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Kyocera Xcursion KX160


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if you like a phone that last for a month


Dec 10, 2006 by eric43227

i had my Xcursion 1 month. then i get a picture message and try to look at it. and the phone shuts off. when i TRY to turn it back on, all the screen will read is Crash Dump,Analyzer 2.1,Nested Crash. which to Cricket Wireless means you pay us 45 dollars to REPLACE the same phone 10 more dollars to TRY and get your contacts, lose all your pictures/games/ringers and MAYBE you will get 35 dollars back. Overall, i think you get screwed. but thats just my opinion. i've had 3 kyocera phones. My first was the Energi which was fine with lack of features. then i had the Candid. which i found to be a total wast of money. then i expected this phone to be the best of all. and it crashes within a month. im on my 2nd phone now. ill let you know how that goes.

UGH UGH UGH...not again!


Dec 4, 2006 by WifeyandMommyof2

I have had 2 of these phones and BOTH did the exact same thing and lasted about 4 months each. I get a message that the memory is full when I try to take a picture so I have to turn it off then back on and the message won't come up. It shuts off at random times. And finally, I get a message, "Crash Dump,Analyzer 2.1,Nested Crash" and my phone is done with. It won't work. TWO TIMES! Now I know it's not just me!!

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A great phone... when it works.


Oct 22, 2006 by danielalbert

A friend of mine purchased this phone about 2 months ago at a local Cricket store. The phone worked great for her, as she loves to talk and text. Just last Friday though, the phone crashed for no apparent reason. I had to take her to Cricket to see if they could fix it, but they couldn't. Instead, she had to get it replaced. The phone was working great for her until today. It crashed again. Now she has to get a new phone... again.

Not a very good phone


May 7, 2006 by garybe2

Pros - bluetooth and fixed antenna

Cons - Terrible battery life - I only get about 80-90mins talk time and barely one day of standby and that is with bluetooth off and backlight set to normal. The one button silent mode with no way of deactivating it is absolutely ridiculous. When I put the phone in my pocket it goes into silent mode and I miss all of my calls. Camera pictures look almost black and white there is so little color. I have never had Cricket before but from talking to other people and comparing my phone to theirs I would rate the reception of this phone as average.

Pretty Darn Good For Cricket


Feb 16, 2006 by bsj723

This phone is meeting my needs very well right now. I like that the outer display is in color and shows the same background picture as the main display. The camera is very easy to use, although I am finding that many of my pictures are coming out blurry. Taking a self portrait is very easy with the color outer display. The user interface is one of the easier ones that I have ever used. The customizable menu key is very useful.

The only things that I am finding that I do not like is that the phone does not close out of the camera and other applications when the flip is closed. I also do not like that the speaker for speaker phone or the alarm is on the back of the phone, which makes it hard to use the phone as an alarm clock in the morning because the speaker is blocked when it is laying on the bed.

This is my first bluetooth phone, so I am still playing around with it. All and all, I would say that this is one of the better phones that Cricket has supported.

The best phone for a TRUE prepaid carrier.


Feb 4, 2006 by BrianBeckford

When I say the best phone for a TRUE prepaid carrier, I mean Cricket is a real prepaid carrier. Not an MVNO, or partner, they own their own network. Leap Wireless owns both Cricket PCS and Jump Mobile. So for me, the Kyocera Xcursion KX160 has been the best phone yet.
The KX160 is fairly cheap in price when compared to other phones being sold. It has a 16 bit color screen, VGS camera, full roaming capabilities, and it is built with a Real-Deal Qualcomm CDMA chip set. This gives the phone the most dependable service possible. The voice quality is like that of Landlines . The speaker phone is pretty good. Not as great as a Motorola, but they seem to have the best speaker phones. But above average.
The phone does have BREW, so it does not have the content possibilities of Java, but at least Cricket is not as greedy as Verizon is with it!
I really hope this phone comes to Jump Mobile soon. They are both basically the same thing, but I like the Jump logo more.
I love the fact that Cricket gives unlimited calling!! And that Jump gives Free Incoming!!

That is why I am so impressed with this phone. Because for it to be such a high quality phone, used on such a dependable PREPAID carrier, it is just cool to me. I love getting around the contract problem. And with Jump Mobile being a per-minute prepaid carrier, I don't have to waste $12 a month on redundant taxes!! Those taxes alone are the number one thing I hate about wireless! But I won't go there.

Great phone, great service. Kyocera Wireless has come along way since they were known as Qualcomm Wireless!

nice style with lots of features.


Feb 4, 2006 by ihatetmobile4life

Now i can't rate this phone a 5, because no phone is perfect. but for what you get out of it and the price you pay for it, this phone does rock hard! 160 dollars is a really nice price for a phone like this. Alot of the entry level Nokia's cost this price but you don't get anywhere near these options. Overall the look is nice, but i wish the outer screen was color. but again i know why that is. Crickets phone have gotten better and better every year. Cricket even has some of the higher end phones like the Kyocera Slider Remix KX5 , Kyocera KX2 Koi, Kyocera KX13 Dorado, and the Motorola V265. Those are some bad *** phones!
I pay 45 dollars a month for unlimited local & long distance voice calls, text & picture messages, web access, more for my cricket plan. way better then any other plan i have had so far . with my Xcursion , my service does not seem like prepaid anymore. very happy!

The Best


Jan 18, 2006 by dat1-n-only

This is the best phone ever, I like it, the only thing is, you cannot talk on the phone while the phone is charging



Sep 5, 2008 by scope456

ok someone help me my dad is gonna be very mad of me cause i got this new phone and know crash dump analyzer nested crash someone pleaasse help me i really need help i got a pocket phone pocket comunnications i have a scope phone its aold model someone help me

junk phones


Jan 16, 2008 by freakazoid67216

I owned 3 different Kyocera phones, and none of them worked correctly for me. the last one that I owned was the X160, and I had so many problems. When ever I tried to connect to the internet, it would either take forever, or would not load at all and do a reboot of itself. For the price that you have to pay for Kyocera phones, they are not worth it.

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