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Simply the Best


Jul 18, 2006 by Slag02

Simply the Best nextel phone on the market with all the features you could ask for.

a 5/5

Great Phone! Love it!


Sep 20, 2006 by CellPhoneRep

I just got my phone on Monday (9/18/2006). I love it. Everyone else loves it too!! It is ruff and tuff, looks are killer on it, and it does the coolest things. I never thought I would use a camera phone; but it has came in handy and I have only had it for 3 days!!

I am having one problem though and it's not the phones fault, it's mine. I am having the hardest time getting my songs that I have put on the memory card to play in the MP3 Player. If anyone out there has a step by step procedure on how this is done please let me know. Thanks

Again great phone! Glad I got it!

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Great phone


Sep 17, 2006 by gt1fan

This is a great phone with a solid feature set for Nextel. It feels sturdy in you hand when held. Speaker is clear for direct connect and speakerphone.

My flip is loose when closed...anyone else have this on theirs...

Thank You


Jul 21, 2006 by GrumBag

Finally, The best designed phone to come out of iDen since the i1000. Thanks for bringing back the front speaker!!!!!!

The Best phone on the planet

The Best phone on the worst cell phone network on the planet-excluding direct connect.

i 580 nextels best at most likely the last


Feb 7, 2007 by shaneo

i had the i560 rugged but after awhile the flip started to work loose and small screen but this i580 is way better bigger screen alot more rugged sold my i875 because i580 has mp3 player on it if you can get one it's a asome phone works with nextel and boost sims tried it and always has a good signal nothing bad to say about it the end p.s get one before there not available military likes this one.

Darn nice offering.


Dec 14, 2006 by Motrac

This replaced my i530, which, while nice & sturdy, was a bit spartan in the feature dept. 1st unit tilted after a month, but second has been very reliable. Seems the RF is better than i530, too.
-Very nice camera. Much better than my v400.
-Sturdy feel & construction (except PTT button).
-The PTT button is still on the small side, and still feels fragile, like that of the i530.
-Learning curve for mastering all features ( MP3 transfers, assigning pix to contacts, etc.) leads me to believe that more details in the manual(s) are in order.
-Stock clip is too fragile, and it needs more teeth/bite at the end of the clip, similar to aftermarket cases. 360 swivel and clip that detaches from holder should be standard on durable units like this.

Best phone nextel has to offer


Aug 31, 2006 by richman10302

This is the best phone nextel has to offer,adheres to military specs camera off-network walkie talkie Widen and all sorts of other features

VERY rugged

Tons of space

You can use the same specs of wallpaper and ringtones just as the i860 to add on your phone if you create your own

Its NOT bulky at all,it fits in the palm of my hand

Camera is not that good
Service is alirhgt,but you cant blame it on the phone..nextel sucks

The memory card.not this is a biggue because if you look around online the i580 has a memory bug,the cards dont work sometimes.im waiting for mine to work and its annoying

Overall put aside the memory issue and this phone is A+ from nextel..or atleast untill the upgrade from this comes out

Next to no complaints


Nov 17, 2010 by Zephindiax

I was reading through the reviews and found someone who either hates motorola phones, got their crappy phone mixed up with this one, or threw this thing around until they found out how to break it. Here's the review!


by TSeaman2

I'm wondering if any of the good reviews were actually made by people or by people who work for Motorola. I have had 8 phones now so far and this is by far the biggest piece of junk I've ever owned. I have had the phone for only 2 months. After just a month of owning the phone, the front screen just went blank. I have not dropped the phone or gotten it wet, yet I have spent the past hour trying to just see my contacts list. The phone has completely snowed out. Occasionally I can see what is on the screen briefly before it seems to enter a snow storm and completely whites out. Every other phone I have owned has been a cheaper, less durable(so they claim) phone, yet they each lasted me at least a year. This one did not last even 2 full months. Please people, I went through the trouble of setting up this account just so I could warn you of what a piece of over-rated junk this phone is. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!!"

So good I have 2


Feb 8, 2010 by vipermax346

This phone has exceeded all my expectations in durability, reliability, and service. It is such a good phone that when it came time for my upgrade, I upgraded to the generation 2 i580 yellow. I work for a radio communications/telecommunications firm and I use my phone constantly. The speaker is clear external and internal. Screen is very easy to read on the outside and main inside screen. In fact its so bright that I use it sometimes as a spotlite in dark locations. As far as durability goes, my first phone I lost in a snow storm in my back yard for a full week. I called it using a friends phone and couldnt locate it since I turned down the ringer. I found it a week later after a thaw and just to be safe put rubbing alcohol on the battery contacts and plugged it in to charge. Lo and behold an hour later it was fully charged and I was back to making calls. The nextel network is very good and works in buildings where other phones won't. I saw some people complaining about the battery life and that I can attest to, but only due to your phone going into an analog signal state when you are almost out of range or you are in the middle of "cell hopping" which drains the battery quickly. The next feature that I have not seen anybody say anything about is the off network radio ability that this phone provides. Basically what it does is allows your phone to act as a radio with a range of what they say about a mile but that is if you are standing in a flat wheat field in kansas. Its more like 1/2 a mile but still if you have other people with the same phone or another direct connect phone with "DirecTalk" capability then you can talk off network without using minutes or direct connect minutes. All in all this is a great phone to use for business or communications.

Hardware great / Software not great


Dec 17, 2009 by kornbred76

Ive had two i580's. The first one's screens just stopped working. And for no reason it would turn itself off and back on .
Exchanged it for another one and wow only one screen (exterior) stopped working . Still auto restarts itself and will call the last number called spontaneously and go to speaker phone.

now the GC/DC speaker is working then not working ..

I love the toughness of the phone and the mp3 player is awesome (when speaker works) I can't believe I haven't found anyone with similar problems with this phone..

It is a company phone so I can't argue too much cause i don't pay for it but come on NEXTEL You almost got it right.

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