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Oh yes!


Nov 22, 2011 by ac130

ok ok, i know i'm writing the review for this phone on 2011! but who cares? i mean this is an AWESOME phone. ( i don't have the phone no more) but oh my god it was just amazing. i'm hooked up with the crackberry right now, but if u can get this phone as a secondary phone if u want DO IT!

the battery life is great, believe me u can download like 10k apps for this. including alarms and stuff.


-battery life is awesome

-it might seem a lil bit delicate but believe me, this little buddy can take a lot!

-tons of apps that u can download for free!

-internal memory up to 2 GB!

-speaker sound crystal clear

- u can get the in-ear headphones (awesome sound)

- external speakers rock!

-super user friendly.

- both bluetooth and infra-red


-external dp without colors

- the weird antenna


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Great Phone


Nov 7, 2008 by jayjchulo

I had recieved this phone as a birthday back in march of 07 to replace my sony ericsson 2500a(which also was a great phone). Never had any complaints about the phone

great sound quality
luved the ease of applications
i luved its sleek compact design.
very sturdy, i dropped this thing soo many times (there was one event when i forgot the phone was in my lap and it was open, and when i stepped out the car it fell on the ground and i then stepped on it. and it was still in tact.)

i felt as if the speaker on the z500a was louder
i see some people stated that mp3 could not be used as ringtones, this is true provided the mp3 was longer than 30 seconds.

unfortunately, as it started getting closer to the 1 year anniversary of my phone i started experiencing some problems with it for instance sometimes the phone would ring but the vibrate function wouldnt work so, wich was a problem that later corrected itself, and then one night while composing a text message the screen went yellow, then blanked out on me. when i went to see if i could get it repaired since i really luved the phone and didnt wanna part with it cuz with the exception of the screen it still worked fine. at&t told me i had to replace it(although i think they just wanted to make sum money) so i did and i still regret the choice i made. but it happend at a time when i couldnt afford to be with out a phone so i did. other than that GREAT PHONE

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Oct 11, 2008 by aughasangel

short and sweet.. i love this phone. the battery life is fa nominal!!!!! i have had so many phone with every company you can think of and nothing beats a sony for battery and features. yes i can be hard on my phone i have 2 small children and run a business but let me tell you it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
yes this phone needs a nap to update but that is an At&t deal not the phone.
camera isnt bad .. love the extras like convo recorder. which has come in handy for legal issues. the screen does turn white sometimes... but i just turn it off and reset it. call loss is minimal for any ATT phone which i am very pleased with. please give this phone a try. it is a much have to the busy on the go kind of person.
yes keys are small so large handed men you will not be doing a lot of texting at first but once you get a rhythm down it will be fine!!

to bad att does not have the coverage i need here where i just moved. or i would still have it. so i had to switch to verizon. was not at all happy that sony was not an option for me... ENJOY I KNOW YOU WILL

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Sonys are Excellent.


Aug 15, 2008 by erintheberin

Excellent Battery Life-You can actually see the percent of battery you have left. I have gone 2 days without charging my phone-texting and calling. Equivalent to 9 hours.

Loud when on High Ring-clear ringtone. Vibrating alert is heard easily.

MP3 player-Excellent MP3 player. I can be 10 feet away and here the MP3 loudly.

Doesn't Drop Calls-I have never lost a call.

Games-Demo Games are fun and there are quite a few options.

Large Phone Memory-This phone has a large memory. I have about 20 songs and pictures and over 100 contacts and still alot of memory left.
Camera-The camera is horrible. It takes foggy pcitures no matter if you have the best lighting ever.

Phone Keys-The Phone Keys are very tiny which make texting diffucult and spelling mistakes very easy.

MP3 Sensor-If you even touch a certain button the MP3 player will go off.
This is a great phone. I would recommend it. I've had it for three years and no problems.

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Mar 3, 2008 by krissyp76

When I first bought, from cellular one, this phone I loved it for the first month then I used all the battery so it shut off went to charge it nothing appeared on the screen and it wouldn't turn back on after sending it away I received the phone a month later. I was excited to get the phone back but the I couldn't get the speaker to work for the phone. This phone would only vibrate I sent it to repair again. Getting the phone back a month after that I found it happened again finally I just gave the phone to my dad who always has his phone on vibrate so it worked for him
camera was a good feature
easy texting
I cant really tell you to much pros for the 6 months I had the phone it wasn't in repair 3 of those months
bad reception
battery life not good
I had major problems with the phone

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Great little phone, LOADED with features for the price!


Mar 3, 2008 by jbzcar

I picked up one of these last week from FYE on clearance for $20!!!! It was locked to the now defunct MVNO XE Mobile, but another $20 at a local shop remedied that problem. :) I REALLY like this phone for some reason. I would not normally use a "lower end" handset for anything but a backup, but I seriously have not touched my Moto Q9h since I got this thing. The last SE I used for any length of time was a T226, my very first GSM phone. The W300i is loaded with so many features for its price level it is crazy.

Bright, easy to read screen
LOUD ringer
Walkman and FM radio w/ decent internal speaker
256mb M2 and USB cable came in the box!!!
Killer battery life
Headphone adapter included
Excellent RF and call quality

Low resolution screen compared to many current models, but very useable
Weak camera, but not a priority for me
Stock earbuds were pretty bad

I HIGHLY recommend that anyone with this phone get it debranded. It can easily be done if you have the USB cable. No more annoying (forced) carrier-specific links all over the place and full Flash Lite themes become enabled. The uncrippled Bluetooth is ASTOUNDING! I can use my W300i as a Bluetooth remote-control presenter for my computer, which is great for PowerPoint presentations.

It doesn't take much time to adjust to the unusual keypad. Once you have, texting is quick and easy. The Sony UI is light-years ahead of any other manufacturer.

I had originally planned to just unlock and flip this phone for profit, but it has won me over and will stay in my stable of personal phones. :D

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Great phone


Dec 8, 2007 by Aerobaby

For most of what the phone does- it does it great. This phone gave me a year of dependable service before it bit the bullet.

- Mp3 player
- Expandable memory
- Themes, screen savers, animated wallpapers, etc.
- Very, very good battery life
- Small

- The camera is horrible, one of the worst VGA cameras I have ever seen.

I never had any problems with the keys or the USB/charger/headphone port. Some other negatives about the phone not related to the score is that Cingular added a lot of their BS and probably took away some of the features, also it would have been nice if a USB cable had been included.

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Sony Ericsson W300i


Nov 27, 2007 by will54880

I keep going back to this phone, it gets strong signal and call quality is great On Dobson / Cellular One network. I did wish it took a standard size SD memory card rather than the Sony specific M2. Great also as an MP3 player and an FM radio. Not the best camera or color display, for that you might want to go up to the W600.

Otherwise, highly recommended.

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Best price-quality combination so far


Oct 29, 2007 by alish_sayd

I've used W300i with Cingular for almost a year now. A few days ago, I sat on a chair, not realizing that my phone was under it, and the inner screen cracked. The phone's functions are still intact, but the sound quality suffered.

Some highlights:
-It's quad-band. This means that you can use it with any GSM operator in the world.
-The reception is pretty good compared to some other phones on my network.
-Battery life. Given, it's not the most energy-demanding phone out there, it lasts on average for 3 days without a recharge.
-Convenient media controls on the outside of the phone let you use it as an mp3 player without having to open it.
-Very convenient organizer interface. I like that you can set a recurring alarm, or a recurring meeting. Also, there's a great software called MyPhoneExplorer, which is compatible with W300i (and most SEs) and that's really helpful to back up the data and transfer files to and from your phone.

What I do not like:
-Everytime you take the battery out, it resets the clock.
-Poor camera quality.
-After I dropped it a few times the top part started feeling shaky.
-No mini-USB port! This goes for almost all Sony Ericssons out there. What a shame.

Considering that this phone is in $150-200 price range, and given that it's a quad-band phone, with strong battery life, good reception, and some other neat functions, I think it's the best phone for its price.

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W300i loud/clear at EAR


Oct 6, 2007 by jacktheblack22nd

This is a very good phone. If you work in noisy environments, or travel at interstate speeds alot when driving, buy this phone. YOU can hear fine even with background static when set high level.

I purchase a phone that is loud enough to hear anywhere. This IS THE BEST PHONE FOR HEARING at the ear.

The other great features are just a plus that come with this a phone that you can actually turn up loud to hear at the ear if you need too.

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