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Great Durable Phone


Dec 13, 2007 by sccrmanthatch

I've had this phone for over a year and there is not another phone out there that is as durable and high quality as this one.

-the sound is great
-durable, Ive dropped it hundreds of times and even thrown it at times and it still works perfect. (I'm trying to break it so i can get a blackjack II ha-ha)
-Buttons are very responsive
-Signal is strong everywhere but i had it with cingular so i don't know about att.
-Media net is very fast for cingular. it was funny i beat the iphone looking up the score to a football game.
-Camera is high quality and can be used when the phone is closed.
-shortcuts were very easy to set up and work with

-the external buttons are not good when closed. i call people all the time with it in my pocket. i also take a lot of pictures.
-the ptt button can be a hassle if you dont have the service. it just gets in the way and you'll accidently hit it all the time.

I would highly suggest this phone to any high volume talker or texter who is rough on their phone.

Many advanced


Jul 24, 2006 by whiskey7

After being with Sprint for several years, I decided to try Cingular with the D407.

--Software: Robust software gives you lots of customizable options. I disagree with the reviewer who found it too complicated. I find it to be intuitive and its depth keeps the phone from being boring. I’ve found no bugs.

--Bluetooth: allows you to wirelessly transfer files (including pictures from the camera) to and from your computer without getting charged for data usage. I had no problem setting this up with a $10 USB/BT adapter from ebay (I have never used BT before and am only moderately technical). I haven’t tried a BT headset.

--Camera: picture quality is standard for a phone, but there are lots of fun picture options.

--Call quality: MOST of the time I get a natural, rich sound quality. Sound is also normal and clear for the person on the other end. There is a good range of earpiece volume. However, sometimes incoming sound errors on the side of being bass-heavy and slightly under-water-like (though understandable). My biggest complaint is that I get a lot more “drop out” than I ever had on Sprint. This is where the incoming sound either drops out or degrades for 1-2 seconds, so you have to say “What?” to the person you are talking to. It even happens with a strong signal. It is infrequent enough not to be a major problem (I’ve had hour-long conversations with no issues at all). Though, I now feel that CDMA is superior to GSM for clarity (I am aware that there are several factors that may cause this, but I tend to think this type of thing is the service).

--External Speaker: the speaker itself is strong and clear, so ringers sound good and incoming sound is great on speaker phone. However, when using speaker phone, outbound voice quality is terrible to the point where you really can’t use it to have conversation. I limit speakerphone use to waiting on hold or listening to automated info.

--Some flaws in how the external buttons work.

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Best yet!


Jul 19, 2006 by policechief

I have had the Samsung D407 for two weeks and it is wonderful to finally have a new phone about which I have NO complaints: size, ease of use, audio quality, design...it's all good.
PTT system is top notch...it works where Nextel never does. The PTT feature is loud & clear when there is only one "bar" of signal strength.



Jul 15, 2006 by jrdfox

Best phone I have used in a long time...it is a phone to talk on folks. PTT works very well as rf and sound quality. The earpiece volume is awesome!!

My Review


Jun 15, 2006 by phoneuser99

Earpiece volume: Better than my V400. In the car I could never hear because my tires are noisy. Last night on the highway I could hear just fine. I still think the volume should go a bit higher though. I tested it and could hear with the radio on and windows down but I would like it to go two levels higher.

Speaker Phone: I like it. You can answer without opening and you can redial recent numbers or use voice dial without opening. However, when you have phone open and are going to speaker phone, you have to press speaker and then softkey.

Signal: I get great reception so far and my calls did not drop.

Looks: It looks MUCH better than the pics I saw on the web.

Menu: Pretty good once I got used to the different user interface than my old phone.

Games: one basic game (tetris) and two demo games...demo games should be illegal....come on!

Display: It is ok and fully works with how I use it. I downloaded a game I had on my old phone and it did not look as good. I would think a newer phone would look better than my old phone but it is not as good. It is not that much worse than my old phone, but I expected more since it was a newer phone.

From best to worse on how I sounded to others:
Best: Using the phone mic
2nd best: using the bluetooth headset
Third: Using the speakerphone
-But I was told I sounded good on all three

From best to worse on how others sounded to me:
Best: Bluetooth headset
Tied for 2nd: Normal mode and speakerphone. Speakerphone was louder but normal mode was good. Tough decision. Based on volume, speakerphone wins...based on clarity, probably normal mode.

Pictures: Have not played too much with it and really do not use a lot. It is cool that you can take a pic with the phone closed (if you do not have the side buttons locked).

I am sure I left out some stuff, but overall I like this phone and I like it better than I thought I would have.

Very good phone


Jun 6, 2006 by trickster_qc

This is a great little phone and here's why!

-The phone is pretty light
-Feature loaded for the price
-Good battery life
-Soooooooooooo easy to use; customizable in many different ways. Especially good if you need big digits on the keypad (elderly citizen)
-Great design
-Feel solid state
-The reception is very good ( with Fido in mtl where I had a average reception with Motorola's v360/v400/v180.
-Sound quality is pretty good. but maximum settings for the volume are a bit low
-Great games included with the phone.
-Loading speed is excellent

Here is some stuff to improve

-The screen is average and so is the camera. The VGA camera is within the price range but other phones of the same price have nicer display. Not bigger but with a better resolution.
-Maximum settings for the volume are a bit low
-Ugly external antenna
-Not many ring tones or wallpaper included with the phone.

Overall it is a very good phone that is completely worth the asked price. Samsung's reputation is very good regarding the quality of their products so we can hope for the best.

Great Phone!!!!!!!!


Jun 5, 2006 by cingularfreak12

This is an amazing little phone. It does anything that you could want. The phone is extremely sturdy and looks pretty sweet too!


Size (small and light)
Voice Dialing
Speaker phone is great
Sweet Design
Reception is better than my old Razr


none really, camera could be better I guess

I've had a Nokia 6230, Moto T720, Moto V400, Moto V557, Moto Razr, Moto Rokr, Samsung D357, and this D407 is my favorite of them all! At $119 with a $50 mail in rebate this phone is actually a steal from Cingular!

Not bad at all


Jul 17, 2006 by romanmct

Have this phone about a week. I like it. I gave it 4 because first time write review. Had V60i for few years.

Realy good reception,
Loud ringtone,
Speaker phone,
Earpeice volume,
Camera (Just in case)

Not many ringtons included,
Sensitive sidekeys (but not realy bather).

So far so good. Will see in the future :)

Wouldn't Recommend


May 12, 2008 by heathielauren

This is the first phone that my husband and I have had from Cingular/AT&T. It has some nice features and the size is great, but we've had HORRIBLE reception problems with both phones. I know that it must be the phone, because my husband's phone started rejecting his SIM card, which we replaced and it worked for 1 week, then he started using an LG C1500 which he has had minimal reception problems. I literally have days where my calls are dropped 5 times or more and I can't call out. My phone shows full service, but these are the problems I've been dealing with for approx. 18 months now. I do like the true ringtones that you can download to it, and it is somewhat durable, but when you only use the phone for calling people, you need a phone that is going to make those calls for you. Also, our phones started rejecting the wall chargers a couple of months after we got them, so I've been having to get car chargers to charge the battery, which eats the battery up! I'm over this phone and wouldn't recommend it to anyone using a cell phone to make phone calls.

pretty good


Mar 23, 2008 by kristenn.

ive had this phone since christmas and it is okay. just recently however, i took a picture and the phone saved it, randomly shut off and when it turned itself back all, ALL my pictures were in a random order and not in their original places which was sorted by when i took them. So i am trying to find a fix for that.

-Sound is great; speakerphone and normal
-Can take pictures with the phone closed
-Good battery life
-Charges fairly quickly
-Camera has many options
-Light and compact; can fit into pocket easily
-Can be on speakerphone with the phone closed
-Very durable, ive dropped it many times and it still works good
-Bluetooth is very fast

-Takes a bunch of pictures and calls people when in your pocket if you dont lock it
-Can't send audio files through bluetooth and set them as ringtones
-Can't record anything and set it as a ringtone
-PTT button ALWAYS gets in the way
-If you are on speakerphone, and you close the phone, it does NOT end the call, so be careful..
-Faceplates make the phone bulky
-Easy to accidently go into the internet without meaning to

that is all i can think of at the moment.
hope this helped. =]

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