but they come out clear. My toggle buttons work fine. When it rings it's nice and loud. I just need to find a cool cover in case I drop it!

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Total Junk! T-Mobile must discontinue this toy!


Jun 12, 2006 by klaus

I never thought in my life that my favorite carrier-German T-Mobile which I have been advertising to all people could approve "phone" such as this one to be even released for sale!

It looks good but not untill you actually start using the phone for few days. After few days it feels tough to hold the phone. There is always a feeling that you will drop it! ( It's too thin!!!!!!)

I guess that's what you get and what I deserved for choosing slimness!!!!
-Sound is too muffled and not loud at all
-Reception is worser than on other Samsung phones (again, I think all this is due the rediculous thin design!)

A phone that is less than 20mm thick= Garabge!

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Not bad


Feb 21, 2008 by Djicey702

Great phone, I am very happy with the size and shape and weight of the phone. Worked good all the time until recently. When someone tried to call me, I could not answer the phone, it would ring and ring and ring forever until I removed the battery (same thing just happened to my gf's phone: Samsung A900 Sprint) The next thing that happened was I could not send or recieve pic messages and tzones would not work. I suppose all phones have some sort of life expectancy whether you break it or the manufacturer has preset an experation date in the software. Also, the thing that bothered me was.. I could not use my own mp3's as ringtones and T-Mobiles ringtones suck!


* lots of pros this is a good phone

* battery life is not too bad

* easy to navigate and send text messages

* over all, pretty reliable phone


* cannot use your mp3's as ringtones

* does not have a memory slot

* ear peice is not loud enough (there is a fix for that btw)

* buzzing noise heard while using speaker phone

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Good phone


Jan 9, 2008 by varsha5in

Overall a very good phone. Had this phone for almost an year and didnt feel like to change it but did that for a change now.

Decent screen size which is really big enough.
Very slim.. sometimes i dont realize whether i have a phone with me.. :)
protected from outside dust etc with a slide.
speaker phone and voice dial, memory etc features...
Robust and strong.. i dropped my phone like number of times.. still its screen is not damaged nor the phone got scratches !!!

After using it for longtime i faced problem like iwas not able to hear the other person talkin very clearly. Some problem in hearing voice quality.

Talktime reduces after few months. Easily gets discharged in small time.

No mp3 ringtones supported :(

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nice starter


Nov 8, 2007 by oldtimer_sprint

This phone is not too bad for a starter phone.

small size
good battery life
blue tooth

poor speaker on the phone,
ringers hard to hear,
poor ear piece on conversations on the phone (using a bluetooth headset greatly helps out)

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The T509 vs SLVR


Jul 27, 2007 by fotomat70

I used to work for Cricket and sold the SLVR. And if I had to choose between the two I would take the T509 any day of the week and twice on Sunday over the SLVR.

I'll start with the one CON that I have with the T509. The speaker is too soft, I don't always hear it ring when I am in the car, but I fixed that by getting a Bluetooth earpiece.

Now the PROS vs the SLVR.

Durability, my T509 has gone into the dogs water dish and come out working (I took the battery out right away and let it sit for two days to dry out first.) It has been dropped and still works including the charging port.

This phone looks great and even feels more durable than the T509 but it has some serious durability issues. I had multiple people who had the phone have the center button come off and get lost. If you do happen to drop it the phone will break an internal connection at the charging port, so then you won't be able to charge it anymore. Now if you do that before the warranty is up and the phone has been in a case then great! It's only a $40 fee to get a new one, but if it looks like the phone has been dropped or even gone through normal use no warranty coverage, hope you have insurance.

Ease of Use
The T509 is head and shoulders above the SLVR. For example, I can set up a Bluetooth device in 15 secs or less on my T509. The SLVR takes about 2 mins and that is if it works the first time! And I was trained on how to set the Motorola phones up! No training for the Samsung, didn't need it.

Yes the T509 doesn't have an MP3 player built in, but it also doesn't drain the battery or shorten the overall life of it. So my phone works when I want to use it as a phone! The SLVR drains the battery and reduces the overall life of the battery because it heats up when using the MP3 player. Not to mention 95% of the people I sold the phone to couldn't get the thing to work, even after reading the manual.

The T509 is way above the SLVR, no comparison!

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This phone is fabulous!


Jul 21, 2007 by iwantaphone

This phone is great.

-Humongous screen
-Good camera/video quality
-Big phonebook capacity
-OK memory, bigger than a lot of phones
-Easy to navigate menus
-Loud volumes
-Cool games

-Not a flip phone, if you're into that kind of thing
-Really short video capacity
-No memory card slot
-No USB connection
-You can't record your own ringtones very easily

I have T-mobile and the service is really good, too.

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This phone is okay


May 15, 2007 by dancerox101

This phone is really good...for a phone. But overall, I don't like the features.

-Very thin-Thinner then MOTOSLVR

-Cheap-I paid 20 bucks


-Not-bad quality of pics


-EXTREMELY quiet sound-the only time i answer is if its in my hand

-Short battery life

-Not very many features-my old phone could record sound and set as ringtone and it was free, no MP3, no flash on camera,

-Not very good service, i never have service when everyone else does

-Short videos

-No voice-activated dialing

-Cant change shortcuts

-Easily broken bcuz of weight and size and scratching because has no covering

Overall, this phone is not my favorite but If you just want a phone to call people, and impress people This is the right one for you.

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it was a great phone


Mar 11, 2007 by oh4thejoshilove

i would totally give this phone a 5, i loved it, at first i didnt like it because i thought it was too big kinda the same size as a remote control but at then end i ended up liking the size,

great camara
great video
good for text messaging
menu is'nt to complicated
had instant messaging(quick access to it!)
very thin!
good color to it
battery life it also good

can't hear that well
speaker phone sucks!!

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